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Canon E18 Error: Repair Instructions

Welcome to the Canon E18 Error: Repair Instructions Page


Introduction (Added 7/30/06): Having read the hundreds of posts from camera owners with the E18, I have come to the following conclusion. "E18" seems to be a code related to and barrel extension problems. I have broken down these problems into three categories which explain the variety of causes (or lack thereof) and solutions that people have reported. The solutions are referred to in the numbered paragraphs below, and then described in detail afterward. The three categories are:

  1. Batteries that run out of juice mid-extension. Problems such as these appear to be reset-able through either powering off and on or the A/V cable connection method.

  2. Physical obstructions preventing the full extension/retraction of the lens. These can include things like dust or sand in the mechanism. As the case (and lens barrel) are by no means impervious to the introduction of foreign matter, even if you are very careful with your camera, contamination is possible. Depending on the size of the obstruction, and how sticky it is, it may be dislodged by blowing air on it or tapping on the camera.

  3. Mis-alignment of the lens can also cause the E18. The cause of the alignment problem can be either blunt force (dropping) or substantial grime in the mechanism. These types of problems can sometimes be fixed by pushing the mechanism back into alignment, sometimes in combination with a cleaning method.

NOTE: Items 2-3 above may involve large and/or sticky grime that is difficult to impossible to remove from the outside of the camera (by blowing or tapping), and may require that the camera be opened.

Thankfully I haven't encountered the dreaded E18 error with either of my Canon cameras (the A70 and A75), but if you did, I have several pieces of information that can help. Before you try any of the suggestions below, make sure the camera has fresh batteries and that it is in picture taking mode.

First, try hooking your camera up to the TV with the included A/V cable. Rumor has it that this resets the E18 error! (Thanks SLF)

Second, try compressed air. With a fine tip blow off gun and dry compressed air (20 lbs) set the tip between the lens turret and the camera body and turn on the air while moving the tip around the lens. It should remove all sand and dust. Turn the camera on and it should function fine. (Thanks Sprocket)

Third, try the tap method. Tap the padded USB cover part on a hard surface (e.g. a desk). (Thanks Tania, et al)

Fourth, try forcing the lens.

Version #1:
This error occurs when the lens is "stuck" or not extending "straight". The error can happen in 3 ways: either when the lens wont "come out", or "comes out" and then retracts, or does not retract at all. 1) If the lens doesn't extend at all or it extends, but then retracts again, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Place the camera on it's back with the lens facing up and have a look at the "spacing" between the lens and the lens housing. You'll probably notice that the gap is NOT EVEN all the way around. To fix this, simply -VERY GENTLY- press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Try powering it back on. 2) If the lens is extended all the time and won't retract at all, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Take the camera in one hand and with the other gently, in turn, take the two part of the lens and gently move it round in a circular movement. Do so with both sections of the lens. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Power the camera on. (Thanks Mike Scher)

Version #2:
Pull and twist on the largest ring of the lens while turning the camera on. Listen for a "click". If at first the focus seems to be off, turn the camera on and off and take lots of pictures, close ups and distance. You may find that the focus seems to improve. (Thanks Jeff Kishiyama)

If that doesn't work, there are a few online guides for repairing it yourself. (NOTE: This route is only worth trying if your camera is no longer under warranty!):
IXUS (similar to an Elph) dissection (English)
A70 dissection (Bulgarian)
A70 dissection (Estonian?)

If you have this problem, feel free to post below about how it happened, and what you've done about it.

UPDATE (1/25/05): For those who decide to pursue the dissection route, I found a website with step-by-step photos of the dissection of an A70 (presumably the process would be nearly for the A75 and others in the series). Of course, that the captions are in Bulgarian isn't too helpful.

UPDATE (2/21/05): Based on the popularity of this page, it is obvious to me that this issue affects many people out there. If you could post the following information, I think it would be helpful in getting an idea of just how wide-spread the issue is.
1) Camera model (e.g. A75)
2) When you bought your camera (e.g. June 2003)
3) When or how long after you bought it before the error occurred (e.g. July 2003 or 6 months)

UPDATE (4/18/04): On Canon's website, I found an official explanation of the E18 error:

Error Code "E18" (Lens unit/Lens cover error)

When a camera error occurs, an error code like "Exx" will be displayed, where the x's represent numbers.
The "E18" error code indicates an error that involves the lens unit or lens cover. Or it may appear if you apply pressure to the area surrounding the lens while handling the camera.


Check the following when you operate the camera to avoid applying pressure to the lens and surrounding area:

- Hold the camera so that your fingers do not touch the lens unit when you are shooting.
- Make sure the camera is off before you put it back in the case.

If you cannot clear the error code by turning the camera off and then on again, or if the error code is displayed frequently, a camera malfunction may have occurred.
Please contact the retailer where you purchased the camera or the nearest Canon service center.

UPDATE (4/18/04): Due to the MANY comments I've received from Canon customers who have encountered the infamous E18 error, I decided to contact them regarding the problem, seeking an official explanation/response. The email dialog, as it unfolds, will be posted below.

UPDATE (6/23/05): This page keeps getting lots of hits, but on the positive side, many posts are from people who are able to fix their camera themselves. I have added a new link to another foreign language description (with LOTS of pictures of taking apart a Canon Powershot A70.

UPDATE (7/3/05): The law firm of Girard Gibbs & De Bartolomeo LLP is investigating consumer complaints concerning Canon PowerShot digital cameras. Consumers complain that the lens unit of the camera freezes, "E18" appears on the camera's screen, and that the camera ceases to function.
If you've experienced these or similar problems and you are interested in helping us in our investigation, please fill out the form here.

UPDATE (2/21/06): PC World magazine has an article on the E18 problem, Digital Camera Disasters: Will Yours Get Fixed?, and they mentioned my blog!

From: David
To: Canon

I run a website that, among other things, evaluates some Canon cameras, and I have gotten A LOT of negative feedback from visitors regarding the "E18" error that seems to affect many Canon "A" and "S" series cameras that are around 10-24 months old.

Many of these visitors have contacted Canon regarding this problem and have had very little success in getting the problem remedied. Those in warranty can usually get theirs fixed, but most who encounter this problem are out of warranty, and have been quotes repair prices in the hundreds of dollars!

It is becoming clear to me that there is an apparent design flaw in these cameras, and I would like an answer from Canon regarding why it's happening and what Canon has done (and will do) to fix the problem both for existing cameras, as well as new models.

From: Canon
To: David

Dear Mr. Wallach,

Thank you for writing to us. We value you as a Canon customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

The E18 error code is a lens error that is generally caused by physical contact with the lens barrel on the camera. The issue is handled via the terms of the one year limited warranty.

I hope that this information is helpful to you. If you require further assistance, please respond at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for choosing Canon.

From: David
To: Canon

What exactly do you mean by "physical contact with the lens barrel"?
Why are so many cameras falling prey to this "error"?

From: Canon
To: David

Dear Mr. Wallach,

Thank you for your reply.

We do apologize, but Canon USA does not monitor, confirm, endorse, or attest to the accuracy any information posted on third party websites. It seems many customers are overwhelmed by the barrage of information (or misinformation) being posted on unregulated, non-Canon websites. Unfortunately, this is not something over which Canon has any control. We are able only to confirm the performance of the camera based on our own testing.

For factory service, please forward your digital camera to the Factory Service Center shown below. When shipping your camera, please be sure to remove the CompactFlash card and battery. You are not required to send any accessories or manuals when shipping the camera. Be sure to include your name, street address (no P.O. boxes, please), telephone number, and a letter describing the issue with the product. If it has been less than one year since the camera was purchased, we ask that you also include proof of warranty in the form of a copy of your sales receipt.

As we do not provide RMA numbers for service, we suggest using a trackable and insurable service (i.e. UPS, Federal Express, Priority Mail) to ship your camera. Please package the camera very securely to prevent damage during shipment.

Please send your camera to the following address:

Canon Factory Service
1440 Chase Ave.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Telephone: (630) 250-6500
Business hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Central) Monday-Friday

Upon arrival at the Factory Service Center, your camera will be logged in to our repair database and assigned a repair number. Next, the camera will be examined and you will be advised of the findings. If the required repairs are covered by the warranty, the repairs will begin immediately, and you will not be contacted. When the repairs are complete, the camera will be shipped back to you via Federal Express. The length of time for the repair will be dependent upon the nature of the repair and availability of parts, if needed. Usually, warranted repairs are completed within approximately ten to fourteen business days of the camera's arrival at the Factory Service Center.

All decisions regarding warranty coverage are made by the Factory Service Center at the time of repair. If the repair entails something that is not covered in warranty, a written estimate will be sent to you at the address that you have provided. The repairs to your camera will not begin until you approve this estimate and make payment arrangements. If, after receiving the estimate, you do not wish to have the camera repaired, please inform the Factory Service Center of your decision as soon as possible. If you decline the estimate, the camera will be shipped back to you unrepaired.

Once you have confirmed with your shipper that the camera has been delivered, you are more than welcome to contact us for repair updates. Please include your name, address, and telephone number, as well as the serial number of the camera, in all repair status inquiries. If you prefer to check the repair status by phone, please call the Canon Customer Care Center at 1(800)828-4040. Agents are available Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to Midnight ET, and on Saturdays from 10 AM to 8 PM ET. Again, please have the serial number of the camera available when you call.

Please note that our U.S. Factory Service Centers are unable to accept packages from or return equipment to addresses outside the United States.

We hope this information is helpful to you. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

From: David
To: Canon

Wow! I have to say that I am impressed at just how far off you could be! Your response clearly shows that you either do not understand English, or have no interest in addressing the issues I raised.

1) I never asked Canon to "monitor, confirm, endorse, or attest to the accuracy any information posted on third party websites." Rather, I was seeking an "answer" to the MANY complaints that Canon has received directly from customers. The fact that many of your customers have chosen to vent their frustrations on my website is in no way related to this problem.

2) While many customers may be "overwhelmed by the barrage of information (or misinformation) being posted on unregulated, non-Canon websites," as a computer professional, I am quite capable of distinguishing information from misinformation.

3) No where have I indicated that I have experienced the E18 error (or any other problem) with my camera. Rather, I have quite clearly indicated that I am seeking a formal response from Canon regarding an apparent defect in their camera design that is approaching epic proportions. That you spent the vast majority of your response discussing service indicates to me that you would rather send a canned response to an unrelated problem than deal with the issue at hand.

4) Related to #3, above, you NEVER addressed ANY of the content of my last email, specifically the following two questions:

A) What exactly do you mean by "physical contact with the lens barrel"?

B) Why are so many cameras falling prey to this "error"?

The underlying issue here is that a serious "error" is showing up on a large number of cameras, with no clear cause. Even if there is "physical contact with the lens barrel," there is no warning against this in the manual. In fact, there is no warning against contact with the lens barrel, lens unit, or lens cover.

The FAQ on Canon's website states in regard to the E18 error, "If you cannot clear the error code by turning the camera off and then on again, or if the error code is displayed frequently, a camera malfunction may have occurred." I don't know what you mean by "camera malfunction" but it certainly sounds like a defect/design flaw to me.

From: Canon
Dear Mr. Wallach,

Thank you for writing to us. We value you as a Canon customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

This error may occur from a internal issue with the camera and/or if there is impact damage with the camera.
Only the Canon Factory can test the camera internally and determine the
exact issue.

For information regarding the repair options, please contact the Factory Service Center directly by calling (630)250-6500, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 4:30 PM CT.

From: David
To: Canon

For all intents and purposes, you still haven't answered my basic question, nor have you responded to the issues raised in my last email. However, you have clarified that it is a Canon problem, in at least some cases. The fact that you described the problem as stemming from an "internal issue with the camera" indicates to me a defect or design flaw. Please clarify exactly what type of "internal issue" you are referring to.

At this point Canon sent me a survey claiming that "At Canon USA, customer service is our number-one priority, and we take great pride in providing you with the best service possible. It is our goal to make your Canon ownership experience enjoyable." Yeah right! For your reading pleasure, I have reproduced the survey (and my answers). I'll let you know if they actually get back to me.

From: Canon
Dear Mr. Wallach,

Thank you for writing to us. We value you as a Canon customer and appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

Regrettably, operational support will not have this type of information. As previously stated, the Canon Factory Service Center will be the only facility able to determine the issue with the camera.


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I just encountered the E18 error on my Canon A70 Camera last week : the lens was blocked and I couldn't find any way to close it...

I was going to bring it back to the shop to get it repaired when I read an interesting mail telling that such problem disappeared once the camera was plugged on a TV with the video cable...
I was a bit skeptic... but tried it yesterday evening... and it worked! I did plug my camera on my TV using the Video cable and as soon as I switched the camera on, the zoom unblocked and closed!! The E18 error message simply disappeared
Everything seems to work fine now!

Strange solution, but it worked for me!


I encountered the e18 Problem the first time in May this year. The lens was blocked for one day. I do not know why, but after after one day, the lens was working again and I did not have problems until the 2nd on august.
Might this be a construction failure?

I have had my A70 since July 2003, - well July of 2004 I had an error. I didn't know about E18 or any other kind of error. I took about 40 pictures and the camera froze. Then it corrupted all the data on my 256mb card. The lens wouldn't retract and was stuck.
All I did was remove the batteries and card, and let it set for about a hour. Then when I put new batteries in, it worked.
I loved this camera when I bought it last year, but I having second thoughts about getting another Canon? It seems to have focus problems in AUTO mode, many pictues that looked OK in the LCD preview is out of focus when I get them on my computer. I hate deleting what would have been great photos if only in focus.
I'm also getting the purple horizontal lines on the LCD too?
I do believe Canon has a manufaturing defect with this camera.
I still have a old Kodak DC215 (only 1 megapixel) I got back in 1998, and it's built like a rock, and NO problems with it. I've even dropped it on the concrete a couple of times, still works perfectly!
I wish the Canon A70 was built like that!

Just got today the dreaded [E18] error. The camera wouldn't retract the lense. I'll have to spend 160 to have it repaired :-((


Hi! I have this problem too... but i cant get it off... I tried to pulgget te tv cable butt nothing... why? what can i doo?

I have the same troubleshot... E18 appears on the A70 LCD when I try to Zoom Out or try to Shut Down the device (in Focus Mode). The lens is then blocked and cannot retracts itself and the A70 did not want to shut down. I didn't know about the TV plug key, and I shook the device on the back (as i do usually for a Ketchup bottle) and tried again to Shut Down the A70... And it works... This TroubleShot is still recurrent... And I m waiting jsut before the 2y of my warranty to send it to the Canon Shop !
I love the Pix Quality and the functionality of the A70... But it's not very reliable...

When i plug AV cable in to my A70 and E18 problem was solved! Thank you very much! :-)

E18 error is cause because the lens is not extracted or extended all the way. This is caused by sand or dirt in the lense guide or the gears that drive the lense.

Try compressed air. With a fine tip blow off gun and dry compressed air (20 lbs) set the tip between the lense turret and the camera body and turn on the air while moving the tip around the lense. It should remove all sand and dust. Turn the camera on and it will function fine.

I also got the e18 code. my warranty has run out so i thought i was screwed. cannon wanted 196 dollars (u.s.) to fix. i had already sent it back once for it not powering up. So thankfully i came across this board. I tried hookikng it up to the av cables and whatever it did it worked. my camera has had no issues since. needless to say i wont be making any purchases from cannon anymore. thanks a bunch.

The problem with my Power Shot A75 serial number 9022253162 purchased 11/10/04 occurred when took a picture with the camera and then went to review the picture. It was blurry. When I powered off the camera I noticed the lens was not retracting all the way back into the body of the camera.
At power up several times I received an E18 message in the bottom left corner on a gray LCD display. When this error doesnt appear the camera still wont focus and the lens never goes back into the camera all the way. I am sending it back for service under warranty, but totally disappointed with the reliability of this camera.

I Just successfully fixed this issue on my Camera by blowing 80lbs of air around the opened lens and, body.

add me to the list of problems with the e18. what bothers me is that canon must know that this is a problem with a design if its happening on all their cameras, i have written to the c.e.o. of canon, doubt i will get a positive reply, and i am going to try the tv thing and also the air, but as the rest i wont be purchasing another canon product due to the poor customer service on something they have to know about. is their a lawyer in the house who would like to consider a class action suit?

I too was dull enough to buy a Canon camera - the S200 Powershot. Recently it showed the E18 error and the lens would not fully extend - leading to automatic retraction after about 10 secs with the E18 error showing in the display. A brand new fully charged battery made no difference. I'll try the TV hookup and the air but I certainly won't be trying Canon again!

I got the error too, this one with a canon a40, i believe my brother's got the same thing, though his got dropped in water i believe...lol...mine, i guess just took too much abuse. I'll try taking batteries and CF Card out as well as the TV trick afterward and compressed air, if all else fails, I'll probably get an A70, as I have never seen a camera with quality as good as a canon. The E18 error is a risk I can take

Well, i just got a Canon S1 IS, and so far, its been lovely. My boyfriend recommended Canon to me; he's had his (i can't remember what model) for about 3 years with no problems. I'm hoping that i don't get the infamous E18 error, but, if i do (and its possible, especially considering the huge optical zoom and all), i'm glad i found a forum with SOLUTIONS not just PROBLEMS. Thanks!

toay i got the e18 thing. i was at my local zoo trying to take pictures of all the animals. i took a few pictures then noticed that the zoom was not working properly. it started beeping at me then said e18 on the lcd. unfortunately my mom bought the camera and didnt give the the little tv adapter thing. i tried duster (compressed air) and i have had no luck. i have had problems with this camera since day one. if its not one thing its another...

I just experienced the E18 error (S400) on my honeymoon. We've buying disposable cameras all week. I have to say that I'm more than a little upset with Canon. The camera went to repair about six months ago. When it was returned to me the serial number had very obviously been placed on a different camera body. The camera I received back was heavily used. There were areas that had no paint left. The camera that I sent them was less than a month old. I have to agree with James, I don't think I'll be purchasing any Canon equipment in the future.

I too had the E18 problem, on my A70 - it wiped my card but the error cured itself - that was 3 months ago, and I'm dreading the day the error returns. Thanks for the tips on fixing it - here's hoping I never need them!


I've had my Canon Powershot A70 for just under 2 years now, and yesterday I got the E18 code in the corner of the screen.
Took it back to where I bought it (for advice only) and was told the motor had gone and would need either repairing or replacing.

Whilst sitting at my iMac, deciding what to do later that day, I thought I'd try a technique that I use on most mechanical or electrucal items that seem beyond redemption - administering physical shock to unit.

In this instance it took the form of slamminig the camera onto the desk.
To my happy surprise, it cured the problem!
If anyone wants their camera repaired for half the price canon are charging then please post it to me (or try it yourself).

Just got the E18 error while on a recent trip. The AV cable solution did not work for me. My Canon is hte A70, purchased almost 2 years ago, April of 2003

Just got off the phone with a Canon service rep. Told him about E18. He said he'd take our A60 and replace it with a refurbed A70 for only $160. Sure Thing! I've been a satisfied Canon camera user for years until E18 appeared. We tried the ketchup whack... it worked for a while but regressed. Then, blew around the lens....which helped only for a few minutes. Greatful for this board so we can vent a bit.

I bought my camera in june 2004, e18 came in september 2004, about

I have an s110 one of the original digital elphs. I have had it for 3+ years and never a problem until I also received the dreaded E18 error. I will try your recommended fix tonight and here hoping it works. Customer service advised 150 to fix or 175 + tax and S/H for a refurbished S440. I rather buy a new s440 for just over 200 and take the 1 year warranty. Cannon makes great products overall if you want to avoid the E18 error go get a Digital rebel or rebel XT. Both are great cameras but are much bigger then the cameras mentioned on this site!

I am owner of a Canon PowerShot A70. Recently It exposed to water while I was diving. It was running. I switched off imediately. Later I disassembled all the parts of the camera. I cleaned all the units and especially lens mechanism by removing all the optics and gears and etc. Now it looks ok, and I checked manually the lens mechanism. Then I replaced all the parts again. Now when I power on it, the lens ejects outside and a periodic sound comes inside the lens, probably focusing attempts. Then LCD shows E18 and system shut down itself. I am sure that the lens mechanism is ok mechanically. Is there any mean this E18? Batteries are ok and I have replaced memory card with the new one. Thanks.

I recently bought a S400 from a merchant off of Amazon. Right out of the box with a fully charged unit it gave us the E18 error! I'll try the TV hookup tonight but otherwise it's going back. thankfully Amazon has the A-to-Z merchant protection thing going.

funny thing about these cameras is we have 6 Canon's here at work and they've all worked flawlessly. We have 2 - 230's, 2 - 400's and 2 - 410's.

