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August 10, 2008

Watch Problems ... Fixed

I have at least two watches, yet I haven't worn a watch in a while. They were both out of commission. Pins were a problem on one, and by now both have dead batteries. Solution: eBay!

Batteries: I've gone the watch repairman route before, and don't enjoy shelling out $10 for a battery that sells for much less that I could install myself. I've also gone the drugstore route, but always feel like I'm still paying too much. Ordered batteries for both on eBay for a grand total of ~$4 shipped. (They arrived, but wrong brand. Seller offered to refund $1, but only after I leave [+] feedback. I don't play games like that, so I complained to eBay. Matter remains unresolved. Seller will get negative feedback.)

Pins: I've gone the watch repairman route here, too, and was even less satisfied when he had difficulty finding the right pin. I ordered a pack of 340 of 18 sizes with installation tools, for $13.99. I've got enough pins to last a long, long time. The seller shipped them from Hong Kong, and the Customs Declaration states that it was a gift. Why'd he charge me then?

August 9, 2008

It Pays to Never Throw Anything Away

Some people call me a pack rat. After stories like this one, I take it as a compliment.

My Canon Powershot A75 died in January. But I didn't throw it away. I left it on my desk. So when I read about a CCD problem in many Canon cameras (in an FW thread) whose description sounded familiar, I contacted Canon. Within 24 hours I was wrapping up the camera in some bubble-wrap and packing peanuts that I had saved from shipments I received, and selected a cardboard box from among my collection of used boxes. Despite being out of warranty, all repair costs and even shipping are covered.

I had hoped they'd decide to "upgrade" me to a newer model (even if refurbished), but it looks like they actually repaired mine. I'll know for sure in less than a week when it is scheduled to be returned to me.