Encountered the problem when try to close the machine under low power charge.
I'll try to plug it to the TV set tonight, hope it will work...
I thought the company should do something to deal with this problem and compensate us for this.

Encountered the problem when tried to close the machine under low power charge.
I'll try to plug it to the TV set tonight, hope it will work...
I thought the company should do something to deal with this problem and compensate us for this.

I have an A70 that I have had a couple of years now and has served me quite well. I got the E18 error last week and the lens wouldn't extend. I checked with a few Canon dealers about repairs. Most told me it was not worth fixing off-warranty and that it would cost $CAD 200+. Decided to try our own repairs and ripped it apart today. Did not take the lens completely out but used a small screw driver to manually rotate the gear that extends the lens. The gear is visible on the edge of the camera. Rotated the gear till the lens extended. Left it in the out position and put the camera back together. Put the batteries in and behold it worked. Cleaned of the lens casing and it still seems to be working. Not sure if this will be the cure but I may be able to get a few more pictures out of it. My son has the same camera bought at the same time and has taken over 15,000 shots and it is still clicking. I guess they don't owe us much at this point. This may be my excuse to look for something better anyway.

Our A70 let us down very badly today by dying with an E18 error at my best friend's wedding. I tried two sets of newly-charged batteries and tonight in desperation tried plugging it into the TV with the AV cable. Made no difference. It's only 5 months old! It's always been kept in a case when not used and is in mint condition). I've bought about 7 Canon products (SLRs, video cameras & digital stills) but now that I know how widespread this problem is, and the poor support received, this may be the last. Pity, because I loved the camera.

I have a 2year old Canon Ixy 30 and received the E18 while on holiday in London last week!!!! Luckily I could borrow a friends much more reliable Sony Digicam while sightseeing!

Anyway, the lens was stuck out and the TV trick didnt work so just before giving up I blew into the lens a couple of times and then dropped the camera onto a blanket on top of the carpet... wahlah!!!!
The lens retracted and its all good!

thanks for the tips!

Got the e18 after 10 months on a IXUS500 bought in may 2004. Am about to test the TV-cable trick. Will try to plug the USB too if it doesn't work... Hopefully still under warranty in any case!
Good luck to you E18ed lads!

same problem!
I have canon IXY320 from japan.
I got E18 error. out of warranty
will try the DIY fix.

I have had an A70 for 18 months or so now, started with the E18 error after about 11 months (also sometimes randomly get an E25 error too). Read up on the web about it and realised Canon return would be pretty futile. Have had similar experience of disappointment when REALLY wanting to take pictures and it wont work.

Tried a suggested "tap the padded usb cover part on a desk" and the lens works again and the E18 error goes.

More recently it has started to be out of focus when it does open ok (oh yeah and the noise when it opens is worse now - not awful but more audible). A colleague took it apart and blew compressed air in, no difference.

I have today been testing out the timing of my now familiar tap to the left hand side with the firm part of my hand. If, when I switch it on and it starts to make the sound of the lens struggling, I tap it instantly - it comes on in focus and works. This will save me switching it on and off ten times before i can use it in future. If I am too slow, it comes on but out of focus, too quick and i get a black screen with no error message.

I am also getting a replace battery message now even with new batteries so I think I shall be saving for a new camera of a different make. I too was a Canon fan before this camera and was really pleased with it for the first 11 months. I have two colleagues who bought theirs at the same time as me, and they are both just experiencing problems (in the last week).

That's the last Canon purchase I will be making.

I also got the E18 after 17 months on my Canon A70. Already tried new batteries and the TV trick, but no luck for me. I went to the shop and they told me that it will cost 185 euros to fix it. So no Canon Powershot for me anymore.

I too bought a Canon S400 Elph 1-1.2 years ago and now have the E18 error. Canon can fix it for a whopping $253.00 about the price of a new Kodak, Olympus or even a Nikon!!! I have been a Canon supporter for many years.. but this is the end of it.

I have a Canon S110 for about 3 years now. This infamous error E18 happened to me once before. At that time I used the "tap the padded usb cover part on a desk" trick, and it worked. Recently, I got the error again during a trip to Rio, Brazil. I sent an email to Canon support, and got a reply right away with an offer to fix at about $150/hr or to upgrade to a refurbished camera at $175. I decided to not to upgrade because with a camera with a similar lense mechanism, I am sure I will get the error again in the future.
I ran into this posting, and decided to try the AV cable, and blowing the air suggestions. None of them works for me. For the last attempt, I tried the "tap the padded usb cover part on a desk" trick again, it didn't work for the first time. I then replaced the battery with a newly charged one. This time it worked.
Thanks for the posting. It gave me more things to try, instead of giving up.
Going forward, we will be looking for a new digital camera but we will stay away from the ones with the same lense mechanism.

I have the e18 error after 5 months of use and none of these solutions have worked for me...since it is within one year will this definitley be covered under my warranty?

Onna, if you've only owned the camera for 5 months, it's definitely worth sending in for repair under a warranty claim.

I purchased my Canon Powershot A-70 in May, 2003. In October, 2003, I started getting an E18 error. It would freeze during use and the code would appear. The problem was intermittent at first, but got progressively worse, until I finally sent it in for warranty repair in March, 2004, when it would no longer power on. I received the camera back two weeks later. Here are the service details from the Canon Repair order: Replaced optical unit, pcbassy main, adjusted, cleaned, and checked all functions. CXB19I67*. It has worked perfectly for the past year, but I am waiting to see the dreaded E18 error again! I have a friend with the same camera with the same problem, but her's is out of warranty. She is going to buy a new NON-Canon camera, because Canon wanted over $100 to repair her A-70! I too love the quality of the photos with this camera, but will NOT buy another Canon camera because of the obvious defect in them.

I burrowed my mums boyfriends camera and the E18 error message has come up.. i tried everything recomended above to fix this problem and still the error message persists. I am dreading how much this will cost to fix, as i am a unempolyed 16 year old student. In the future i will not buy and recomend that none of my friends or family will buy any of the canon series.


I have my friend's Canon A70 which failed during a trip to Europe. Since the camera is out of warranty I'll try to fix using instructions on the web or wait until I go to China. In China I went to the Canon lens repair shop and they fixed my 70-200 F4L lens for US$42. I suppose the price to fix the Canon A70 would be similar.

The comments from the Canon technical support are amazing. Boilerplate type answers really are unhelpful to anyone who can do even a simple on-line google type search.

I have had endless pleasure using my Canon A70 for about 16 months. I was out taking pictures yesterday, when I heard a beep followed by E18. Many thanks for the suggestions that I found on this page :-> I put in new batteries non rechargeables, I normally use rechargables. Connected to the TV using AV lead - no joy. Tried the ketchup bottle method - no joy. So in the end I tried the ketchup bottle method, using the carpeted floor - and I was not gentle. Then I yanked on the lens. It protested very briefly and it has worked every time since. Hopefully that will be the last time I see E18. Hope that the method I tried helps some other unfortunate owner.

After reading all the postings here about the E18 problem it appears that the majority of people who mention a camera model own an A70. Is this model particularly prone to the problem, or did Canon sell a very high number of them compared to their other models? Also, does anyone have any idea about what percentage of Canon cameras have this problem? Just wondering, as I know at of at least a dozen Canon digicams owned by family and friends and none have had an "E18" show up yet.

Got Canon A70 about 14 months ago. First got E18 error when powered up after dormant for a while. Soon after powering up, was saying batteries were low. It tried shutting of and got E18. After replacing batteries, it then started getting E18 more often. Usually a light pressure or tug on lens would make it work. But now has lens stuck out and I can't fix it, so far. Out of warrantee! So maybe going to try the air, the A/V cable, and posisbly dismantle (since it's worthless right now).

Another retractable non-zoom, non-digital camera I have (Olympus muII) is now over 6 years old, and has never had a problem. Why should digitals! Maybe they're simply making them too cheap.

Had my A70 for nearly 2 years; nice photos. Have been getting E18 for about 9 months now, on power-down and after the lens has retracted, which seems to take place entirely normally. Camera continues to work OK - although I'm having to replace (rechargeable) batteries more often than before, perhaps I need to deep discharge them. I'd really like to know the percentage of A70s with E18; could be just huge numbers sold.

I've had my Canon A70 for a little over 2 yrs now, and got my first E18 error last weekend. I thought that maybe it was the batteries, so I re-charged them, and the error went away for the time being.

Just today I tried turning the camera on again though, and E18 returned. After reading online everyone else's tragedy with this problem (which I have now learned is very common, too!), I pretty much gave up hope.

At the top of this page, however, it said something about tapping the USB end on a hard surface...I just tried that and, voila!, the lens retracted. I'm not fully convinced that this has cured the E18 problem, but at least it has for the time being while I can look for a new camera...I suggest everone else trying that, too...I wasn't gentle either, FYI...!

Well, the trusty old Canon A60 died on me yesterday with the mother of all errors. Just finished taking pictures of the kids, and while turning it off, it stopped retracting halfway, as if the batteries were empty. Yet they were full! The engine still runs (partially) until it jams when powering on/off.

Tried everything, the tapping (which is a natural response..), blowing compressed air, fresh batteries, the AV solution (extended it with plugging in the USB cable), new CF card, still nothing. I'm afraid I'll have to disassemble the camera to clean and lube the lens mechanism. After two years and approx. 4k of photographs I will most probably save up for a digital SLR which wil be more sturdy I hope. Too bad, because I was completely satisfied with the A60 before.

"not really Russian"
Exactly, from url (.bg) You may understand that it is belorussian language :)

I bought 2 A70s for work in May 2003 with serial #s only 4 digits apart. One got the E-18 failure after 11 mo. and was repaired under waranty and is still functioning. The second failed (E-18) after about 15 months and I have been hesitant to send it for repair until last month. I called canon and raised concerns about a factory defect and they sent me a shipping label. I just got an invoice from them for $105 for flat rate repair mailed to me. If I want to have it fixed.. I called Canon service center to plead my case for repair under waranty / factory defect, but it fell on deaf ears. I will pay the $$ to get the camera fixed but will not spend another penny on Cannon products. I bought a couple of canon color printers at the same time as the cameras, and only one of those is still working. One took a crap just out of warranty.. Seems like a theme with Cannon. Make stuff work through the warranty period and then collect $$$ on the repairs.. Some one has posted a Lawyers name and number here to contact RE class action law suit.. I am all for that!!

I have a Canon S400 elf that I bought in Feb 2004. I got my first E18 error a couple of months ago (probably about 2 days after the warranty expired). I have to admit, I had it in my pocket with the lens extended and I think I bumped into something. Anyway, a little slight pressure, and the lens retracted properly and the camera worked fine again - no issues. Today, the error came back (even though there was NO contact to the lens or lens barrel) and it will not clear. When I power the unit up, the lens comes out, but everything is out of focus and the zoom doesn't work. It I tug slightly on the lens, I pops into position, the focus is clear and the zoom works. However, then when powering down, the lens won't retract and I get the E18 code. If I push gently on the lens while the motor is running, it will retract properly, but then I still get the E18. This is not how I want my camera to work, considering were leaving on a month-long European vacation in about 3 weeks and I was planning on using this camera extensively. Bummer.

Actually, .bg stands for Bulgaria, so probably the language on the website that contains a A70 disassemble guide is in the Bulgarian language.

As a matter of fact, I have a Bulgarian girlfriend. I'll ask her to help me with the guide, since I'm a "E18-owner" since 2 days and I have no warrenty.

I'll let you know if it is any good.

Erik Mulder
The Netherlands

I baught a Canon A70 in December 2003, and now (17 months later) I got the E18 error. I guess it dropped one or two times. The error appeared not then but last week.

Tried to start with the E18 Repair Guide, but since this was for an IXUS, I wasn't even able to open the case. :-(

I feel like a bit of a statistic, but............. yup, you guessed it. E18 error on my A400. I tried the av cable thing and...... it actually did work.... kinda. There is clearly something wrong with the camera however as whilst it opens fine now, it needs help closing. Not a massive problem, but it still isn't right!!!
I'll let you guys know if I get it fully sorted, but for now, try the AV cable thing cos it might work for you too!

Hi, I have the Powershot S50. I bought it early January 2004 and I first experienced the E18 error Mid April 2005. It worked again 3 weeks after for a day and then I received it again that night.

I came upon your site today and tried the third method. It works for now! Thanks!

I got my new A95 six months ago and just got my first E18. Nothing about it in the owners manual of course. I tried a couple rememdies posted on the web and finally give it a gently wack with the heel of my hand and the lens retracted again. After reading the web literature on E18 I am not encouraged by Canon's response. I will never buy any product of theirs again.

Dang, I wish I had seen this page sooner.

I bought my powershot A95 in October 2004 and was very happy with it until my son dropped it and it completely stopped working (it wouldn't even turn on!). Assuming it was "user error" (ie. no warranty) I took it apart in the hopes of finding what was wrong with it. Finding nothing I put it back together and got the dreaded e10! Assuming that I had made a mistake putting it back together, I ordered another one which I am now waiting for!!!

... meanwhile, I will try following the instructions to revive this one. I'm either going to end up with two working cameras, one, or none by the time this saga is done.


I just found this on another page:

E18 quick fix

I'm sure that every1 looking at this right now would love to be able to do a quick fix for the dreaded E18 error. Well, I have fixed mine several time in less time that it takes to take a picture. So here it is: This error occurs when the lens is "stuck" or not extending "straight". The error can happen in 3 ways: either when the lens wont "come out", or "comes out" and then retracts, or does not retract at all. Mine did all of these at one stage or another.
1) If the lens doesn't extend at all or it extends, but then retracts again, do as follow:
Turn the camera off. Place the camera on it's back with the lens facing up and have a look at the "spacing" between the lens and the lens housing. You'll probably notice that the gap is NOT EVEN all the way around. To fix this, simply -VERY GENTLY- press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Try powering it back on.
2) If the lens is extended all the time and won't retarct at all, do as follow:
Turn the camera off. Take the camera in one hand and with the other gently, in turn, take the two part of the lens and gently move it round in a cuirclar movement. Do so with both sections of the lens. You will once again hear a little "click" as it pops back in place. Power the camera on.
This has worked for me many times and it seems to happen when the camera has been carried around and possible had a little knock. I hope this is of help to someone else.

Here is another posting from another website (cnet):

Fix your E-18 Error on Canon Cameras

My sister had an E-18 Error Code on her Canon Powershot S500, a Birthday Gift received only 6 weeks before th error code occurred. After Troubleshooting on the internet for Fix-It Websites, I came upon this CNET Forum website.
Her camera was stuck with the lens not retracting. Previous websites suggested trying to snap the lens gently back into place. She would turn the camera on and off while trying to gently turn the lens and pop it back into place. It didn't work when the camera was OFF. She turned it ON, but after five seconds, the error code would come on and shut the camera down. So Finally, she turned the camera ON and within those first five seconds, she turned the lens in all 3 sections until she heard it "SNAP" Into place. She turned the camera off and the lens retracted. Then she Turned it on and the Camera worked like a charm after that!
B. Young, California

I experienced the E18 error on my A75 in late January, after about six months of using the camera without any problems. (I purchased it last June.) It was still under an extended warranty, so I sent it in for repair, and I have used it, but not heavily, since it came back, without problems. I am going on vacation in July and am worried that the camera might be seized by the E18 problem once more. I'm wondering if the repair fixes a flaw for good -- or just resets things, allowing E18 to rear up again. Anyone know?

I got the E18 error today, on my S100 with the lens stuck in the out position. At first I got the weak battery signal. Am charging the battery now. If this doesn't work I plan to operate on the unit using directions from here :


it worked thanks! got the e18 bug yesterday after a day at tokyo disney of all times. after reading through the above, i tried the av cable, no good. i then pushed on one side of the lens (Canon IXY 5.0 bought in Japan). I heard the snap as described by other users and the e18 magically went away. camera is just 6 months old and great except for this problem.

Went to Paris last weekend with my A70 and guess what got the E18 error. Had to spend the weekend taking pics using a disposable camera. Never ever going to buy anything Canon related again, and I will be advising everyone I know the same now that I see the extent of this issue and how Canon are dealing with this.
Just came across this site now so will try some of the tips before opening the thing up.

I have an A70, purchased in Nov 2003 and it gave E18 in Jun 2005 (19 months operation)

I got the e18 error code while on a trip in Europe. The camera (a510) is about 8 weeks old, so it should be stil under warranty. It was fine until the day of my good friend's wedding, what TIMING! I just read this info, just before I brought it back to the store. I was thinking of getting the A520 for the 4.0 MP version.
I did have the trusty S10 for over 4 years and 6 countries in S.E.Asia. It survived being scraped down the Ankor Wat temple steps, but I dropped it one too many times and then decided to replace it with the A510. This is e18 code is a little disappointing though. Didn't realize how common it was. Maybe I should have gotten the FUJI e510 instead.

I have an A60 which is about 16 months old. You guessed it, E18, lens won't retract...I will try some of the suggestions on this page. I have a new A95 too, hopefully it wont happen on that one too.

A physician I'm doing freelance work for showed me his Ixus 400 yesterday. It's only two months old, but shows E18. The lens is stuck halfway out and moves a bit, but neither retracts nor extends completely. He swears there were no impacts or other physical influences. It's still under warranty; if the vendor should refuse to do anything about it, I'll try the steps here, and as a last resort take it apart completely following the instructions I found on another page.

Powershot A60 bought in june 2003. E18 error two years later.
I disassembled the beast following the photos on the bulgarian (or whatever) site and found a screw that had unscrewed itself and become stuck in the lens mechanism.
I didn't figure out where it came from, so now I have a spare screw as well as a functioning camera.
I didn't discharge the capacitor as they advise you to do so I experienced a nasty electrical shock, not dangerous, but, well... I'll probably think of discharging the next time around :-)
If you have a dead Powershot lying around, we might be able to work out a deal...

I have a Canon S1IS less than a year old with the E18 problem. This is the second camera - the first just would not turn on after about a month of use. I am NOT happy with Canon tech support and am advising all my clients NOT to purchase Canon equipment until their quality control and tech support improves.

i recently went on my honeymoon in europe and the lens on my canon a70 decided to stop retracting and gave me the e18 error. i ended up buying a disposable camera for the rest of the trip. i was about to trash my canon a70 when i got home and decided to yank the lens out as far as i could. it snapped back into place and the problem was fixed.

Just wanted to say thanks for this website. I have an A70 purchased just over two years ago, and on 10Jun2005 I received the E18 error with my lense extended. Took it to a local camera shop who said that it would cost $195 to fix. While online, looking at reveiws of other cameras to replace this one, I came across this site. I followed some of the suggestions like tapping on the usb cover, but that didn't help. What did help was to pull and twist on the largest ring of the lens while turning the camera on. I heard and felt a "click" and the camera started working, except now the lens covers don't retract all the way open. They will stay if manually opened. At first, the focus seemed to be off, but after awhile of turning the camera on and off and taking pictures, close ups and distance, the focus seemed to improve. So far so good, but still not to the point where I would trust this camera with trying to capture important moments.

Well, as you should know, I got the E18 error, and I almost had read the whole thing about it..., I'm just waiting to get home and get it fixed in one way or another...!!, I just love my camara, and I just bought last november and this last weekend it got stuck.....

http://menthol.hit.bg/E18.html is my site, and Babel Fish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/) don't help you to trnaslate the site, because the language isn't Russion. I,m bulgarian and i write the site in Bulgarian for private use, but i see the big interest and i promise to translate all descriptions in english when i have time and little help from somebody with better knowledges in english language.

Thanks this forum!!
I solved the E18 problem on A60 by manipulating the lense.

My advice of using this camera: "Be patient not to asking the camera to do another job before she finish the previous one." The following is my story.

I had the e18 problem on an A60 for a long time and almost wanted to through it away. I found this forum and tried the "snap" method. I gentally pull in and out the lense when the camera was off (actuall I could only move the lense slightly, do not force to pull the lense too much). For unknown reason, the lense can zoom in and out when it was turned on. I think it had been reset to the exact position.

I was happy and tried to test it by on/off the camera. The lense stuck again. But it was solved after turning off and on again allowing enough time in between. Not long, the lense again stuck due to low battery of my continuous on/off testing. When replaced with new battery, it works fine.

So, I think the lense stuck problem is due to incomplete or overlapped lense movement commands such that the mechanical mechanism stuck. So, I would recommend users be patient waiting the camera finishing a motion before asking her to do another job.

I have an A70 that got the E18 Error. I tried all of the suggestions. I used compressed air and tried hooking it to the TV with the A/V Cable.

I had first tried the method of tapping the A/V connection end of the unit on a desk. It didn't work the first few times. I actually gave it a little more effort and the lens suddenly closed.

I keep this camera very clean, but it seems that something was jamming the lens. As of the moment, the camera is working again.

M. Mike Scher, your god! I've try everything (tap on usb cover, tv av...) nothings worked. I tried to gently turn the lens while the camera was opening and VOIL! Got it worked!

My camera was 2 years old and was very disapointed about it the E18 error (Because beside of that, it worked very well). I'm still disapointed about Canon (with the amount of thread about this error, it's certainly a flaw in design from Canon) but the most important is that my camera work! (And it's my son's birthday today, so I need it!)

Well bad news! It worked for about 10 minutes and the pictures taken in this 10 minutes are awfull! The focus seems affected!

There is alose a lose part in the camera. I hear a cliketiclik when i'm shaking the camera.

I think I can give it to my kids so they can play with has a fake camera!

Viva non-canon product!

Same here, 2 year old powershot A40 camera, dropped yesterday on a carpet from about one metre height (it was inside a thick padded case) and here I am, reading that the E18 problem seems to plague an awful lot of canon cameras.

I was going to buy a new powershot but to put it bluntly, this got me thinking.

Canon, if you read this: I do not want to take the risk of buying a camera which could pack-up when I need it most. A 2 year lifespan (with a 1 year warranty) is just too short...

Oh well, will keep posted if I ever get it to work again. By the way, the "plug on your TV" trick didn't work for me.


I've recently got the dreaded E18 error on my two-year old S400. Thanks for this web site and the Burgarian website for instructions on how to open it up and fix it for a similar device. Although, the S400 design is a little bit different, the concept is there. And together with luck (for not losing all those screws and breaking the delicate parts) and patience, I was able to fix it the second time around. Yes, it was quite a bit of work, but it's worth it.

Thank you!

Well, good to know this is a common problem. I have my ex's old Canon A60, and it just came up with this error message the other day when I handed the camera to my little sister. It turned on, made a funny noise, went back in, and gave me the E18 error message. Now the lens refuses to go in at all. It was interesting because I work in a camera store and a customer came in asking about the same error message maybe 3 days before this happened! Now at least I have an idea of how to fix my own cameras and what to tell my customers when they start coming in with this problem.

As soon as I can get my hands on the AV cables, I will try that trick! I've also tried resetting my camera. So hopefully cleaning out my lens or the AV trick will work! Thank you so much!

I forgot to add this, I was so mad!

Camera purchased in October or November 2003. Broke last week, Saturday I believe. So 20 months old or so?

I bought my A70 in October 2003. I do not have a E18 error. Instead, the lcd screen goes totally black when in camera mode. Settings are displayed but cannot take any pictures as it is totally black. Pictures taken are totally black. However, in view mode, I am able to view pictures (in lcd) taken and saved earlier in memory card. A person at the camera store suspects that it is CCD error. What is CCD error? A70=Great camera=Disposable.

I got a Canon A60..

Happened b4 at cousin's wedding, thought it was low battery as problem was solved after switching new batteries.. Thought my rechargeable batteries was spoilt then.

Happen again recently, change batteries but did not work. came across this website.. And I used the following to solve the problem.

Off camera
Set to preview mode
turn dial to scenery mode
turn on cammera (keep hitting the padded usb cover while the camera is turning on)

somehow, the camera show the last photo I took then blank out after which, the lens came out, then went back in and the last photo was displayed in the lcd.

The above method works for me twice.

I have an S400 that wouldn't turn off (lens wouldn't retract) and displayed an E18 error. I was surprised to see when I Google'd +Canon +E18 I found over 6,000 hits. In any case, I'm well out of warranty and will try the various fixes suggested on this page. Thank you for the suggestions.

Hi! When I was taking pictures about a week ago, my Canon PowerShot S30 (bought in Dec 2003) just froze with the lens still extended out. I tried to slide the lens cover (which will make the lens retract to close) but the error message "E18" appeared on the monitor. I tried this several times for several days. I also bought a new battery as I read in your blog that this could be the problem. It was not. I read your blog again today and tried another suggestion: tap the lens. It worked! Thanks a lot, you are a big help! Mars

I got a Canon A60, and got the same problems.

I have tried all of the ways except open it, but all the ways didn't work. When I started giving up, I force the lence out a little bit and open the power again. Suddently, it works! The lence return back and working again! Thank God. Thanks for all your help here! Good luck guys who with this problems. (I notice that when close the cam, the lence pull out a bit then return, so that may cause this problem.)

THANK YOU for the tip! I knocked my Canon SD200 Digital Elph off my dresser (my fault) and got the E18 error. I followed your advice and it worked!!: "If the lens doesn't extend at all or it extends, but then retracts again, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Place the camera on its back with the lens facing up and have a look at the "spacing" between the lens and the lens housing.You'll probably notice that the gap is NOT EVEN all the way around. To fix this, simply -VERY GENTLY- press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place." It's working now - phew!!

I have an A60 that I bought in very early may 04. about a month ago, it started intermittently E18ing and throwing memory card errors followed by E50. do you think these two might be related?

I have a digital ixus 40 (the s400 in the states, i think).
A perfect camera, couple of months old.

We went on holiday to the canarian islands, and i made some pictures of the airplane before takeoff.

I put the camera away, like i always do: careful. I kept it with me in my pocket.

After landing, i tried to take a picture, and you guessed it: nothing! a canon logo, i hear a short 'click' with the lens, and 'E18' on the screen.

Could this have anything to do with a change in air pressure (for example; after flying in an airplane)?

We are now back in holland, but still nothing. I had hoped the flight back would restore the camera's functions. But nope.

While on vacation, I accidently got my Canon Powershot soaking in melted ice water. When it dried up, I turned it on. The lens extended fully but then did not retract any longer and the dreaded e18 error code appeared.

After reading the recommendations on this website, I banged the camera on the USB side and it worked!! So far, so good. The camera seems to be back in working order. It appears that the tapping suggestion is the first thing you should try before the manual manipulation method.

Thanks everyone!

hi there, my name is cindy, from holland.
I too faced the dreaded E18 error, but thank you so much for this site, because I tried some of the suggestions, and finally I turned the biggest ring of the lens with some force(which I wouldn't have had the guts to do if hadn't read this info) and it turned and 'popped'and went right back to normal. thanks you SO much, I don't have much money and saved up very long for this camera, and now I can use it again!!!

I bought an Ixus 500 at Christmas 2004. Six months old and the dreaded E18 message.

Will try Canon Custoemr service under warranty, but looking at the scale of this issue, I will be very cautious about buying Canon products again.,

Help me I have this E18 error in the middle of exam presentation and overseas trip ... brrrrr.
Bless yu all the e18 clup of hopers-
take care
peter t
Rep of Trinidad & Tobago , Caribbean
mon 4july05-0445hrs

I have a A70 and got the damn E18 error recently. After I read some posts online, I tried all these methods. Nothing happened. Finally I push the lens while turing the carmera on. After I remove the pressure, the lense extended automatically to the full length. No E18 message. But still the lence can't retract back to the body. Anyway, it can work with zoom control. It is said a bolt in the body loose and block the lence to get back. It is exactly a design mistake. CANON should recall all these cameras!

what is with Canon? I thought they were supposed to be a good company.

what is with Canon? I thought they were supposed to be a good company.

I have two S400's with the dreaded E18 message. One has the lens that won't retract all the way. I tried the manual manipulations and I heard a click but it would then not retract fully and click again. I am guessing I will have to take it apart and clean it follwoing the website listed. The other was working perfectly until yesterday when I tried to use it and upon powering up it gave me the E18. I will try the other methods (usb tapping, video hookup, etc.) I also called Jim Smith re: the class action suit. I would recommend that everyone with a problem call him this way he can compile data on the problem and we might all be able to get a Canon remedy. It is obvious that this is not an uncommon problem and Canon should offer something better thatn a $150 fix or $179 trade-up to a refurbished camera.

I had my Canon S400 for about two years. It was a wonderful camera until last week when I went to a friend's wedding and then the E18 message came on. I thought it was my battery or my charger not working. Bought new ones, nothing worked. I should have researched the web for this canon E18 message before doing all of that. It seems that this is a common problem with the Canon cameras. I tried compressed air and tapping on the USB cover. Nothing worked. I tried twisting the lens while it was stuck midway and it worked. I have been cleaning it with compressed air all around the lens hoping it won't happen again. We will wait and see since I have a trip planned for next week. Will be dreading if it will happen again while on vacation. Will definitely bring a spare camera this time around.

Canon A60 two years old started "E18"-ing today - lens is stuck in and won't extend when switched on, except when given a thump on the back. If I gently depress the lens I can hear a horrible plastic gear graunching noise as the motor tries to drive the lens forward. When the lens DOES extend (after the thump) it all seems to work fine.
Guess I'm going to have to get the mini screwdrivers out 8^(

Our Canon PowerShot S100 digital camera lens froze and with the E18 error. We rarely used the camera and kept it in perfect condition (locked up and well protected). But one day the lens would not retract, and the display only showed the error code "E18" in the lower left corner. I took out the battery and replaced the flash card with a new one, tried everything else I read about. There is no reason why my camera should have stopped working, unless it was manufactured to do so

My friends told me that their PowerShot camera did the same thing, so instead of sending it back and getting another that would soon give another E18 error, we decided to purchase a Sony Camera that works.

Canon should take responsibility for this!

I have a powershot a400. I dropped it on the floor twice, thats when I started getting the E-18. I tried something from the site and nothing worked. I got pissed off and turned on the camera, placed it face down on the carpet and pushed down on the back of the camera forcing the lens into the carpet. Turned the cam. off, surprisingly, no more E-18.

Thanks for this info. I recently experience this E18 error while I was on vacation in Lake Tahoe CA with S410.I did a web search on E18 this web blog was great help. For me slightly twisting the biger base part of the lens did the Trick!!! :)

I'm new to Canon camera's, but was looking at getting an S2-IS. Seems to have a nice feature list. Does anyone know if the lense mechanism on the S2-IS is the same as the ones with these E18 errors? Should I even bother buying one? I've used nikon and even a kodak dc-280 which I dropped really hard once and never had a problem with it. Actually, I have used a canon powershot s2 but it has some burnt pixels now in the ccd. 7 little spots on every picture that are always the wrong color.

My S230 developed an E18 error with the lens stuck extended. No luck with the TV trick or compressed air. One bang on the rubber on the side fixed it completely, so far. Thanks for passing along these possible "fixes"

I have the power shot a400 and i got the e18 error while i was at the beach. I dont know how to fix it, i tried hitting it, and blowing in the lens but the shutter doesnt even open....please help

I bought a Powershot A95 about a month ago. I was taking some pictures (around 10) before I took a break and turned it off. Few minutes after, I pressed the power button again to take more pictures. But it just extended the lens as in on ready-mode, and NO POWER anymore. I could say I know a fair deal around electronics, so you could safely rule-out the basics eg changing fresh alkaline batteries, humidity, etc, etc. I would have normally dissected it myself but it's still a month old so I plan to bring it back (abroad) to where it was bought and hopefully they will replace it. But if anyone of you guys here who has had this experience and was able to correct it yourself, I will be truly greatful...saving me freight and time to send this back. Thanks.

Well, I'm not glad to be the first with the brand new S2 IS camera...
but my totally new camera (less than 1 week) began to show me the dreadfull E18 :(... most of the time it fixes itself just by powering off/powering on, but still I don't like it...
I think that the lens cap caused this problem of mine, because I always switched it on with the len caps on, letting the lens hit the cap off.... so i was wrong probably,....
nevertheless, the camera is wonderfull, and I love it :)

Something needs to be done about this!! We are all spending lots of money on these cameras to document our fancy lives. When the Canon ELPH SD200 decides to "break" (i.e.E18!!)right after you have ranted to your friends about how they need to purchase a Canon digital it is just NOT COOL!! Canon is making a lot of money right now and they need to fix this siuation PRONTO!! When customers are truly relying on these advanced technologies to record precious moments of their lives, the technologies need to be RELIABLE! Thank you.

I have a cannon elph S400. I was merely chaning my battery when my camera lense started grinding and I got the E18 error. I got the camera for xmas 1.5 years ago. My partner spent aapx $400 on it. I've taken very good care of it and I am horribly disappointed. I've been so much harder on many other things that are still ticking after many, many years. I have tried all the tips to fix the error. Nothing has worked. Banging it on the side gets the lense to retract but once I start it up it gets stuck again. I may try taking it apart. I guess I have nothing to lose at this point. I will not buy a canon camera again :( Sad...I loved my little camera. I would love to be kept posted on whether someone seeks legal action against canon. Good luck eveyone!

Another dissatisfied customer. A70 has been super for just under two years but developed this E18 error just in time to miss out on Dad's 75th party and my son's prizegiving. Am I pleased or what? Presumed it was a normal fault until I found your site and now add myself to the list of Canon fodder (sorry!). None of the tips has helped me, I'm afraid.

What a fantastic thing the web is. I was about to give up on my canon s50 which was displaying an E18 error but before i did I searched the web and found your site. I tried the @ tap it on its USB fix and it worked. I can't thank you enough for this money saving advice.

Please somebody tell me!!!
Yesterday it happened E18 at my friends wedding, all important pictures is in the camera. I hope pictures are still in the memory stick?? ARE THEY??

My A95 went "E18" today. It has been treated well, used lightly for 7 months. No misuse or accident precipitated the failure. I've been unsuccessful getting it to gently "snap" back. I'm another interested if a factory fix under warranty repairs the problem or simply adjusts it. Tightens a screw? Snaps into some kind of groove? Dreadful. You have to assume the A95 can not be relied upon...or any of the models mentioned here.

Another statistic, my A70 also has the E18 bug. It is about 2 years old, and has not been used a lot, a couple hundred pics or so. I thought the camera was real fine, but had mainly been using my Minolta. Then today I went out, powered up the A70. It seemed slow to power up, I thought perhaps the battery was used up, the lens was extended, and I was not able to move the lens from there or any other function on the camera. I changed batteries to no avail. Everything is stuck, on pressing the button to start up the camera beeps a few times and displays a E18 message in the left hand corner of the LCD screen.

Canon A85 - 7 months old. I get E18 every time the camera is turned on. The motor can be heard trying to open the lense. The TV trick did not work (it was probably coincident luck where it did work).

Our S400 (purchased about 2 years ago from Best Buy) displays the E18 error and the lens is stuck mid-way in/out. I accidentally hit "on" while taking it out of the case. The lens BARELY touched the case, but immediately began displaying the E18 error...I was so mad that something so minor would break it, but was convinced it was all my doing. I am partly relieved to know it's not entirely my fault, but am now bummed that our otherwise GREAT camera is actually made to be a short-lived piece of you know what. Our camera is currently in the Elk Grove Village FSC, & we were just deciding whether to buy a refurbished model (we were leaning towards it, vs. $165 to fix!) but now I am calling them ASAP and telling them NO THANKS and to send my camera back pronto. I plan on trying all the tips mentioned in this forum. Wish me luck! :)

adding to the list of the E18 fans! hahaha!

my ixus400 cam's lens is stuck/jammed halfway. tried banging it on it's rubber side, tried pulling the lens out while turning it on, i'm quite scared to "dissect" it as i'm not good in remembering stuff where it should be returned. and i'm in CHINA for god's sake, i'm sure i'm gonna get a rip off if i send this to repair since it's out of warranty. hopefully tomorrow when i open my eyes, it'll be fixed automatically! hahaha! goodluck to us all!

Borrowed my cousin's S500 last night for this dopeadelic funk party we were throwing at my house..ya know, 4 girls to 1 guy type of party. After about an hour of constant group and candid pictures and the camera decides to keep the lens out and post the dreaded E18.
Same deal, canon wants $150. FOR A KNOWN PROBLEM. PHUCK YOU CANON!! I own a GL1 and was thinking of picking up one of their DSLRs but with this SHIETY customer service , I will NOT BE BUYING ANYTHING with a canon stamp on it EVER. SO a big FAWK YOU to you canon dickwads. I hope you die on your car ride home while your wives are getting raped by a spiked baseball bat.

Thanks a lot for your help!
In fact, we are shooting an exhibition project in Berlin. Got stuck with our S50 (for the snapshots) and the error code E18. Typed in Google "Canon S50 Code E18", your page was the first to come up. As we are away from home, no TV connect cable in reach, tried the compressed air, didn't work. Read the tap-method, read it again, thought I'm misunderstanding something, read again, tried - and - camera is working fine! You gave me one of the best laughs in a while!
Thanks a lot!

Thanks everyone for the great tip!! I also had the blank LCD screen, with menu settings on my PowerShot A70, but no image. If I took a picture, the replay mode was also blank. I could take videos, and it would record sound, but not image. I banged it on the USB port cover while turning on, and it seems to work fine. I am sceptical as to how long this will last (am still looking around for a new camera) but at least I can take pictures again!! Thanks.

Update: Turned on my A95 six days after the above post (7/25). Works! My, how disgusting. Pushed around the lens last week, and gently twisted it, but no success. Was still "E18", and I resolved to contact Canon. Got around to it yesterday, turned it on, problem gone... Last week, I got different lens behavior by switching from picture taking to viewing mode, then gently twisted and pushed the lens as it went through it's extension and abort. What did I do? Who knows? If a Canon lens clicks and no one is there to hear it, does it fix their cheesy flaw? The answer seems to be yes. Rely on this camera? That answer is no.

I buy a Canon A510, on 06/06/2005, from Romania store, in 3 weeks on the screen apear the E18, anything that i made, that torn on and off camera, dind't resolve a thing. I understend that this error meents " that de lens are Frozen ", i send the camera on service because she has 1 year warranty, after 2 days my camera come back, and the Canon Romania, say me that the camera are broket and that she has not be in the warranty period, and that i would buy another camera.

I also just encountered the E18 error on my Canon A75 Camera.... the camera is only 5 months of age! I have tried all the above tricks... and none have worked. i don't understand how the hooking the cable up to the t.v. would do any good, my undertanding was that e18 was caused by sand or dust in the lens? can some one explain this to me.

I was also wondering if anyone has any other solutions, i have no money and this camera means the world to me.


I have a powershot s30 and my friend dropped it and the lens are stuck outside. my dad is pretty mad at me & i don't have the $$ to fix it. how do u blow into the lens??? i don't know what to do

We had an A60, purchased in April 2003, which we enjoyed using across several vacations and excursions. We even purchased the little adapter for some add-on lenses.

About 18 months after purchase, the preview screen started to go blitzy - right after turning the camera 'on'. We could usually fix the issue by giving the camera a few gentle-to-moderate taps on the bottom.

About a week ago (late July 2005), we finally got the E18 error. Oh how I wish I had explored this site first... but, instead, since the camera was out of warranty, and, by this time, we were already experiencing severe screen issues, I decided to take the camera apart, hoping I would find some pastic scrap that was blocking the mechanism.

I eventually got far enough into it, with seemingly hundreds of screws laying around me, that I realized I would never get the thing put back together again. So, we just dumped it.

Here's something worse: I am still strongly considering getting the A95.. with EXTENDED warranty! (Afterall, we want to reuse our lenses and CompactFlash cards, eh?)

I have encoutered E18 this morning. My A70 dropped on its extended lenses off the mini-tipod, about 3" high, and there was junk on the desk to soften the impact. Alas, it happened. I was going to undertake the repair based on those Bulgarian and Esonian dissections lol and ixus-world.de when I read this guestbook more and discovered some people had success putting the lens on track applying some force on them.

I tried to rotate the inner cylinder with lenses simultaneously eximining pushing and pulling possibility. Very sensibly, of course, coz it must be easy to brake its flimsy plastic mechanism. Thanks goodnes s IT SNAPPED and is in full orded now! WOOHOO!

I wonder how I have not got any notion on this E18 problem when I was hunting for information on this model before bidding for it on eBay. Every review looked bright and positive about it!

Those with deft hands give it a try!

I have the Canon A70 for 2 years. Have always been careful with it and put it back in a case after usage. This holiday I was taking pictures, turned the camera off and suddenly the lense was stuck. Not 1 of the 4 possible solutions has helped so far. Now I'm going to follow the bulgarian way of trying to get it working again. It's a shame, cause the pictures are really good quality.

I see here a very, very long list. Count me too. I have a Canon A60 for an year and a half. After taking about 3000 pictures, I came across on E18 (doesn't retract). However, some kind of shaking the camera helped it rectract again.

I have a Canon Powershot S1 IS. On Saturday I used it all day to take photos of horse racing, used the zoom almost all the time. On Sunday I switched on the camera to take a couple of photos of my cats and discovered the zoom was not working at all.

The The zoom rocker - in the form of a collar around the release is able to move forward and backwards, but nothing happens to the lense. Also in play mode, I cannot view thumbnails or zoom in or out. The zoom function is dead.

Any ideas as to why it has stopped working? I've contacted a Canon Repair Centre in the UK, and they want to change me a minimum of 150 pounds, before they even look at the problem. Which is total nuts considering the camera cost me 300 a year ago.... It's really not worth it.

I am prepared to open the camera up (via the little screws), but don't really know anything about cameras and the electronics under the hood. Is there possibly a service repair manual on the Internet... I have done various searches and found nothing...

Any help will be much appreciated. If I can't get it fixed, then it looks like I will be getting the Canon S2 IS...

*HAD* this E18 Error on an A75 PowerShot. Turning on the camera in play mode, the lens would try to come out, but only made it out maybe 1/10 of a centimeter. I fixed it by first powering on the camera and removing the batteries, so that the lens would not retract. Then, I took a screwdriver very small (eye glasses kind) and kind of pryed the lens around, but I don't think this helped any, so don't even bother, just letting you know. Eventually I pressed down fairly hard on the circular part which surrounds the lens, and it SNAPPED. It was a loud snap and I thought I broke the camera. I put the batteries back in and powered on. KABLAM! Camera works. Tried a few shots, works like new. WHEW.

Trust yourself. I had to press down pretty hard to get it to snap. Oh, if the camera is facing you, press on the RIGHT side of the lens module.

had the e18 error...fixed it myself...so the problem was fixed when i assisted the lens retracting. just be careful and press and twist the lens gently in the direction that the lens retracts. it may take a few times but it worked for me.

I've had the dreaded E18 error message on my Powershot A70. It started whilst I was on Holiday in the south of France. It ended up being stuck in the out position. I actually won the camera in a prize draw in November 2003, so it was out of it's 12 month warranty. I wrote to Canon who basically said "tough luck" but send us the camera and 72 and we will repair, service and return with 6 months warranty. I talked to our local trading standards who said that -because I did not buy it - I had no real redress. What made it worse was that I had bought rechargeable batteries, a case, and extra memory cards for it. Not all of these could be used in other cameras. I decided to send it for repair to Canon; I'm waiting for its return. I didn't at that time realise just what a widespread problem there was with their products. If I had known I probably would have chucked it out and gone for another make. I would have thought that there was enogh "evidence" to get Canon to admit to a problem????

I bought my S410 *TODAY* at Fry's Electronics in Irving, TX. I took it out of the box when I got home, took 3 pictures, then tried to turn the camera off and the lens won't retract. I have tried every method that I can find on the internet to fix it and nothing has worked. This is the 8th Canon digital I have owned (I currently own a 10D and G3 as well,) and none of them has ever given me a minute's trouble. I guess I should have bought the Pentax Optio that I was looking at instead...

Call Canon if you have the E18 error. They will repair your camera free of charge.

I posted above (7/29) about my S400...got it back from Canon (told them NO on repairing it) and just played around with it (trying to pull the lens out myself, banging it, tv fix, etc) and it FINALLY worked one of the times I was pulling and pushing at the lens. Just popped out! Now, I do have to help it along when I turn it on and off or the image will be out of focus, so the camera's not perfect, but still better than paying $165 to fix!! And, check this out: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=10000101&sid=a7ZasbVwQsQg&refer=japan
came across it today about Canon slipping big time in JD Power cust satisfaction ratings...Hmmm, they are confused as to why they slipped??

1.Im thinking of buying a canon s 510.. please recommend.

2. does this model of canon encouter the E18 error?

I have the SD 200 powershot and loved the camera. I make a living shooting motion picture movies, tv shows ect... My error E18 came durring a round of golf. A few days before E18 I dropped on the camera on the ground, but it worked fine after that. My 1st canon the s100 took far more drops and far worse drops and worked amazing for 3 years!!! It had me so loyal to canon I would never consider another camera. Now after only 2 weeks with the sd 200 (lost the s100 in Hawaii) I have the dreaded E18. I read about this error before I got the camera and never thought it would happen to me. I am going to try and fix it myself cause I hate waiting for service centers and I only spent 200 bucks so if the repair is even close I would rather just buy a pentax. Sorry canon you screwed me now I don't think I'll buy the 20d or the xl-2, proably get the nikon and the panasonic... why you gotta treat me so bad when I have been nothing but good to you? I have two emmy nominations for my camera work and everyone I know comes to me for camera advice... I think I have generated over 200,000.000 in buisness for you that is now gone. All the camera fanatics who work on the same shows as me will never get a canon again!


I've had a trusty Canon PowerShot S300, one of the earliest Digital Elphs, for almost 5 years now. I have experienced the E18 error twice. Both times at the end of camping trips when sand and grit got into the lens mechanism. The so-called "tap" method always brings it back. The only other problem I've had is with the zoom switch, which develped a kink that I couldn't repair myself. I opened the body and removed the switch altogether. The zoom no longer works, of course, but it was never that great to start with. This is a real tough, workhorse camera that I will probably replace soon (with another PowerShot), but only because the s300 is only 2.1 megapixels.

I'm not sure if I am having the same problem as I have read in this Forum but I must admit I am quite frustrated with this canon product and their service. Initially I had a problem where the lcd had purple streaks across it. Lucky the camera was under warranty at the time. But now it has passed warranty and the camera lens appears to be frozen in the open position and it will not power on/off. There is no message on the lcd so I'm not sure if this is the same problem. I have tried replacing the batteries and CF card and I have just tried the AV jack with no luck. I will try some of the other suggestions later today, I hope one of then works.

When I decided on Canon over some of the other cameras I thought I was buying a camera that I could trust. But I know better. I did some research before buying this camera but obviously not enough. The Camera cost me over $300 and I really do now want to spend this kind of money every 2 years but I guess thats what the manufacturers would like.

If anyone has a working url on how to open the A70 ( so I can work on it myself). The service guy I spoke to stated that I may have a blown fuse, well if that's all it is I just need find where the fuse is and replace, Sounds simple.

Thanks for all the tips.

I just came from the canon repair shop yesterday. E18 lens stuck open. Sucked not having my camera on my family vacation. Bottom line. New lens: $150.00 + $75.00 labour plus taxes, or if they might be able to fix it for two hours labour. So, do I buy a new camera of same calibre for $300.00 or upgrade? My upgrade definetely will not be a canon. One and a half years to evolve into a paperweight.

I did the customer service shuffle already. No warranty and then they send me a survey to fill out. Pretty well all negative from my end. Nothings ticks me off more than spending extra for supposedly superior quality when it's just a "made in Antarctica camera" hiding behind a brand name. Doubt anyone will contact me as I made sure I left name and phone and email.

Tried the tapping and prodding as advised here, and it worked then stuck again and now worked again. So, that's a plus. Great site guys.

Thanks for putting it up.

Brian Johnson

I bought my Powershot A70 in Phoenix Arizona, March 2003 and have been very happy with its performance.
E18 struck a few weeks ago and I brought it to a camera shop where compressed air was applied - unsuccessfully.

Have tried the TV/AV solution, and the tap-trick - no dice. Have tried to take the cover off but it's not easy to take the camera apart gently...

Will probably not buy a Canon again. Sad.

I was able to fix my camera following the suggestions in the beginning of this site. First, my SD100 camera's lens was stuck in the extended position. I tried to move the two pieces of the lens in a circular motion as suggested. It then went to the retracted position but would not open again. I then moved the closed lens from one side to the other. Once I turned the power on, it work properly. Thanks for the suggestions above.

A friend gave me his S110 as it gave the E18 code. The lens would not extend. After attempting microsurgery----I gave it a couple of hard whacks against the spot where the tripod screws in against the desk. Voila----new camera.

I've had my A60 for about 2 years now...and I've kept it in pretty good shape, considering I take it just about everywhere....Then came the catastrophe: while handing it to a friend over dinner it slipped and fell into tomato-sauce slathered pasta...NOT GOOD...Ever since then the lens had gotten stuck more than half the time. Finally it just got completely stuck in the closed position and nothing I did would revive it. I tried plugging it in to the TV and that didn't work...and I didn't get an air gun....No....I just kind of slammed it real hard on my wooden table...and voila! I can see my recent photos...another few hard slams and it was back to working condition....although I must say the next time I get a digital camera I certainly will NOT be choosing Canon...

I've also got E18 on my A60. Nothing suggested here helped me in solving the problem. So I opened it, and in lenses i've found a screw jammed in a mechanism. It didn't fit anywhere, but while puting camera together, there was a screw missing. I'm almost sure, i didn't loose it while taking camera apart. It is possible, that it losen itself and fall into lenses....

Anyway, now it is working again, and i'm thankful for info on this site and suggested links

I bought s400 in Nov 2003 and E18 happened in Srpt, 2004. Then I called customer service and I was asked to mail to factory service center, just before mail the camera, I push the button and it worked. Now this error happened again.

add me to the ever growing list.
Canon Ixus 500 E18.

On holiday with my family and new baby girl. About to snap some happy moments and lens opens, beep beep beep - E18.

The camera is 18 months old. V disappointed.

I have no idea what I did, but somehow I just fixed my E18'ed Powershot A70. Before, when I turned on the camera, the lens would come out and stay out for about 5 seconds while the green light by the viewfinder flashed. Then the lens would retract back into the camera and the E18 message would come up on the LCD. Somehow I fixed it by the following method:

Turn on the camera, and wait for the lens to come out about 3/4 of the way. Then quickly push the battery release switch, which shuts off the camera, leaving the lens stuck about 3/4 the way out. Next, fiddle with the lens some, try rotating it back and forth (I'm not really sure if this actually does anything, but I did it). Now, push the battery release switch back into place and turn the camera back on. The lens should go all the way back in and come out again, and hopefully it will now work!

I actually did this twice; the first it didn't do anything. But on the second try it was miraculously fixed. Also, it may not have been exactly 3/4 the way out when I stopped it - the main thing is that its not all the way out, so try different things.

I'm not sure why this worked, but if you've tried everything else already (like I had) you should give it a try.

As my camera has broke after the warrenty has expired, I hold out little hope that Canon will resolve the issue for me. I been told by the DTI Consumer Direct (UK) that if you didn't buy your camera direct from Canon then there is no legal contract with them. But instead to contact the people who you bought the camera from as the camera being faulty fails to meet the Sale of Goods Act. Here I've posted some interesting key facts:

Key Facts
Wherever goods are bought they must "conform to contract". This means they must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality (i.e. not inherently faulty at the time of sale).
Goods are of satisfactory quality if they reach the standard that a reasonable person would regard as satisfactory, taking into account the price and any description.
Aspects of quality include fitness for purpose, freedom from minor defects, appearance and finish, durability and safety.
It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract.
If goods do not conform to contract at the time of sale, purchasers can request their money back "within a reasonable time". (This is not defined and will depend on circumstances)
For up to six years after purchase (five years from discovery in Scotland) purchasers can demand damages (which a court would equate to the cost of a repair or replacement).
A purchaser who is a consumer, i.e. is not buying in the course of a business, can alternatively request a repair or replacement.
If repair and replacement are not possible or too costly, then the consumer can seek a partial refund, if they have had some benefit from the good, or a full refund if the fault/s have meant they have enjoyed no benefit
In general, the onus is on all purchasers to prove the goods did not conform to contract (e.g. was inherently faulty) and should have reasonably lasted until this point in time (i.e. perishable goods do not last for six years).
If a consumer chooses to request a repair or replacement, then for the first six months after purchase it will be for the retailer to prove the goods did conform to contract (e.g. were not inherently faulty)
After six months and until the end of the six years, it is for the consumer to prove the lack of conformity.

I hope there is something here that may help.


Just fixed the E18 error on my PowerShot A95 by pulling outward on the lens (it was stuck in the extended position ). Had to pull quite hard. The AV cable to the TV and compressed air had not fixed it.

had the dreaded E18 problem with my powershot s50 after being in a dusty desert environment. i was able to fix it after blowing closely around the barrel of the lens with compressed air, and all is well again!

it would be nice if the camera just *told* you to try this so i didn't miss 1 week of GREAT photo opportunities... :( next time, it's a sony camera for me. i dropped a cybershot on a rock once, shoving the lens barrel out of alignment, snapped it back into place and restarted the camera, and it worked great for 2 years more after that!


My camera all of a sudden stopped working and I've got that E18 error on the screen. For no reason - I've been treating the camera well. I will look at avice on this site on how to fix it,


By the way, my camera is a Powershot A70.

I bought my A70 about two years ago and now I'm having that E18 error. So it was about fall of 2003 and the camera have worked for only 2 years. Actually, I didn't treat my camera too much. My kids dropped it on the asphalt several times, broke the lens cover in the very first week (it's so thin), took pictures under Niagara Falls. But two years is too short life for $300 device I think.

My canon powershot A70 came up with the E18 error after just over a year (it was 1 month out of warranty)After dropping it off with my local canon shop, who quoted me 130 to have it repaired (plus charging 10 just to look at it)i decided to have a look on line and luckily found this site. We used the 'pulling and twisting' method (don't be too gentle,work at it for a lil while) and the camera is now completely fine again so thank you!

I have a Canon PowerShot A85 I have had it for almost a year. I got a error on my CF card then it went blank the camera will not turn on. I changed batteries and got another CF card but my camera will not work at all..what could be wrong with it?

So, I have Canon PowerShot A200 with E25 (horrible noise). I hope that my new PowerShot A75 will not crash

Well, my s400 broke after almost 2 years of service.. what broke you ask? Well a little tiny POS that controls the iris. $300 and the thing has a weak spot that makes the ENTIRE camera trash. I HATE YOU CANON!! I took it apart to find this part trashed by the motor. $150+ is what canon will want to fix it. A new camera for only 35% more.. I wonder what gama Canon is playing??

I have had my G3 for about 2 years. LCD screen went out. Camera was sent in for repair and returned. The LCD screen still does not work and now I am getting an E24 error message where the lens will not stay retracted. Does anyone know about an E24 message?

My admittedly ageing Elph 300 (Ixus 300) suddenly displayed E18 and lens remained in. Read all the above handy hints, and eventually a sharp tap on the end with the wrist-strap ring did the trick! However, there is a distinct grinding noise from the gears on extending and closing the lens. On close inspection, I see that there is a small, almost imperceptible, dent in the front of the central section of the lens barrels. So it seems that somehow, at some time, and without noticing it, I have slightly damaged the zoom mechanism. Possibly all the other good people who recount their E18 experiences on this forum have also managed to do something similar, even if the damage is not immediately visible...?

I had my Canon A60 just over a year when I took it on a once in a lifetime trip to Europe. I started having shutter problems and e18 error messages with 2 weeks left of my trip. I had to borrow cameras and wasn't able to take pictures at half of the places I went to. Canon nearly ruined my trip with their badly made shutter. I just hope I can get some pictures from the people I went with to make up for the ones I couldn't take. They need to admit they goofed up and replace or fix our cameras. My entire family has Canons and loves them, but if their cameras start doing the same thing, they won't me fans any more- Canon will be losing a lot more customers this way. I encourage you to get onto more websites like this that have customer reviews and let people know what you have dealt with. Most reviews are from people who have only had their cameras a week or less. Maybe if Canon loses a little of their business they will take some responsibility and start running things like a business.

I have just purchased the Canon IXUS 40! Especially for my Gap year...In my second week in Australia the E18 sign started showing. I can't even begin to explain how pissed I' am at canon. Maybe its time you read the number of complaints you are recieving DAILY! and build a new, better and more reliable model. Before you know it your camera company is going to have no more customers if you go on like this and you will all be living on the streets! How does that sound? Sort it!

O.K., My boss hands me his wife's S400 ELPH and asks what is wrong with it. The memory card is fine (works in other cameras) but we still get a "memory card error" message in both the record and play modes. Any suggestions? (other than "don't buy anymore Canon crap?").

17 months after I bought it, I had the E18 problem on my Powershot A70 (while I was on holiday! fortunately the last day..): the lens didn't came back in. After reading these posts I've tried to manually force the the lens to come back, and it seems to have solved the problem. Till the next time..

I have a Powershot S70 bought in December 04. During my vacation in Northern India it failed suddently with the E18 error code. I have tried all fixes without any success. I have returned it to the shop where I had bought it in Orlando but the guy asked for a provision of 200$ as there was a small mark of shock caused while trying the "tap method". I have had EOS cameras and lenses for 20 years and I have still an EOS 33. I have never experienced any reliability problem but I am now very disappointed as it seems to be a generic problem to most of Canon digital cameras. Once I have paid this costly repair I have no guarantee that it wont occur again

I have a powershot A60, which I purchased about 3 yrs. ago. I just got the dreaded E18 on the weekend, lens won't retract. I brought it in to the Canon repair centre only to have the guy at the counter take one look at it and hand it back to me. He tells me that in order to fix it they have to replace the entire optic unit (lens), at a cost of $160 CDN. Then tells me its a common problem, and to go and buy a new camera.

I just encountered the same error on my 11 month old Canon SD410 camera and tried everything from pushing on the lense till connecting to the TV. It finaly worked after i connected it to TV.
I had very strong opinion about canon cameras as one of the best in the world, but this would definitely make me think twice before buying anything from canon again. "Way to go Canon"!

I got my A60 camera to work for about 2 minutes using the tricks here, but now it is toast along with several hundred dollars worth of memory cards.

I've had many emails and phone calls to canon recently. All they blab on about is generic rehearsed responses to my growing evidence that I provided them of their manufacturing flaw.

I even tried ebay to see if I could buy a used camera but most are being sold for parts. Stuck lenses. Check it out yourself. Try to find an A60 as an example. More garbage for parts than there are working cameras.

Hey canon. DuHHHHH. Must just be a flippin coincidence according to you con artists.

Camera stores all tell me about this flaw but deny deny deny by canon low lifes.

Been told by camera stores not worth fixing which I agree as $250.00 repairs for a camera worth less than $100.00 today is a joke. Can buy a higher quality camera at lesser prices today but try to find one that works with compact
flash cards. Another upsell gimick by canon. Change the cards so you have to buy new ones for your newer camera. I'll never buy canon again and I was about to shop around for canon printer as I was told one of better around. I was told canon cameras were great also. KEY WORD HERE FOLKS. "WERE." I'm spreading the word about these rip off artists. Profit has overtaken quality at canon.

Great site guys.

Mad Brian in Canada.

I've had a PowershotS50 for a couple of years now. At the beginning of 2005 I took a visit to the beach on a windy day. Since then, I've been experiencing the E18 error - sometimes with the lens fully extended and refusing to retract - sometimes when powering up and the lens still inside the body.

UK repairers are quoting in excess of 150 to get it fixed, and even then, with no promises of whether or not the camera will fail again in the future due to the same problem.

Over a few months, I noticed small grains of sand in and around the body and mechanisms of the camera. I finally got the camera replaced on my household insurance - the insurers photographic department effectively telling me that sand damage and E18 equals written off camera.

I now intend to try and fix the camera myself as a backup to my new camera (Canon EOS 350D digislr). It's not cost effective to get the S50 repaired as you can get decent new under warranty cams for around the 200 mark now.

Am going to try all the suggestions here - will come back and report if I have any joy.

E18 Just like everyone else..... but i do admit i have given this camera a beating. Im not supprised.

I also have the same E18 malfunction on a A70. Would suggest that Canon will not do anything about the problem untill it is brought to light by the media. A good investingating reporting program might help shake canon up. Also write in to any magazines that rates consumer goods.
Canon must be hit in the pocket book or a stock market price share decline before they would recall a defective camera.
Canon should be honest enough at least to advertise their camers as $300+ 1 year disposable cameras.
I personally will be in the market for a new camera and the name wont be canon.

A PS to my last comments.
Since Canon will not recognize that their camers have an bad problem, I would suggest you talk to the retailer where you purchased the camera and inform them that you will no longer patronize their business untill they refuse to sell substandard goods. If enough retailers refuse to stock their products I think canon may very well consider a refund or recall of all the defective e18 malfunctioning cameras.

Unfortunately, we bought a Canon A75 for our daughter last October and in May 05, she got the E18 error after only taking a few photos. She took it to N.Z. in September and got the E18 error several times. We visited the store from where we bought it and they would not take it back and amazingly they had never heard of the E18 error. I had them enter "Canon E18" on one of their computers to show them the great product Canon puts out. I took it to a repair shop and I told the repair man about the number of web hits the E18 error brought up. His response was "a lot of people drop their cameras". The unit is still under warranty and hopefully they will not blame the E18 on it being dropped. Our daughter likes the camera and has taken good care of it.

Got an Ixus 700 one month ago. This week I got the E18 error, and I haven't been able to take any pictures since. I can view and download older pictures fine, when connecting it to the tv/pc, but whenever the lens tries to focus it beeps and shuts down with E18.

Hopefully I will get it covered by the warranty, but when I see how many have had this error I will have to warn everybody who asks me about Canon-products in the future.

I let the camera hit the floor, o.k. slippery fingers...tried all the fixes ..... then at last pressed the lens on to a flat surface, the only thing to think of voila works, dumb, even dumber than hitting on all corners... almost bought a new one...Cheese Louise can this be the Grail? Worked for me Dave K.

my mum bought a canon powershot A510 about 4 months ago, and it has been working fine up until i dropped it on the floor last night. i know, my bad. the lens is stuck partly extended, and when turned on in either mode the camera displays the E18 error, and promptly turns itself off after attempting to move the lens and making an awful noise. in picture-taking mode it also has some weird lines accross the screen, but one problem at a time. i have spent all of last night and this morning reading about how common the E18 error is, and have tried all of the applicable fix-it methods i have come accross (besides the tv cable one because the camera didnt come with one). the lens just will not budge when i twist it though, and i have tried doing this in every mode, and applying pressure in other ways and giving it a good tap on the desk does nothing either. it will of course still be under warranty, though i dont know whether i should admit to dropping it or not if i want it covered, and it would just be so much simpler to fix it now. any more suggestions?

********** Dismantling the camera and cleaning the lens internals is a guaranteed solution.**********

For I believe that for many camera out there, that are well used, dust and sand will accumulate, jamming the lens adjustment motor. I have just finished pulling my Canon A70 to bits, cleaning the lens and rebuilding it. To my long awaited surprise, after many frustrating hours, it works! … and also I’m left with 11 extra screws (they must have been in the wrong place all this time, mmm!).

I suggest following the pictures of the dismantle on the link page above. Be prepared with the right tools and good hands on knowledge. The link page only covers the lens dismantle briefly (plus its in another language), so be careful when dismantling the lens sleeves, be sure to mark their position. Sections well require you to unsoldering the image sensor from the lens shell, clean and keep a dust free environment and find a place for every screw. Most of all remember you can loose anything and have fun….

********** Dismantling the camera and cleaning the lens internals is a guaranteed solution.**********

For I believe that for many camera out there, that are well used, dust and sand will accumulate, jamming the lens adjustment motor. I have just finished pulling my Canon A70 to bits, cleaning the lens and rebuilding it. To my long awaited surprise, after many frustrating hours, it works! … and also I’m left with 11 extra screws (they must have been in the wrong place all this time, mmm!).

I suggest following the pictures of the dismantle on the link page above. Be prepared with the right tools and good hands on knowledge. The link page only covers the lens dismantle briefly (plus its in another language), so be careful when dismantling the lens sleeves, be sure to mark their position. Sections well require you to unsoldering the image sensor from the lens shell, clean and keep a dust free environment and find a place for every screw. Most of all remember you can loose anything and have fun….

Email me i you have any questions..

I'm yet another user who has received an E18 error on their canon digital camera. I have a Canon Powershot S330 and as of Sept 23rd, 2005, the lens will not retract and it gives me the E18.
I have tried all of the above fixes except for completely dismantling the camera. Will try that next.

We purchased our Canon S400 in June 2003. In February 2005, only a half hour after being used indoors, the camera was turned on and the lens stuck part way. E18 appeared and you pretty much know the rest.

I tried many of the suggestions of bumping, pulling the battery, blowing compressed air... Everything short of taking it apart. No luck.

Canon email support said my options were A) send in for $150-300 repair, or B) send in and "upgrade" to an S410 refurb. for $175 (+$10 shipping).

After much wasted time calling/emailing Canon, we "upgraded". So far the S410 is working, although the shutter button sometimes sticks.

Going to look into that firm doing the class action suit. I would like to add that I have never felt the need to do so previously in my life before this Canon issue.

The forum on this issue at DCRP is quite active:

Hi, I have a 2 year old S400 that just froze on me. I tried turning it off after taking a picture but the lens did not retract all the way. Also, the Led light is not on either. I tried to take out the battery and put it back in but no use. Is this an E18 error? There is no message on the screen as there is no power. Help anyone....

I've had an S410 for 13 months just a few days ago I got the dreaded e18 error. I haven't tried the self repair options but I am looking forward to slamming it around a little bit when everything else fails ;). Has anybody made an progress on the class action lawsuit aspect? See the following link:

Canon A-70 with E-18 too ... :( Not working ...

I just fixed my Canon Powershot S410 !! It had dropped and landed on the lens, and wouldn't retrack all the way in. I 'massaged' the lens while the camera was off and on. Finally, I popped it back into place with some force by pressing on the side of the lens that seemed to be jammed. It popped to my surprise and now all is well!! Thanks for the advice everyone!!!! Todd

I guess I was one of the lucky ones - my S110 worked fine for almost 3 years before I got the E18 error. I tried everything including a complete autopsy - why not, what could I loose- and now I am ready to trash this piece of junk. I called Canon and received the offer to "exchange" it and $ 175 for a refurbished S410 - no thanks. By the way, I also have an Olympus, 5 years old and never a problem.

My camera canon a510 has experiment "Memory Card Error". The memory is SD Kingston 512mb, and use time 3 month.


I took my canon a70 apart because some sauce had been spilt on it and it had jammed up the zoom lever, also I was getting interference lines on the lcd display sometimes and these showed on playback of downloaded movies on my computer, they were horizontal, some kind of electronic noise. Anyhow I am not sure if the interference lines were related to the sauce or not, the problem did not appear right away, i wonder if it is early signs of the e18 error, some comments here make it sound like a possibility. Anyhow after reassembling the camera I got the e18 error, the lens would not extend at all, the camera just beeped and displayed the e18. First thing I did was search the internet, found this site straight away and the tv cable solution fixed the problem, so i can't thank David enough for providing this website and it's useful info because I sure as would not get any help from canon from everything I have read about their appalling customer service, I certainly will never buy from canon again after hearing about their bad attitude towards customer service. To think there is such a simple solution as the tv cable available and canon does not provide it, just goes to show that once they have your money they have zero interest in you or the camera they have provided you with, talk about short sighted as this attitude will affect them in the long run and cost them far more money than the cost of good customer service.

I should mention that I have only just completed the e18 fix with the tv cable and therefore my success is only preliminary, I will report back if the problem reappears anytime soon, I will also do this if the interference lines reappear.

I have a Canon Power Shot SD200 3.2 Mpixels.
After 9000 picts Sudenly Experiment a E18 code and stayed whith the lens in extended position, inmediately I was disassembled the camera and turn it ON (Dessasembled), next the lens was retracted with a horrible noise and the system displays the E18. Next, I reassembled te camera but never return to work. I think that te problem can be produced by dust in the lens mechanism gears, I will try some tips from this forum. Thank you so much. I purchase the camera in USA and I live in Paraguay.

I submitted my Powershot A60 camera for repair to the store I bought it from as I had purchased an extended warranty through them and always thought they had very good customer service. They sent it for repair and came back with a quote of $200+ for repairs to the lens.

Admittedly, the camera did acquire some damage due to being banged around, though whether this is causing the E18 error is of question. I took a trip to Mexico and have since discovered that these cameras are prone to E18 errors if they are exposed to high temperatures. After that trip it would shut off without warning, and the LCD display was either black or had pink and purple lines all over it, distorting the image. I've also noticed in the pictures I thought were ok at the time have been a bit blurry when I get them on the computer or print them off. Also, it feels as if the battery case is loose, which is why I was attributing the lack of power to the case.

I've convinved the store to send it back to Canon to be looked at again, but because there's a small dent in the ring around the lens the Canon folk seem to feel they are off the hook comletely, despite the fact they've released a notice on their website advising the problems I've experienced are indeed quite common and due to a malfunction of the CCD image sensor which needs to be replaced.

I am so upset, I can't even tell you. All I want them to do is fix the camera as if it was any other camera experiencing the same problems as thousands of others (many models are affected), but they are writing the whole thing off to user damage. It's not fair, in my opinion. It's like saying Ford isn't responsible for an accident caused by an air bag exploding because the driver had parking tickets or something!!! You know what I mean?

Anyways, I am upest mainly because until today I stood by my Canon and loved everything about the useability of their products. Now, I'm stuck contemplating spending $300-400 on a new camera in a market dominated by Canon. What's a user to do?

OH MY GOODNESS! I just got the E18 error on my A60 and fixed it due to this website!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Ok heres the deal, its a year and a half old, just got the E18 thing tonight. I was pissed. I did the av thing, no luck it was totally jammed. I take a TON of pics and was bummed but thought hey maybe it pooped out. Canon still stinks for this but do this. (Do not be gentle, if its ruined, what have you got to lose???) I turned it on, grabbed the lens and took all my aggression out on it, twisting it as it went. WALA! It worked! It focuses now and all, works perfect! I know whats what those lazy canon people do to it when you send it in! BTW, i sent this camera in when i had it for 6 months, because of getting the purple lines thru it, the lcd and when i took pics, the black scary looking pics would come out. They totally didnt fix it, sent the same camera back to me sayign they fixed it. Worthless company! The quality of a canon is sure hard to compare to though, when it works. But its too expensive to take these chances!! If worse came to worse, I would of just went to target or somewhere, bought a new one, put my old one in the box and exchange it back. Dishonest? Maybe to some, but the stores can send back faulty machines, WE CANT! So, DONT be gentle, bang the thing up, GET that little lens to click back in order, what have you got to lose? E18 error is FATAL. good luck

I first got the E18 error on my Powershot S40 after volunteering to build a house in Mexico... karma wasn't paying off yet, I guess. I still receive the error, but have decided to open up the camera after trying all the less-invasive methods. I've filed my claim with the people at Girard Gibbs & De Bartolomeo law firm. Does anyone have pictures of dissecting a powershot S30, 40 or 50? I'd like some guidance before I dismember this beast.

Guys, we tried these in order with an S50, TV connection, nothing; USB, nothing, blowing into the camera, nice steamy lens and still nothing; tapping the USB end of the camera, VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Worked a treat, thank you very much from myself and my girlfriend.


Okay, I have a S200, no problems. My mom loved it and bought one from eBay. A few months later....E18. We've been trying all suggestions and nothing! I am scared to try taking it apart for fear of not getting it all back together properly. How does the TV connection work? Is it just to the USB on the computer or do TV's have a place for this?


Dear Canon S-Series Camera Owners

Here is how I fixed my Canon S30 Digital Camera with the help of this WebPage. I am sOOOOOO THANKFUL for this forum!!!! This forum may better help others who have a similar problem.

MY PROBLEM: When I opened the lens cover (to "turn-on" my camera), my camera would:
1) Make the "start up sounds" at about 1/3 normal speed and
2) Would show the display as a completely scrambled picture (but showing a somewhat diagonal shift over pattern)
3) The camera mostly would refuse to take a photo.
4) Also the camera would delay for a very long time to shut off (if at all), after I closed the lens cover.

This faulty "turn-on" behavior was seen perhaps 40 times, as I tried various combinations of tests to eliminate the problem. Early in the time I was having this problem, I found that recharging the battery would help restore a normal turn on. But eventually this made no difference.

Finally I went back to searching the Internet for an idea what to do:

Below I found the following on this forum. I tried the same procedure with my camera. I did not have a TV handy, so I just plugged the supplied Canon 1/8 inch diameter TV cable plug into my camera (only). And now my camera works!! Apparently plugging in this TV adapter plug does some kind of a reset.

Apparently the E 18 error message, which comes from when the camera "thinks" the lens is unable to slide in (or out), is also cleared by the TV plug-in action.


Henry Gurr

******* The following webpage had the following repair suggestion which worked for me also!!! ******



I just encountered the E18 error on my Canon A70 Camera last week : the lens was blocked and I couldn't find any way to close it...

I was going to bring it back to the shop to get it repaired when I read an interesting mail telling that such problem disappeared once the camera was plugged on a TV with the video cable...
I was a bit skeptic... but tried it yesterday evening... and it worked! I did plug my camera on my TV using the Video cable and as soon as I switched the camera on, the zoom unblocked and closed!! The E18 error message simply disappeared
Everything seems to work fine now!

Strange solution, but it worked for me!
********* END Message on WebPage **************

Wow, I can't believe it, IT WORKS AGAIN!!!. Last night I accidentaly dropped my powershot a410 to the floor. The lens get moved and blocked in a wrong position and it didn't retracted. I obviously get the e18 error. I tryed to put it again carefully to the right possition with no success. I found this webpage, and after read it, I decide maybe I have to try it harder. So with my eyes half closed I push the lens harder and harder in the direction it had moved, and finnaly CLACK, it returned to the right possition. Then I turned on the camera, and it works again!!! And I have check it and the focus perfect!. I still can't believe it at all....

Just got the E18 on my 2 yr old S230. Tried TV cables, compressed air...nothing.
I can hear the extend/retract motor trying to run but it sounds like it's jammed. This thing's toast. Maybe I'll hook it up to the 110 outlet. Yeah! That should work!

My A70 gave me an E18 when I was downloading the pictures to my computer. I tried everything that has been suggested in this forum. The lens got back in after pushing and turning a bit but when I turned it on again, it stuck out and making the noise and giving me E18. I am on vacation in Turkey and really upset. Lots to capture, no camera to do it! After reading all the comments, I guess there is no use sending it to the service.

I use a Canon S50 and have just rec'd the E18 error.

At first, my camera didn't want to retract the lense / allow the lense cover to close. I was (finally) able to get the cover closed and lense retracted, but now, with the cover closed, it continually tries to extend the lense and turn itself on.

I had to remove the battery to make it stop turning itself on.

I've read everyone's posts and it wasn't until I got to the bottom and realized I hadn't yet tried tapping on the USB side of the camera. I tapped with the barrel of my toy gun (was a cowgirl for halloween) and just to be sure tapped it against my desk.

Seems to be working just fine....will keep my fingers crossed!

Thanks everyone!

i bought a ixus 400 in sept 03 - been without problems until last week, when 'memory card error' appeared. tried different cards, new battery, resetting camera - nothing worked. very disappointed in canons lack of interest in this. i've written to them (i'm in the UK) and await their response... i may have to take a screwdriver to my ixus. but i'll try tapping it first!


I had problems with my Canon S410 Elph almost exactly 13 months after purchasing it. On my daughter's first birthday it wouldn't focus. When I turned it off I got the E18 error. The camera has been treated with kid gloves and never has been near sand, been dropped, etc. After keeping it off for a day or so it was working fine. Then a few weeks later I got another E18 error for no apparent reason, but after some rest it was again fine. Now I get the error everytime I use the camera. I am able to take photos and video. When I turn the camera off the lens retracts and closes, though the lens cover is slightly open. Gently moving the camera reveals a faint rattling sound, perhaps a loose screw which isn't letting the cover close? I am not willing to take the camera apart myself to see! I have made contact with Canon but assume the response will be the costly repair or the upgrade to a refurbished model. I am devastated, I love this camera! I think I will continue to use it till it quits altogther. Incidently, I checked out the latest Consumer Reports to read up on what my next camera should be and was horrified to see Canon at the #1 spot. Anyone have any suggestions for a replacement model and brand???

Thanks to all of you... I work too hard for my money to gamble on buying a camera brand that has such a highly documented defect - life is WAY too short! I will keep searching... Canon, I am SO disappointed in you.

Have an a400 powershot and was getting the e18 and it was getting progressively worse. Eventually I just smashed that thing back in sure I was going to break it but, wow it works fine now lmao!! I dunno but if it works I can't complain just frustrating at times.

I also had the dreaded E18 error on my powershot A70. None of the easy remedies worked (ie twisting the lens, plugging it into the telly, switching off and on). The camera was out of warranty so I decided to take it apart by following the Estonian piccies. One or two times I got a bit stuck and then used brute force and ignorance to get various pieces apart and as it happened that was the right thing to do. I got to the stage of taking the viewfinder bit off and LO AND BEHOLD there was a spare screw jamming the lens mechanism!!! This means that in the factory some very nice but lazy person had let a screw drop into my camera and could not be bothered to take it out again, so it was a time bomb waiting to go off. Or perhaps it was a screw that had no use and had worked its way loose, but no damage was done to the camera on my part to make a screw come loose. I absolutely blame Canon - I think there was a fault waiting to happen when the camera was sold. I wonder how many other E18 faults have the same explanation. Has anyone else taken their camera apart to look at the insides?? By the way, it now works - I put it back together minus the spare screw and it is my lovely camera again. If the screw was important how come it is sitting on my desk here and my camera now works perfectly?? I feel very pleased and proud that I mended it - it cost me ?6.99 to buy the right screwdriver from B&Q, and about half a day of faffing around with it. If anyone wants any advice about taking the camera apart or puting back together - there was a part that I had to ensure was in the right position to make it switch on - then amail me on judith.cossins@imm.ox.ac.uk

I got the nasty E18 error on my PowerShot A75 this past weekend (at SeaWorld with the family of course). Powers up, beeps 5 times, waits about 10 seconds then beeps 5 more times then displays E18 in the lower left. Tried new batteries, new card, tried the TV cable thing, the blowing thing, the ketchup bottle pounding thing. NOTHING works. VERY disappointed with Canon and their response to this FLAW in their cameras! My camera is 13 months old (yep, 1 month outta warranty). It'll cost 100-150 to repair...and that could be a temporary repair? Yeah RIGHT UGHHHH WON'T be supporting Canon in any way, shape or form. :(

Hi. I have a canon sd 300 camera and the error code E24 showed up one day. I tried everything and can't get it work. The only thing that does work is the play mode on the camera but it will not take pictures. Can you help me?

My digital ixus has just gone e18 after 2 years. It's had a lot of use but for it to just 'die' is very annoying. Cost me over ?300. Would I get another Canon? Unlikely.
Expensive disposables!

I have a PowerShot S50 that is almost two years old. (purchased 12/2003) It started displaying the E18 error periodically in September and frequently in October.

Tapping it firmly on the USB cover on my desk has fixed it for now.

I am going to replace this camera before my trip to the Caribbean in February. I was thinking about an S80 but I may have to reconsider. Folks that have replaced your PowerShot, what have you purchased? I have lots of the Canon rechargable batteries and many huge CompactFlash cards... not switching formats would be a considerable PLUS. A waterproof housing is also a MUST.


My A70 had a lens fault when it was delivered new in Nov 2003.
Replacement lasted 4 months when I got E18. Canon UK repaired under warranty March 2004 but camera failed with E18 within 2 days of return.
Canon repaired again and it lasted until Nov 2005. Then the zoom lens stuck part way out with the rectangular lens cover aperture at an angle. The camera was still working but with no zoom/wide angle facility and no lens cover.
I was about to buy a new camera when I tried your suggestion of holding the lens while powering on. I had to remove the plastic ring by pushing the semi-circle button and twisting the ring. Then I could grip the lens. It worked. I heard a click and the lens lined up.
FANTASTIC. You saved me buying a new camera.
Thanks very much.

PS. When it works my A70 is brilliant. Especially the long exposures.

I have had a cannon powershot s-45 for 3 years, and an s-50 for two. I occasionally got the E-18 errors on both but just wiggling or closing the lens cover would fix without a problem....had no idea it was such an issue. 2 days ago my daughter dropped the s-50 and it locked up halfway extended with E-18 and I couldn't fix it. The warrenty was gone and I was contemplating sending for repair and/or replacing with an S2-IS (?) but then found this site. Wiggling, pressing, turning on and off and it seems like it probably will work somewhat now, I intend to do the compressed air because I hear rattle and know there is grit......I carried it in my purse everyday for a year!!! So, I want the 10x optical zoom or better on my next digi....anyone know of another manufacturer that has a great one?

What an AWESOME SITE, I tried the instructions one by one... and eventually got my S45 working like a charm.

Fiddlign with the lens did not help, nor did hooking it to my TV (but I did see the E18 on the TV).

What worked was tapping the camera lightly on the rubber thingy that covers the connections.


thankyou ...so so so much...I was just off to the camera store with a sat on ixus400...terminal right...???...I read your articles about the tapping repair...and presto the lens first extended and then retracted beautifully...thanks again..

Uh-oh. I just Googled E18 Canon and found out how big this problem is. My son is not yet 3 weeks old and our SD200 crapped out right when we need it most. It's not even a year old! Will try the AV solution when I can find the cable. Sue! Sue the b******s!

i tried the first 3 things it worked.
im so happy thankyou.

have the same E 18 Error, I bought my camara in US 18 months ago.


Thank you sooo much. The jiggle method with the lense worked great.

All my standard cameras are Canon. I have a Powershot S50 that has just failed for the first time with the dreaded E18 error. Having had the camera for less than 18 months, without problems, I was upset when it failed two days before my holiday. Reading your comments above, I tapped the USB side of the camera on the table when I returned home, and it now works. The problem is unlikely to have been caused by grit, but possibly by being late November in England. I am considering an upgrade to a higher spec version.

I have fixed the E18 error by wedging a small screwdriver blade between the edge of the lens assembly and prying the lens out gently while switching the camera on at the same time. Worked well! The E18 seems to be a purely mechanical fault due to the plastic gears getting stuck. I had previous cases where the gears seem to have jumped a couple of teeth causing focus problems. This was solved by pressing on the lens and getting the lens back in the right position. Hope this helps someone.

Hi, I bought an A70 like 2 years ago in Italy, after like 8 months it got broke, everything in the lcd was blck or orange, (no e18 error), so i sent it to repair under warranty, after 1 and a half month they returned it and worked fine. Then I returned to my home, Peru, and like magic it started to get purple again, I was very angry cause here there is no representation of canon, and my warranty was over, so I took it apart, not so much, just to clean a bit here, a bit there, then it was working, after a few days it broke again and started to appear E18, it got fixed in many ways like described here, until finally i could do anything, so I started to take everything apart, I got to the lens, and until now i cant finish to disarm it, I got tired and put everything and all the pieces in a bag, and under a table, maybe tonight I will try to continue, but now everything is mix up, men, there are like 5 different types of screws, I was thinking in buying a new one, not canon, but from everything in the market, the A620 is the best rated with the things I want, and now my inner self is arguing cause I dont know if i buy another canon if it will have the E18 again. Does anybody knows about E18 problems with A610 or A620, I know is a different proccesor, thats why I ask.



I'd like to know if someone ever got this E18 error with the A620 that I just own for a few days now... I wouldn't like that happens to me !

I'd like to know if someone ever got this E18 error with the A620 that I just own for a few days now... I wouldn't like that happens to me !

I got the E18 AND E21 Error messages on my PowerShot S70 back in the begging of November. So no problem, It was under warranty. I sent it back to Canon, and three weeks later on 11/30 I got it back. Looked like a brand new camera, new serial number, labels, the works. BUT when I turned it on it DIDN'T WORK! SAME error message. but this time, the lens wouldn?t even extend. It sounds like the gears are grinding for about 15 seconds, then it throws the E18 message. And now the wife and I are going on a cruise in 2 days, with no camera. I called Canon, and they basically said, Sorry. Send it back. And I said How do you send a camera back to someone without inspecting it? And they said I must have done something that have caused it. I HAD THE CAMERA FOR 2 HOURS BEFORE I CALLED!! BLAH BLAH BLAH

I've had it with canon. I have a 4 year Warranty from Best Buy, but they said they have to send it to canon for evaluation. It's just one endless loop after another. I have 3 gigs of Compact Flash memory for this cruise that is worthless now. Thanks for nothing Canon. Nice to see you value your quality control

I've had my PowerShot S400 since March '03 and just had my first E18 today. When I turned it on, the thingamabopper only came out halfway and got stuck, and then after a few seconds of the E18 error, it retracted and shut itself off. In the time that I've owned this camera, I've probably only used it a total of 3 hours. I tried connecting it to the TV but no luck. I'm going to leave it alone for a while and see if that helps. Thanks for this website... I hope I can fix it. This camera cost $500!!

Have had a Canon S50 for approx 18 Months and, guess what...... Yes the E18 code is all I now receive. I was about to buy a Pro 1 along with my friend, but after reading some of the comments of other users, no chance.................

Ugh - just got the E18 error on my Canon A410 that's less than a month old. The camera wasn't even dropped or anything - it just stopped working one day. No luck fixing it, but thanks for the suggestions.

PowerShot SD110

I'm a college student who last summer recieved the SD110 as a graduation gift. The camera worked fine, and I used it very little, approx. once a month if that. Today I went to take a picture of my new christmas tree when the camera refused to work. The lense had come out but the screen went black and the E18 error appeared. I tried turning it off/on but the error would not go away and the lense would not go back in. I then found this site and realized that this appears to be a common problem.

Unfort. I do not have the resources or time involved in fixing the camera myself and have just passed the one year warranty. I tried the simple solutions at the top of this page, but alas they do not work for my camera. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any other possible "simple" solutions that may get my camera up and running once again.

I have an ixus 50 which is only less than 6 months old! I was surprised today when i was about to use it bec it had an e18 error. i can view my pics but i cannot take any pics!

I don't know if the S10 has the same lens setup, but I wanged mine on a seat cross bar while riding a roller coaster. The silver lens surround was knocked off and the lens barrel dented. But the thing still works and has been for the last 2 years. I'm about to buy a SD400, but now I wonder. Have I just been lucky?

People are posting reports of lens sticking for the newer Canon cameras, but don't mention E18. I suspect the problem still exists but for public relation reasons, they got rid of the E18 error code...

Owner of a fantasticly non functional IXY 500 (same as the IXUS 500). This is my take everywhere camera but unfortunatly it looks to be dead for sure this time i think this was like the 10th time error came up. Most times was just a lense jam from a slight nudge, force lense click all good again. This time got some sand in the lense and couldn't get it out. Using the repair guide pulled it all apart cleaned the lense tracks don't know how they get so bad put it back together and still jammed. Second time pulling apart a rembered to check the gearbox there it is put it back together and then it was dead looks like I have severed the connections at the top of the motherboard (I would take a picture but the camre is dead) to the power on and zoom switches board has anybody got any ideas except be more careful in the first place if nothing else is somebody had drowned a IXUS 500 camrea I have a working motherboard (I will buy a dead camera) I don't want to buy a new camera as I have an underwater housing spare batteries and everything for the old one

I am amazed by this excellent site, having finally stumbled on to it while reading reviews of my prospective purchase (A620), almost none of which mentions the Canon E18/lens jam problem.

Incidentally I agree with a previous posting: referring to just E18, especially for newer cameras, makes it easy for Canon to lessen the Internet impact by suppressing or renaming this message number; probably they have already. Calling it E18/lens jam would help people search on either term.

As a previous person asked, DOES IT OCCUR ON THE A610 OR A620? If not, has it been fixed or are these cameras too new to show faults yet? There is no sign of it on my superb Ixus V2 - and apparently no history, so far as I can see from this site.

How about a current or ex-employee of Canon spilling the beans about What Is Going On? Is there, for example, a genuine history of lazy assembly workers failing to recover mislaid screws? Has Canon cracked the problem for the latest cameras? If so, how? Come on, fellows, do the decent thing and LEAK! It would also be in Canon's own interests to come clean if the problem is less prevalent on later models.

The A610/A620 (and some other Powershots, I understand) has a lens extension that takes wide angle and telephoto lenses. This has a 58mm ring which also mounts filters. Perhaps it would be a wise precaution, if going into a dust-laden environment, to protect the lens mechanism by attaching an extension and filter.

Whilst I have nothing but contempt for the response of Canon to the E18/lens jam problem, I feel one can't blame them if dust or moisture are allowed to enter what is, after all, an inherently vulnerable mechanism. We want our cameras to be ever smaller. With a mechanical system such as this, miniature and rugged are plainly contradictory concepts. I have read with horror the accounts of intricate operations on cameras. I would no more do this to my camera than to my goldfish - unless, as some have said, it seemed profoundly dead. Canon need to devise a better way of getting at the lens mechanism: one that allows a cheaper (or even do-it-yourself) repair.

The issue I had with my a75 was the lens would not retract and it would not power on. I pushed down HARD on the lens and then hooked the A/V cables up to the TV. Once it was hooked up, I pressed the power button a few times and then it powered on and the lens retracted. Thanks for your help.

PowerShot S70. Bought it in July 05, but it was a manufacturers refurbished camera (direct from canon). I had a S40 before that which needed minor repairs due to wear & tear. The cost of repairs was only slightly less than a new refurbished S70 from canon. Now, 12/05, I'm getting E18. Fortunately it's still under warranty. But, this is a terrible inconvenience.

With Canon You Cannot.
Until recently, I was a fan of Canon products. I have a MV400i digital videocamera (4 yrs) and a A70 digital photocamera (2 yrs). Just before our holiday our MV400i won't rewind the tape anymore and ate the tape instead. And yesterday my A70 got the famous E18 error. Anyhow I happend to repair the A70 myself bij pushing the lense all possible ways.
For me: No More Canon! I also won't recommend Canon anymore in the future.

My powershot S2 IS is less than a month old and i am already getting E18 errors and having trouble with the lens not retracting on demand. the manual says to push the mode to playback twice if this happens, but i have yet to try it. should i consider returning my camera?

I have a Powershot S50, about two years old. The E18 turned up whilst I was in cold, damp Scotland, but the previous usage had been in Morocco, so I guess the problem was either grit related or severe change-of-climate related.

I tried switching it on and off and trying a different battery - no luck. But next morning, I gave the lens a little shove to push it back into the housing so I could close the cover, then pulled the cover back and it all worked fine - for at least 75 pics so far. I guess mine was a random variation on the lens alignment problem.

PS I've also been thinking about an upgrade, and am pretty bitter that the S80 doesn't take compact flash or do RAW!

We have an S45 purchased used from eBay the other day. Camera seemed to be in great shape. Worked ok for a few days, then got an E18 error after my girlfriend took it on a beach trip. She said it didn't get sand in it, but it was a windy day. Popped the battery door open and closed while pushing the lens back down and letting it start up repeatedly, blew air around the lens collar (didn't see any sand, but there may have been fine particles) banging it on the USB port side and also rapping gently in lens-downward position hoping to dislodge any small particles seems to have worked. E18 clear, lens retracts and closes when door slides towards the lens, all seems normal. For now.


Hi there. Just received a brand new A620 from ebay. Right out of the box I received an E18 error. It only took a restart to fix it (whew!), but the issue has reappeared a couple of times in the past day that I've been experimenting with it. The subsequend times it has happened was right after I had removed it from a very tight camera bag (from a previous camera). The lens must have received a bit too much pressure, but it again cleared up right away with a restart. I'll get a new bag and let you know if the problem returns.

Sorry to say, but my e18 is an ongoing problem with my brand new A620. Oddly enough, the error only happens whenever I remove the camera from the case after having walked around a bit with it. Maybe it doesn't want to be shaken. What it does is make this really awful winding-grinding noise, then the e18 beep, then it shuts down. I restart and it is fine. One thing, though, the lens is much noisier now, too. It is brand new, and has a 1 year warranty, but I'll probably keep it over the holidays before returning for repairs. Man this sucks; I'll end up sending it in and be without it for probably a couple of months. I got a great deal on it on ebay, but now shipping costs might negate any deals.

I was actually going to buy a Canon A620. But after reading about the "E18" error, I am having second thoughts. But for those who already own one and have had the misfortune of experiencing "E18," may I suggest 3 simple words: CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!

Thank You All..... My A60 gave me the dreaded E18 error while working in Mexico..... Until I found your site I had no clue what it was or what to do... The tapping on the pad covering the cpu connection worked perfectly... I love my little A60 and hope to be able to keep the E18 away.
Thanks again...

I had the E18 error on a 1yr old Digial IXUS 430. Before finding this site, I found a reference on another site that basically said the error means the camera cannot fully extend the lens and I was up for a few hundred dollars to fix it. I decided "nothing to lose". I turned on the camera, then once the lens had extended, I gently pulled it the rest of the way out, it clicked and now works fine. Obviously approach this fix method with caution, but it looks like gentle pressure and ignorance can sometimes do the job.

This site saved me!!!! I got a little something in the lens and it jammed. I did the little twist and it lock out back in place. I noticed that the rectangle shutter was not straight twisting it easily clicked it back into place. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WICKED SITE.

i bought my canon my powershot sd200 in late july 2005 and all of a sudden, four months later, it got the e18 error message. it took great pictures and i loved it. i did not drop it or anything the lens went in and out, made weird noises, and then the error message appeared. my boyfriend tried everything and next is taking it apart then new camera, possibly a fuji fine pix. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one with the camera problem. my camera before this one was a hp camera...worst camera in the world. at least the canon's take great pictures until they break, hp's are blurry and terrible. hopefully the fuji will work out.

I had the e18 error on my A70 (2.5yrs old) just yesterday. Was planning on dismantling it but I took the ring off and held the lens while powering up .It snapped in place and now it's OK. This helps specially if the rectangular lens opening isn't horizontal anymore. Thanks a lot

I see mention of using compressed air. Far better to use vacuum I think, rhather than to potentially push any contaminants deeper.
Try pointing camera down, with vacuum over the lens. Cycle the lens a few times.

I have a powershot A75, I've had it for a year and was in denial about the pictures it was taking. I also bought a big printer *(Canon) it was putting to much ink, so it was hard to tell were the problem was coming from. After printing some off at a photo shop, I realized that the pictures were not focused good, blury, the shuder wasn't working right. I got my camera back from canon and it is way worse than it was. The first time I couldn't take pictures in auto, now every picture was really blury, so bad you couldn't make out the picture. It's back to the shop, one of the guys from the store I bought it at said if It goes in on the 4th time I'll get a new one. We will see. I am very upset 2nd yr. in a row of bad Christmas pictures, I guess. The printer came back okay but the store would not reamburse me for all of the paper and ink that the problem had wasted, and it wasn't cheap.

I have a new S80 and have just experienced the E18 error, the camera is less than a month old. It has not been dropped, subjected to any kind of grit that would jam the lense. So far I can't get the unit to recover, but I don't have the TV cable with me to try that trick. So much for x-mas pictures this year.

Thank you so much for this site's info!!!!! OMG I'm so greatful.

I have a Canon SD450 ELPH that I JUST got for christmas (literally a few days ago). I accidently dropped it a few feet off the ground, and got the E18 message. The lens was extended and would not go back in. I followed step two above: 2) If the lens is extended all the time and won't retarct at all, do as follow: "Turn the camera off. Take the camera in one hand and with the other gently, in turn, take the two part of the lens and gently move it round in a circular movement. Do so with both sections of the lens. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Power the camera on."

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to do it, but what you do is first set the camera on a level surface. Look at the lens, and see which part doesnt seem flush/straight. For me, the second (outermost) part of the lens was crooked with the inner, thicker part of the lens. I firmly grasped the camera in one hand, and with the other moved it in a circle while applying pressure downwards. You'll hear a clicking/popping noise... do this with force applied on the spot that is raised up. Do it untill the lens is level.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this helpful site. I am in great debt, you saved my christmas!

With all of these problems, I wonder when a class action suit will be files against Cnon?

I am amazed at the number of E18 codes hundreds of people have experienced and more amazed at how Canon has treated their consumers. I have an A70 camera purchased 6/03 and I got the E18 error code on 10/05. I thought my camera malfunction was the only one. I tried all the repair suggestions but nothing has corrected the problem and I don't want to take it apart. I did send an email to Canon and asked if they were helping people with the E18 error, just in case. I got a reply back and they of course sent back their canned letter of BS plus repairing it at a cost or an option to purchase a refurbished camera for $89 plus $10 S&H with only 6 months warranty. I will not buy another Canon camera or product. I would like to join the class action suit. Can someone provide me who to contact for this?
thnx, Ruben

Yet another canon E18 error owner! I am astonished at the number of instances of this error that i have found over the last two weeks of searching. I tried to fix the error by dismantling the camera down to it's bare bones (by markus). I found some grit etc., cleaned the parts, reassembled the camera (after three changes of underwear) and hey presto.....nothing!...it won't even power up!. How can they get away with this! I used to consider Canon to be a reputable company...bunch of rip-off merchants.
Boycott Canon!! Boycott Canon!!

P.S. Thanks Juggle Zone

E18 Error on CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!

I was blown away by the multitudes of people who have been experiencing this same problem!

On Christmas day my husband and I were taking photos and video of our 2 year old daughter opening her gifts when the camera slipped and fell about two feet onto the carpeted floor. That?s all it took. Right away we noticed that the zoom lens would no longer extend out. On top of that the picture was blurry and out of focus. We turned it off and then on again in hopes of correcting the problem since the camera didn?t fall very far nor did it fall on a hard surface. All we got was this cryptic E18 message on a black background. Then it shut itself off. We changed the batteries thinking that might help but it kept giving the same E18 message and just shut itself off. Needless to say we very annoyed since this was after all CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

My husband had to go out and buy a disposable camera instead of using the Canon A75, which by the way we've only had for little over one year. This was a poor substitute since the disposable doesn't do video taping for that special occasion.

However, I did purchase an extended warranty through the company I brought the camera from. But now after researching the internet and finding that it's actually a design flaw and more then likely even if its fixed chances are it will only just happen again?

Just cleared one on my dads camera, even before reading any of this. I powered it on while applying a slight bit of pulling pressure to the lens. It works again.

I purchased the Canon Powershot A95 on December 20, 2004, based on excellent reviews from reputable websites. Until a few days ago, I was a happy A95 owner. On Christmas Eve, four days after my 1-year warranty expired, I took two pictures, the camera beeped and turned off. I was trying new Energizer Lithium batteries, so I changed back to my normal Energizer rechargeables to see if it was a battery problem. Same result: Lens extends for about 3 seconds, camera beeps 4-6 times, lens closes, camera beeps 6 times, E18 appears on the display screen, and camera turns off. I tried viewing the pictures I had just taken, but I still received the E18 error, even though the lens doesn't need to open in the review mode.
A quick search for Canon and E18 on the internet led me to this and other sites discussing the widespread E18 error.
My local camera shop referred me directly to Canon. The Canon rep said I have to mail in my camera (paying for shipping and insurance, of course), and an estimate to fix the problem will be mailed back to me. He said the usual charge is $89, or I can pay $149 for a refurbished A95.
The camera is in mint condition. It's kept in a case and it's never been dropped or abused.
This is just my second digital camera (1st was a Canon A80 that I sold on Ebay after 4 months so I could upgrade to this 5MP A95). Prior to this I used a Nikon EM SLR that's nearly 25 years old and still working fine, and a Pentax Point & Shoot that's over 10 years old and still working fine.
I find it outrageous that I paid $300 for the A95 camera, and after just 1 year I'm held hostage without a camera unless I pay 1/3 to 1/2 of my original investment again.

This worked great. I had the e18 error and after twisting the lense and hearing a few nasty clicks I turned it back to the original position and it clicked into place. Its working again but I still get the e18 message occationally. Any way to reset the error codes?

I have a Powershot S230...a model that I saw no references to in any of the posting to this site. Got E18 the other day. Bought the camera in 2003 and have not used it much...perhaps 500 pics. THANK GOODNESS for this site...I haven't got the skill or interest to take this foolish thing apart, so I was ready to toss it in the road (hard.) But I tried the "put the camera in one hand and, with the palm of the other, gently turn the lense in a circular manner"...and, IT WORKED...at least for now.

Thanks...its New Years Eve and I hope to take a few memorable shots (but will bring a back-up camera just in case.)

I just got a SD 550 in the beginning of Dec. I treated it with extreme care but one evening at dinner the E18 error started. The lens was opened out and would not close. It would stay on if it was clicked to "play" mode but other modes just made it power off with 3-4 beeps and E18. I was able to turn the lens slightly out more and it clicked in place. I'm not sure what to do now but may bring it to a camera repai shop even though its less then a month old!!!!

Hey, even I had a bad experience with my A70 and it died (after more than 10,000 pics taken), I'm thinking now in buying a Canon A610, does anybody else had problems of E18 with this camera (apart from treasurehunter), What other camera would you recomend instead of A610?


I have both an A75 and an A520. The A75 starting having focus problems without displaying the E18 error. I am back from the holidays and now the E18 is displaying on the A520 shortly after having focus problems. Interestingly, I tried opening up the A75 and I had heard that letting it sit w/o batteries for a while would help. So, I shorted the capacitor (and got a good shock) and then the camera seemed to work, but only for a few shots. Still waiting for a good solution.

The capicator that gave you a good shock was probably for the flash - and not related to the workings of the camera, nor the E18 problem.

Can someone pls translate the A70 dissection instructions into English from Bulgarian/Estonian so I can follow them. The dissection was quite involved, do we need to completely pull it apart to fix E18 error?

Thanks heaps JoeF

This looks like a global problem which of course Canon doesnt give a damn about. I went today to the Sydney service centre and when they said it wasnt a common problem I mentioned this website and the hundreds of unhappy customers. Their response was "this is our competitors trying to discredit us!!!"...no more Canon cameras for me!! I was quoted 40% of the purchase price to fix it.

I have encountered the E18 error with my A75 which is 15 months old. After reading the comments here, I gave the camera a light tap and hey presto, the lense retracted. Thanks for a brilliant web page full of extremely useful information. Canon have a lot to answer for. We should all boycott their products and advise our friends to do the same.
Many thanks ChrisC

I have a Canon A75 that is 13 months old. I have shoot a bunch of pictures (1000+). Recently it started to exhibit the following problem: When the camera is in shooting mode it suddenly switches to playback mode not allowing me to take any more pictures and showing me playback options instead.

Any feedback >

I may have the best E18 story. I did it to myself during my S330 coversion from visible light to IR. This required me to gut the camera, pry out the IR filter and superglue an IR pass filter over the CCD. It worked for exactly one picture before the filter slipped off and jammed the lens mechanism, resulting in the E18.

I'll post again if I can ever get it back up and running. Anybody want an IR pic of my living room? :)

My A40 took an E18 dive more than a year ago. I've tried all the fixes on this site and none worked for me. Anyone know how we can get access to the Canon consumer quality survey/feedback? Or, we could all go buy Canon cameras at places where you can return for no reason within 30 days and return them, buy again, return, by again,...let's start February 1, 2006.

See you all at Circuit City!

I was vacationing in Paris a week ago, taking pictures just fine, and go to power it up and boom, E18. The fact that Canon has always had superior products and I've been a big advocate of them, this is very sad. There's obviously a problem with these products and Canon should do something about it.

I saw it first time 2 days ago (jan 7 2006 ), my camera is A75 not under waranty any more :-(
I gess I will try the dry air clean then I might try the incredible estonian way !!!
I don't realy believe in the TV cable stuff it's just that it's a random failure.

e18 message, going to try the recommendations now.


Hey, I have visited your site and find it most interesting that I too have the same E18 error. It happened with my A70 the day before the family trip to Disney. My 3 year old pulled it off the counter while the batteries were charging. I promptly went to the upscale camera shop that my husband purchased it at and guess what? OUT OF WARRANTY! I sprang for a demo model they had in the case of an A85 and exactly 1 day after the warranty was up they said the samething they did a year before. It will cost about $225.00 just for canon to look at it. I attempted to take it to Best Buy where we have purchased everyother piece of electronics and they couldn't help either. IF YOU OWN A CANON IT HAS TO BE SENT BACK TO CANON. I contacted canon on my own and the ya, ya about removing everything and paying shipping and they would let me know the cost of the repair. I had been a canon owner since the old AE1 days and I have used the rebel. I too thought what a reputable company. I felt like a traitor to the business, because I live in Rochester, NY the home of Kodak. One of my patients who works in the digital dept warned me and I didn't listen. I am now on my third digital in three years and guess what? It's a kodak easy share Z700. No errors and I have dropped it on the sidewalk. HEAR THAT CANON? I NOT ONLY DROPPED IT BUT I STARTED TAKING PICTURES RIGHT AWAY OF FIREWORKS ON NEW YEARS EVE. I am not the compition canon and I will never use another of your products. I have a turn up in the story. I sold the broken A70 on ebay last week for $56.00. If anyone is interested in a class action I will be right there with you. Thanks for listening, I almost feel better. Traci

s230 with an E18 error. I had one about 5 months ago and fixed it, but it's not workin' this time. Cannon sucks!!!

Fixed it...I hate to say it, but slamming the damn thing down on the desk while turning it on loosened the lens and got rid of the error. :-)

My powershot S40 just died. The lens will not come out. I blew it out with compressed air & tapped the side with no change. Lastly, I hooked it to the TV and BAM the lens came out!!! I took a picture to test it because when the camera died the card was empty. The photo came out fine. I turned it off and back on to check and it worked. I turned it off again and it DIED!!!!!!! After a few more attempts with the TV hookup the lens came out again but after 2 seconds it retracted on it's own. I have read that this is another way that the error occurs. I have had my S40 for 2 years with no problems and it has taken GREAT photos. I liked my Canon and even replaced it with a Canon A610. The camera just arrived, it works well but now I feel very apprehensive about keeping it because I DO NOT have the money to get a new camera if this one breaks. If I keep it I will definitely get an EXTENDED WARRANTY. But truthfully, I think this glitch is ridiculous!!!! Canon should have an entire department dedicated to correcting this issue on any model that they make in the future.

My initial post is right above this one...I was just reading the posts and decided that since the A/V hookup worked earlier today for a few minutes why not try the other recommendations again. I banged the S40 on the side where the A/V connector is right on my desk and as I type this note the camera is WORKING!!!!! Now here is the problem...What happens if I turn it off???? I DO NOT like feeling PARANOID about my camera!!!

Thanks to all the great advice on this blog I was able to fix the dreaded E18 on my daugthers new A520. On her camera the lens would not retract fully. (In all fairness to Canon, the camera was dropped while the lens was extended. I'm not suprised that there was some kind of malfunction)Upon close examination it was apparent that the lens cylinders were slightly askew. I applied downward pressure to the larger cylinder and "snap!" the lens realigned. When the camera was turned back on the lens would succesfully extend and seemed to be working. However when it was powered down the lens would begin to retract and then stop right where it was before I had realigned it....E18!
I was unable to get the lens to fully retract in "camera mode" and was repeatedly caught in the E18 loop. I then switched the camera to "Review mode", powered up the camera, and the lens immediately retracted!
The camera has since worked great, and I am now prepared for the dreaded E18!

Are you people KIDDING me?? You drop your camera and then complain when it no longer works. Heres the answer.......STOP DROPPING YOUR DAMN CAMERAS!!! Seriously. Im not trying to tool this blog, but I have read COUNTLESS posts and complaints about the "e-18" error. I have numerous camera models including 2 canon cameras. None have ben dropped and guess what....NO ERRORS!

Firstly, my camera was NEVER dropped. I bought my powershot A85 in May 2004 and it's been a great camera. I've taken very good care of it and never had a complaint until I went to take some pictures this morning and got the infamous E18.

I am heading off on holiday tomorrow and checked my Canon A40 camera. There was no CF card in but this wasnt a problem before. The lens came out but would not retract. The dreaded e18 came up and nothing would work. It woud turn on, lots of noise and shut down. Panic, but this was the first site I looked up.
Changed the batteries (fresh) and a CF card and while the review option worked, the viewfinder did not and the lens would not retract.

I removed the lens ring and fired compressed air in between the lens and body. I turned te camera on and hey presto, it retracted and now works..


I recently got the E18 error when a friend DROPPED it for me. I tried to fix it myself, not knowing about these self-fixer sites... I think I only broke it more. I just called Canon however, and they said I could send it in, they would fix it, and they would send it back. I asked if it was free of charge, and the man said it should be...... that E18 should be covered under the 1 year warranty. (I am lucky enough to still have that!) Should I send it in? I have heard so many bad things I am beginning to doubt the man from canon. I hope you all can help me with this. Thanks and God bless!

I recently got the E18 error when a friend DROPPED it for me. I tried to fix it myself, not knowing about these self-fixer sites... I think I only broke it more. I just called Canon however, and they said I could send it in, they would fix it, and they would send it back. I asked if it was free of charge, and the man said it should be...... that E18 should be covered under the 1 year warranty. (I am lucky enough to still have that!) Should I send it in? I have heard so many bad things I am beginning to doubt the man from canon. I hope you all can help me with this. Thanks and God bless!

Hey, does anybody knows a good alternative in other brand for Canons A610 and A620?


I've had my Canon for 8 months and just got the dreaded E18 Error... I'll be trying all the idea's to fix it listed.. Thanks and I'll let you know how I go.. AUSTRALIA

I bought a Canon PowerShot A520 almost a full month ago and got the E18 error. I'm going to fill out the 1-year warranty card and let Canon fix it, but first, how much does it cost to get fixed? Canon can kiss my future digital camera (which definitly won't be made by Canon.)

I have experienced all of the above E18 problems with my A75. First out of focus and lens flaps wouldn't close. Intermittent On/Off would help. Then the lens would only retract partially, and pushing the lens while turning on/off or switching from camera to viewing mode would seem to cure it. Finally I seem to have the worst of all E18 errors, the permanent E18 error. I have tried all of the above fix it recomendations and E18. I tried turning the two lens barrels and did hear the click as spoke of, but i was forcing it a bit so the click didn't feel so good...might have over clicked. All of the solutions above seem like momentary fixes. My camera's E18 just got worse over time. I'm afraid this camera is just a bad model with bad design. It clearly could have been made more durable. It's unfortunate because i have a video camera (xl1) that has performed excellent, it's very durable, I don't think i will ever get a canon digital again.

My A70 is three years old and has NEVER been dropped or had anything spilled on it. It looks new and has approximately 4500 pics taken on it. E18 occurs frequently the last 6 months. Tried air, twisting, removing batteries and nothing seems to work. I take the batteries out and leave it for a while and try to power it up occasionally. Eventually it will clear itself. Every time, the lens is retracted but the "cover" is open a small crack. When it corrects, the cover closes normally. Once, the lens didn't retract, but all other times it did. I RESENT THE JERK MAKING BIASED STATEMENTS ABOUT "DROPPED" CAMERAS!!!! There are obviously enough cases where the camera was very well treated. Mine has never been used by anyone other than myself so I know the history of it. This is Canon's fault!

At least I know that I'm not the only one with this LAME E18 thing going on.
I only had my a410 for a couple of weeks and i turned it on and got the e-18 message.
So I changed the batteries and memory card thinking it was my fault. At first it would work half of the time. Now it just...goes.. *Flashy Flashy* E18.
I'm glad I still have warranty on it.
I will take it back today... but ask for a refund not a new one because OBVIOUSLY canon-stuff is....... effed up^_^
When my parents get home I'll try and hook it up to the tv(Because I am not smart enough to do it myself)
I've treated my camera REALLY well, and this shouldn't have happened.

I purchased the Canon A70 about three years ago, and within the last 6 months it has been giving me the E18 error. The lens retracts all the way but the cover leaves a small crack. Sometimes it will not power on and open, sometimes it will, it's hit and miss. I certainly will stay away from Canon digital cameras in the future.

I have now joined the ranks of the E18 error. My wife and I were out and we dropped the camera (no wonder it's screwed now), when it was OFF, on a tile floor. The casing popped out in a bunch of places but I was able to snap them all back in. We turned the camera on, the lens came out and then E18 and stayed stuck out. I think the gears or the alignment of the lens is probably a bit off from the fall but no amount of twisting, forcing or whacking is helping. I think I'm gonna have to disassemble it. Bummer too becuase we got it for Christmas in 2004 and it died about 13 months later. Warranty probably just ran out. Sigh, and this camera was GREAT for us because we had no problems at all, took thousands of pictures all over the place and we are quite happy with it. No fault of Canon that we dropped it. :)

thank you so much!! this site completely fixed my camera! i thought that it was broken for good, but all it took was a little tap on the lens! i don`t know what i would have done without this site. i didn`t want to have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair it when all i had to do was tap the lense. thank you so much!

I first saw the E18 error on my Canon Powershot S40 after a trip to Mexico building a house. I took pictures on site and must have exposed the lens to dust. If this causes a camera to permanently die, then its manufacturers either smoke too much, need to go back to school, or are committing fraud. I tried everything to eliminate the error, to no avail. Finally, I dismantled the camera. You can see my log and pictures of the attempted repair at http://www.shawnlavoie.com/log/2006/01/canon-powershot-s40-e18-error-repair.htm.

I successfully fixed an error 18 message and my kid loves the camera now. Got it cheap at a garage sale.....fixed in less than 30 min.


I bought Canon PowerShot A410 and worked only for one day then developed the E18 Malfunction Error. Now i m just planning to burn it in a public square.

Jeremiah jaloli -East Africa

So far I have had the E18 error more times than I can count. I have a Canon PowerShot A70. From my experiences it does not have to do with the lens other than the fact that it shuts the camera down and if the lens is out, it stays out or any position that it is in when the error occurs. The rumor about connecting to the TV with supplied cable to reset error is not true, according to my own camera. I get the error: after downloading pictures to the computer, just viewing pictures on the camera, and just now I got it 4 times while trying to show pictures on the TV. Only thing I have been able to do to get rid of it for a short time, is to pop the battery door open to kill power, then eject memory card. Plug all back in and try again. Good Luck to all!!!

When my camera had this problem all I had to do was hold down the little curved button that is located right below the camera lens (I think it is called the reset button) for a few seconds while the camera was on and proceed to turn the camera off and back on again. If this fails the first time, try one or two more times making sure that you do hold the button down for a few seconds

I've had my Canon PowerShot A510 for less than 10 months and it just developed the E18 error today. I've tried everything to fix it, but I think I'll just have to buy a new camera... definitely not another Canon. I don't understand why Canon won't address this problem when so many customers have experienced it. What an unprofessional company.

I forgot to mention that I've had other problems with this same camera. I was on a cruise 3 months ago, taking many pictures, and as soon as I got back home the memory card was corrupted. Oh, how I hate Canon.

Update to my previous post. I dismantled my entire camera following the pictures from the two websites. I took my time and managed to successfully reverse engineer the thing. I removed the lens gears and then closed the lens. I didn't think I would get it back together but I did. Only 1 screw was leftover. I turned it on, the lcd screen was now messed up, the lens came out and then E18 again and the lens is stuck again. I don't think this is a mechanical problem anymore. I think I will disassemble it one more time for practice. :)

had my e18 error yest. todae i keep blowing n pressing onto the lens. after many attempts, the lens barrel manage to extend fully! im so happy! im now leaving my lens in the open waiting for the moisture to evaporate from my lens. too much blowjobs given juz now.

i fixed e18 on my powershot s400. i turned it on and as its trying to move the lens i lightly tapped on a carpeted hard surface. now it works fine. unit was never abused and its like new. the reason i did this is the unit is 3 years old and no warranty.

I have experienced a major flaw with a Canon Pro 1 lens. If at any point the lens barrel is jarred or touched the camera is inoperative (Lens error). This is not a cheap camera and I wonder if it would be better to have the lens extend and retract mechanically rather with a motor. How can this company state this is a semi- professional camera went great care has to be taken at all times. What is the purpose of this warning to the user and what steps can be taken to reset it.

Have the E 18 error and wanted to repair myself. Have already disassembled camerea but need to know how to remove lens for cleaning. Tried all the compressed air tricks and tapping but to no help. Thanks Mike

Have just followed ollowed instructions in English on ixusworld.de to take my Ixus 1 apart. Camera was full of fluff and grit after two years normal use and had been dropped. It took me some four hours. I think the grit was the problem. However despite great care reassembling the lens has beaten me. The parts are BREATHTAKINGLY complex and, of course, the camera is manufactured in a different order than the instructions which sensibly avoid taking soldered pieces apart. The moving parts of the lens are DIFFICULT to reassemble. If you do try it I'd suggest taking our own digital photos before and after EVERY stage of disassembly to guide putting it back together, especially the lens assembly.I do believe it is possible, but well beyond most users!! Good luck!....

I wish I had found this site earlier! I had some problems with the Ixus I Zoom. After I carefully cleaned the lens because it was dirty the camera showed an error E18 with the lens stuck out and not beeing able to be retracted. I brought it to the Canon service center and they said the repair would be EUR 150. I then tried myself and finally found out how to fix it: Obviously the lens was pushed in a little by my cleaning, so all it required was a good push of the camera againts my hand and the lens snapped out again. Obviously the lens is super sensitive for any pressure (It happened again when I tried to clean again). And I cant believe that the Canon service (it was the Canon headquarter in Taiwan) didnt know about this (or perhaps they wanted to charge me the 150 EUR for that little "snap").

I had a IXUS 40 with the E18 problem. The quick and easy way to fix the problem without damaging the lens/drive mechanism is to get a small jewellers screwdriver, and 'flick' the gears visible on the left hand side of the camera. The drive motor is located above the display, and the problem seems to be with the gears getting stuck. The gears seem to have been made visible just for this purpose! I suppose on earlier IXUS cameras you may have had to dis-assemble the camera to achieve the same thing. I have taken some photos of what I did, but I dont see any way of posting them to this blog. Send me an email at alastair@alastair-munro.com if you want to know more., or want to see the photos. The simple advice I would give when doing camera repairs is to be patient and taken things slowly!

Just got the E18 and just now find out it is a common problem. Wow not even 2 months old..Guess Cannon is not so good after all.

To all the loyal customers of cannon camera's, of which I am one (I love my powershot,now A80) You have done nothing wrong with your A70 !!! The barrel is a misaligned manufacturers error. Mine got stuck a few weeks after I bought it and upgraded to the A80. Cannon gave me the run around too.

After working on several Canons with an E18 error, I am turning toward a problem with the power supply, as opposed to the lens. My findings have been that the lens drive and positioning optos are losing power, which the processor translates as a failed lens response. Anyone with any info on the powershots power supplies?

I Fixed It!!

I just spent the last 4 hours taking apart my S400. I found that the lens had been knocked out of it's track (dropped the camera in Chile last year). I figured out how to put the lens back in the track and re-assemble the camera (major worries there) I turned it on and started taking pictures!! So.. for all of you people out there with expensive paper weights, there is hope... Get your mini screw driver out and start dismantling..

Having reached its 1st birthday with no real issues I was greeted by my A70 telling me that it wanted some "E18". And apparently it wouldn't do ANYTHING until it got some. I reasoned with it, tried giving it some new batteries etc and nothing. Eventually I actually threw it at the wall. Hence I will never be able to try and find some E18 for it. Stupidly however I went and bought an Ixus 50, thought it was great, recommended to a mate. He bought one and used it twice before it demanded some "E18".

Canon obviously still cannot find any "E18" for any new cameras. Be warned.

My PowerShot A80 decided to do the E18 thing today. I've just tried the Tap on a hard surface method mentioned at the beginning of this site and all is now working fine again. Many thanks, I guess you just saved me many £'s in uneccessary repair costs.

I had the e18 message and just stopped using the camera out of frustration for over a year. Was bored and got the camera out and pulled up this site and tried spacing the lens when it was out for a few seconds before it automatically closed and on the 2nd try it worked! Thanks for all that suggested this.

"... take the two part of the lens and gently move it round in a circular movement."

That helped! Thank you very much!

Yippee!! Method 4 worked for me (knowing which direction to push / pull the lens helped). Just saved me weeks with a repair centre and lots of cost too. Mine was out of warrenty when E18 came up and the lens got stuck, but it had just been dropped onto the kitchen floor so it wasn't totally unexpected! Thanks!

I got the dreaded error on my SD200 after only having it for 4 months. I tried everything above, but it still didn't budge. Finally out of frustration, I just pushed the lens in, and it popped back in place! Unfortunately, half of my pictures turn out blurry... any suggestions?

I sent my SD200 in for repair and 4-weeks later I had the dreaded E24 error. Just like everyone else I can't take pictures--just use the viewfinder.

I have the powershot A60 and received the error 18 message today while on a class trip. I was disappointed that I couldn't take any more pictures using my canon. Thank goodness I had a back up camera. I am trying the tricks but none of them seem to be working for me.
I can't believe Canon is not addressing this situation to satisfy their customers.

I'm thinking about buying an SD450, so I've been reading these postings with great interest. It seems to me that this model isn't particularly prone to the E18...or am I wrong?

My IXUS 40 just went after a trip to Oz. Now I need to check my warranty!

Mark M

After 4 years of good work my canon S40 is giving me the E18 error on regular basis. Until now I've been able to solve it by: try again after 2 hours, remove battery, shake or slam the camera on my hand.
Hearing so many others have received this error I think I will choose another brand next time.


Hi there everyone,

Thank you for all your good work on this problem. My solution for my S50 is a good hard hit with the bottom of a fist on the side of the casing. Works a treat for me, everytime (and there are plenty of times!). It is a good camera, but this e18 problem, frequently followed by a 'crash' freeze on the digital screen is an unfortunate result of insufficient factory testing by Canon prior to product launch.

Sort it out Canon! Regards, Miles

I hardly used the camera, except one day I took a lots of pictures and found E 18 Error, by the time I found the receipt and registration the warranty period had expired. Could not use it for a long time, thanks for the help, now it is working


my son took his a60 on his school camp...the camers is 2 years old in mint conditon...he really looks after it! when he got home we got the E18 error. tried all your methods, none worked. so i repeatedly tapped the unit, with the lens to the ground, until the lens was about 2/3 extended....then powered it up... voila the unit came to life.

thanks for the blog

A620 is about a month old. Turned it off yesterday after having no problems. Turned it on today, lens won't extend, get E18 error, camera shuts off. None of the fixes on this blog did any good.

I bought my powershot S60 2 years ago and it always worked very well. couple of weeks ago, for no apparent reason, it stopped working with the lenses stuck in the open position and the E18 error message on the screen. It didn't fall, didn't suffer any hit, anything! I took it to an authorized repair shop here in Finland and I was told that the repair would cost 290 euros. the market price of the camera here in Finland is 270 euros. I called Canon and they said that my only option is reapiring it or buying a new one!

Good news for me thanks to Tania,

I baught my powershot s230 in Febuary 2003. I got the infamous e18 message in Janyuary of 2005. Got the runaround from Canon so I gave up on it and baught a Kodak. Was looking through some boxes today and seen the camera turned it on and still read e18. Googled canon e18 repair, led me here.

Plugged it in to the telivision nothing.

Then I did this: third, try the tap method. Tap the padded usb cover part on a hard surface (e.g. a desk). (Thanks Tania, et al) and like magic opened right up.

I am very happy and greatful to everyone involved in this websight; especially David for ripping Canon and Tania for being a genious!!!

P.S. I will still sign any petition against Canon regarding this problem.

Same issue on Canon A70 bought in May 2004. Tap method worked......thanks guys!!

Thanks for your tips on getting rid of E18!! I've had trouble lately with memory card errors, then suddenly today my camera would not fully extend the lens and said E18. After reading this blog and the tips to get it working, I was able to snap the lens back in place and it is working great now!

This text is not based on scientific data collection but is only the opinion of a simple professional engineer.

THE ERROR: I have been using a Canon Powershot A70 since august 2003 and in February 2006 after 6800 pictures I ran into this infamous E18 error which seems common on many Canon units. The problem evolved from a sporadic to a permanent one. What a frustration!

DON?T WASTE YOUR TIME: If your camera is still on guarantee, return it. Note that in some country, provinces or state the law extend the guarantee to a duration that is suppose to be a normal life span for the good. Use this if you can. On the first stage, this optical unit mechanical problem is intermittent and any vanishing of it after manoeuvring with the TV cable, modes of operation or esoteric manipulation is only a result of chance and will likely reappears. As the problem is not to frequent continue to manage it with turning it alternatively off and on to get it running. As the problem comes from mechanical friction higher than what the system can handle, sometime (when the problem is at its beginning) it can be possible to manage it by gently turning (shaking) the lens back and forth with your fingers or holding the camera on different positions when you push the on-off button. When nothing works any more, you can process with the dissection and fix.

THE FIX: Well, as the problem is more from the design of the optical unit mechanism it is hardly possible to say ?fix?. It would be more appropriate to say ?temporary turn over?. Fortunately for us some people well documented their Canon dissection with pictures and comments. Before attempting such a repair, be sure you have gathered all the needed information. For my A70 I followed Kamen Gotsev?s dissection instructions http://menthol.hit.bg/E18.html. I also downloaded a parts list http://www.f20c.com/stuff/canon/partslist/POWER%20SHOT%20A60%20%20A70.pdf. Both, or the equivalent, are mandatory. Be sure to also have bundle of willingness, patience and minimal technical skills! In addition to the Gotsev?s steps, I dismantled the front side of the lens (the shutters or barriers that protect the optical while the camera is off). That operation was superfluous and specially complicated with tiny springs and parts. I also used a lubricant on some moving parts of the optical unit which certainly helps but could have negative effects later as it could trap dust or soil lenses. Instead of using a resistor I used a meter in mode Volt to discharge the capacitor.

THE CAUSE: The design of the optical unit moving cylinders mechanism surprisingly takes along with strong mechanical friction. Two cylinders are guided in there displacement by pins sliding inside channels. The pin/channel friction increases extensively when the insider cylinder goes from forward move to backward during the zoom process or when pins come back in the channel after having crossed a short section without channel. At that point the pin can hit the channel side before re-entering into it. Canon engineers seem having implemented a strong coupling ratio to allow the motor handling the mechanism. That system works well but is near to its limits and if friction increases the motor can?t move the parts anymore and the software generate the E18 error. The two causes of the increase in friction are: 1. Dust and dirt located anywhere between the moving parts such as gears or any other. 2. Deterioration of the channels? surface that becomes more abrasive due to extensive friction (in my case I was able to see the difference in color and texture of the channels sides comparing to the remaining of the same plastic part.).

THE COMPANY: Canon seems to change any camera with the E18 trouble when it is still covered by the guarantee and charge some $200cnd to ?repair? the others. That price is probably far more expensive that what could the refurbish cost them at their Asian facilities. Would they fix the design for their next cameras? To have a company putting their R&D team back to the draw table cost several hundred thousand dollars. The company has also to deal with parts that are stocked in large number in its factories (big numbers are part of a competitive strategy). Replacing those parts with new ones means lot of wasted money. In the very competitive market of digital camera a company will do such a move only if the problem is ?really serious?. Based on what I saw on the net it seems this E18 problem occur on several Canon units. Did this happen on hundreds or thousands units? I can?t say. Let suppose this happened to two thousands of units out of five hundreds thousand of units sold. That means 0.4% of defect. Well it?s not too bad after all? I don?t want to suggest any conclusion and those numbers are totally wrong but we must be careful when we see only one side of the medal. I recently saw statistics from a Canadian consumers association that place Canon on second place after Sony for the lowest number of official complaints on digital camera. Anyway, for sure Canon should publish more information about this E18 problem and repairing mine was not a fun party.

I would like to thanks those of you guys who take the time to take pictures, document and share your information to help other like me who has the same problem and doesn?t want to bye a new camera. Special thanks to Kamen Gotsev and David Wallach. You help me getting less frustrated.

Just need to throw one more case in the list for information purposes.

I've never dropped or damaged my camera. It's always been in its case. I've never fiddled with the lens... and here I am stuck with an E18 on a 14 month old powershot. The Canon folks suggested this is "unusual" but said it is not under warranty any longer and they will have to charge me for repairs.

I own the SD500, My camera is 3 months old. I now am getting the E18 error. I have never dropped or misused my camera, matter of fact, I have only used it 3 times. My camera is now useless.

My camera canon Powershot A80 display E18 on the screen. What are these error, how can I repair?


My wife recently incidentally let the camera hit the ground and the lens got stuck in the open position. I was able to see the pictures (sometimes) but got the E18 error when switching it to Auto mode. I followed the instructions in this web and was able to bring it back by gently pushing the lens barrel to the side until hearing the poping sound, then turned it on and voula... is working great, obviously it has the mark of when it hit the concrete sidewalk but other than that is as good as it was before.. Thannks.

This page rocks! I was hysterical because my last canon died of e18 - that was 2 years old and I dropped it on its lens hard..this one, only 3 months old and E18! well what worked was the advice that to put it on its back, the zoom lens was stuck! thanks!

Just want to say I too got the dreaded e18 error on my Canon A80.

I was able to get it to work by following "Version 4" of the repairs.

My camera was stuck with the lens out. I gently pushed on the high side until I heard a click and it worked.

Thanks for this information.

Ray K

Atlanta, GA

My wife had just given birth to our first child and when I tried to get one of the most important shots of my life the e18 error came up. Bummer! Funny too the warranty just expired.

purchase date march 23,2005
E18 error date March 23, 2006 (my birthday) coincidence??!! Just emailed canon - i have the original rcpt - awaiting response, but based on all these complaints not too hopeful - heard there is a possible class action lawsuit - what i really want is my camera to work again - wanted to put this out here for others - power in numbers

purchase date 3/23/2005
E18 date 3/23/2006

Model SD500

Camera was not dropped (ever)

error 18, i pray it would be the batteries =(....

1) CANON PowerShot A520)
2) Bought: Miami, Florida by a friend on january 2006
3) the error has occurred today 1am, 26 March 2006

..then i posted how it was... and if i repaired it, if you can bring me some help IN SPANISH cuz i dont know about technicisms, it would be very helpful, anyway, the best informaiton in english would help also

thanxs!! this web page ruless =) ...

after i tried manipulating it soft way... now NOTHING HAPPENS i havent recharged the battteries AT ALL, but the lens are stuck, not do any more sound of click or anything, i dont feel the camera tries to move the lens when i turn it ON.. i felt it at noon , it just appear the CANON logo...

im worried cuz it doestn appea "E18" in th ecamera , NO MORE!!! why?? did i tottally screwed it? the stick memory is going to be affected too?

I have an A75 and I'm so thankful for this site. What I did was turn it on, and while it has the 'Canon' welcome screen on, instead of twisting and pulling the lens barrel, I twisted and PUSHED it. I hope that helps as when I tried to pull it, it wouldn't move.

I also did have to fix the focus by taking pictures up close and far away.

Please, I had the website for the class action lawsuit, and when my computer was repaired, it was deleted. Do you have it? MY Canon S-45 actually lasted four years before getting the dreaded E-18 error, and the very first time I got it, that was IT for the Camera. We have purchased other cameras, different companies, but we miss our Canon. I WANT IT FIXED, but not for two hundred dollars. We tried the internet instructions, no luck.

I want to join the class action suit and also find out best way to get that camera repaired. They should do it like a car, do a recall.

Thanks, Karen

Hi everyone... I am having a problem with my canon powershot A400. Suddenly i have found that my camera doesnot go to the review mode, if i switch to the review mode it turns to the movie mode and when again the camera turns to normal mode it always be on the special scene mode...
I am really confused how to fix it or whether it's possible and i dont have any warranty...
again if it doesnot turn to review mode my pc cant recognize it

Own a lightly used, clean, well treated A70 showing an E18 error. Plugging into a TV, blowing with a compressor, a tapping solutions didn't work for me. My lens is well-centered. Received the 'mail it in for servicing' for $ninety-something line from Canon. Hope a class action goes forward. -Joe

I have had my Canon A70 for about 2 years. For no aparent reason and without warning it went into E18 error and shut down. It has not been dropped or banged around. It has always been kept in a camera case when not in use. I have tried each of the suggestions offered to remedy the problem to no avail. I will call Canon to see what they have to say.
I have owned Canon cameras since 1972 with my first SLR and three other Canons since. This is my first problem.

I purchased my Canon PowerShot this past December 2005. I haven't even had it for 5 months and it all of a sudden came up with the E18 message out of nowhere. It makes the clicking sound and the lens almost comes out and then stops and turns off. When I try to pull the lens out when I turn it on then it comes out and works fine. Then when I turn it off and on again, it does the same thing... it won't come out or retract on its own anymore for some strange reason (I never dropped it and I always keep it in its case).It is obviously still under warranty so I sent it in to Canon. I just got an email from them telling me that it will cost over $100 to fix it. I have no idea why they are charging me when it is still under warranty and it is obviously a defect in the camera. Anyone have any ideas of what I should do...? Thanks!

was about to go Canon to fix my E18 problem when i did a search and ended up here. This website ended me and my camera's misery. I forced the lens in with quite a bit of strength and it worked!!!

Powershot A-80 Phew! Just came back from w'end holiday and got the dreaded E18 on the end of day1. No camera for day2 :(

Just thought I'd say that the 'tapping' method eventually worked - but took a few goes. Thanks very much for the tip - will see how long she goes for this time.

My parents went to Las Vegas for their anniversay and i gave them the camera to take with them its an S400, and i talked to my dad today and he said they get that error "E18", i have not yet communicated to them to try the above remedies out but will do", and see which one should work

I've had my powershot A70 for almost 2 years and had no problems until last night, while I was out celebrating the national championship (Go Gators!!!), I got the E18 error -- the camera lens did not fully retract after a picture and the camera would not turn on. I looked it up online and found this page among others. I found that if I tugged on the lens as I turned it on, it would come out and I wouldn't get the error, but when I turned the camera off, it would not retract all the way no matter what I did. Plus, any photos I took were out of focus unless I turned on MF mode.

I was very skeptical about the tv cable method and tried it to no success. The tap method did not work either. However, after lots of playing around, I tried version 2 of the 4th method: I pulled and twisted on the lens ring as I turned the camera on (I forget if it was the large or small ring that I had ahold of). I heard a click and it works again!

I have a PowerShot A75 that was working great for 2 years. All of a sudden, it would no longer power on. The lens is sticking out. I tried some of the simple fixes with no success. It came on once since the lens stuck but then has ceased to work.

Any Ideas???

I broke my a95 camera and found it wasn't under warranty - turned out to be a blown battery fuse - but while I was putting the camera back together I got the E18 error. I read some of the posts here, and some describe issues with focusing etc, not just with the lens. My A95 has 2 cables coming from the lens. The CCD (you take black photos (if you can) if it's not completely plugged in) and the motor assembly (focus, lens retraction etc). With the motor cable not plugged in properly the camera behaved oddly with many of the symptoms suggested. I suspect that rough use makes the cable come loose over time. It was a real mission to plug the motor cable in properly to get rid of the E18!

I had same problems with my A60 camera and tried all that you described above. There was no result so I decided to open up camera and clean lenses from inside which turned out as mistake now camera is not responding at all I was very carefull (I'm electronics student) so it' s not like i had no clue at all what I was doing. I'm tying to warn everyone to think twice before opening up their cameras because there is big chance that it won't work at all after. I did it because there is no real canon service in my country that I know about and my waranty expired some 2 years ago and repair would cost me high abov real value of the camera. (Sorry for bad English)

Go to this page:


May be it can help to fix the E18 error.

I have an A520 Canon PowerShot as a birthday gift. Only used a couple of months. It has this E18 error as well. called Canon and was told "it is your own problem". One thing for sure if no more Canon!

I just bought a Canon PowerShot A620 and got the E18 error after only 15 Days. I plan on returning the camera as soon as possible.

I bought a canon Ixus 30 (sd200) in december 2004. This camera has only been used for three times now. Also the camera is always kept in a protecting cover. This week I wanted to close the camera and I got the E18 error message. The lens will not retract in the housing. Unfortunately the repair costs are $193,- (155) while the camera costed $300,- (240). If I repair the camera I can still have this problem again next year. As I see al those e18 problems on the web I'm very dissapointed that Canon does give any extended warranty on this problem! No more Canon for me!

so, my year old Powershot SD300 had the E18 error, i tried everything, nothing worked. pretty much, i got frustrated, shoved the lens back into place as i turned the camera off, and now it works. so if all else fails, get mad and let out your frustration on the camera.

this first suggestion worked for me; thx!
Version #1:
This error occurs when the lens is "stuck" - press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. Try powering it back on.

RESPECT to the guys who wrote these manuals both in bulgarian and in estoinian. (I was quite surprised to find the answer to my problem in my own language. I'll try to fix the problem and if it works later on I will translate the Bulgarian dissection article ;)

In 3 years I've never had any problems with my Canon Powershot A70 - the e18 error only appeared when the camera was dropped on the lens, knocking the alignment out of kilter. A few gentle twists of the zoom was all it took to get the camera working fine again. I'm generally more annoyed by the incredibly slow response time on the shutter!

I've had the SD100 since 2003 and just got the E18! It wouldn't retract. I tried all of the techniques and nothing worked except the hard banging. Well, it did retract most of the way and I tried pushing in and more banging but it just won't go in or out.

Canon said it would be $99 to fix it, but I could upgrade to a refurbished SD400 for $149. (2 models up). Not sure if I like the Canon, but for $50 more I get so many features and a 6 month warranty - worth a try.

I've had my A80 for about 2 years and have really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, i picked it up yesterday to snap a photo and got the E18 error. Hopefully i'll be able to post a great story about how i fixed it cause i don't have the money for a new camera or repair at this time. thanks for the tips!

I have an S2IS and it did the stupid e18 error tonight. It was working fine and then WAM error and the lense is stuck. I love this camera so this sucks. I have had nothing but trouble with canon- including the canon PIXMA MP4500... I'm really seriously considering never buying a canon ever again.

Tried the pushing the extended lens in real hard method and it finally work. I didn't have my AV cables with me, and was getting desperate as the twisting and turning method did not work. Whacking it on the table didn't work either, but am certainly glad that something finally gave. Thanks for all the tips!

I have my A620 for two weeks, and E18 for two day :((( The lens can't come up . helppp ...

It does not work for me """
Version #1:
This error occurs when the lens is "stuck" or not extending "straight". The error can happen in 3 ways: either when the lens wont "come out", or "comes out" and then retracts, or does not retract at all. 1) If the lens doesn't extend at all or it extends, but then retracts again, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Place the camera on it's back with the lens facing up and have a look at the "spacing" between the lens and the lens housing. You'll probably notice that the gap is NOT EVEN all the way around. To fix this, simply -VERY GENTLY- press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Try powering it back on. ""

When i pressing down i hear the clicks but nothing happen


Thank you !

I have a Canon S50 and it is nearly 3 years old, bought in May 2003. It has been all over the world with me on my travels in those (nearly) 3 years and was fabulous, small enough to fit in a pocket yet with so many features you would think the images came from a much bigger Digi-SLR. All was good with the world until a recent trip in Jan of this year to the dunes of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. Whilst sitting taking photos of the dunes I got the dreaded E18. The lens was stuck open and figuring I may have some sand in it somewhere I gave it a good blow, dusted off what I could and after turning off & on several times eventually it switched off. I didn't use it in the sand again and it was fine for the rest of the hols. However when I got back to Blighty I went to take a pic and after 2 takes it gave E18! Boooo! From that point it has been touch and go ever since.
I considered returning it to Canon and even considered ditching it for a cheaper Samsung Pro815 digital SLR (well it's not a real SLR but u know what I mean!)but then stumbled across this website and having tried the trick with pushing the lens I managed to sort it out. I also need to give it a good 'blowing' if you will pardon my French when I get round to finding an air gun!

Many thanks!

I got E18 after dropping my SD200. After a quick google search, seeing that a lot of people would get this for no reason, I did not have too much hope to solve it but tried the different methods above (except connecting to the TV as I can't find my cable). Knocking the rubber corner did not work, I could not dismantle it all the way to the lenses mechanism but enough to see how dirty it was in there! A little bit of cleaning and faith, I put it back together and was only left with banging all other corners and sides. After 10 ON/OFF and 20 knock knock, the lense popped out. Hope it will last. Keep you posted. Thanks to this helpful page.

I have A60 E18 error 10 months after purchase repaird by Canon.yah right.1 year later other 18 error have been able to clear the error with tapping camera.No faith in any Canon camera of these descriptions,even later ones have problem.Need a lawyer,

thank you for seriously saving my life. I had pictures of me and my friends like smoking i got the error that night and i was freaking out! I used ur methods and it worked. Thank you so much!

Dropped my Isux55 and recieved the E18 message. Managed 2 get it working again after banging it fairly hard several times on its side. Now every time the lense goes back in, a gear grinding noise can be heard. Not a good look!

First of all: thanks for your help. I have a Canon Powershot A520, I've bought it 6 months ago in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and I have experienced the E18 error. I try the "force the lens" option and fortunately it worked.

Model: Canon powershot A520
Bought: October 2005
Problem appears on: April 2006.

Does anyone know if Canon has redesigned or changed their lens mechanism in the latest models eg A530 as I am looking at buying one (not sure if this is a good move)

Ixus55 Purchased November 05, joined the E18 club April 06. Still under warranty so will see what success we have before resorting to banging off table. Good luck and thanks for the advice!

I just tried the tapping on the USB thing and it worked! Hadn't been able to get it unstuck for a month!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change the contrast on the font and the page background on this very useful site. It's almost impossible to read the gray on black.

i've had my A80 since december 2003. 4200 photos later on 4/14/06, i got the E18 after dropping it for the first time. first method (a/v connection to tv) did not work for me, so i wanted to try compressed air. before i bought any, my brother tried using the corner of a piece of paper to slide between the perimeter of the lens and the camera body, to clean out any dust. this worked!

days later at a concert, however, E18 returned. i quickly tried the paper method, which worked after a couple of times. it helped to have the lens facing downwards.

my only concern is the possibility of pushing other dirt particles deeper or just spreading them around to bother me later. but for immediate use, this has saved me with a quick fix.

I have an SD200. I had for about 8 months before the infamous E18 error began in August 05. I treated this camera like a baby, so I was surprised when the error came up. I tried all the tricks on this page with no success before I gave up. The camera sat until now in late April 06. I figured I would take another crack at it. I am not sure if anyone else has tried this, but I tried my own "take it apart" method. I was able to pop off the front lense cover/cap, and followed by taking out the 6 tiny screws. I used a screw driver to work the front cover and the back cover apart, while trying not to touch the electronics too much. With the external covers off, I powered on and the lense came out no problem. I then put the covers back on and screwed back in the 6 screws, and snapped the lense cap/cover back on. And wouldn't you know, I have my camera back again. ***IMPORTANT*** Keep in mind that I tried this knowing it couldn't get any worse if it didn't work out, but it did, and I'm satisfied.

I solved the E18 error on my S400 camera following the instructions on this page. The Fourth option, version#2 was the one that worked for me (Pull and twist on the largest ring of the lens while turning the camera on)
Thanks a lot for your help,

I'm from Canada and we had the A520 for 3 months (Christmas gift for my son) and the lens cover would not open. According to Canon we somehow (miraculously) sustained moisture damage and thus the warranty is voided. So now I guess my extended warranty that I paid for is worth diddly. They did offer me a replacement camera for $300. What a rip off!

I have an SD500. It's about 1 year old. Since about 3 months ago, I've always had an e18 error problem, but i've always been able to fix it by recharging the battery. I guess the battery was weak enough that it couldn't retrack the lens.

I have the Canon A70. Tried the pulling of the lens. No. work. Tried the USB bang on the desk and it works!!




I'm from Portugal, Lisbon and i have a A80 for 18 months and since few days i had the E18 error in my camera. I searched the net for an address of a local representative and i decided to search for some advice with all the words "canon a80 error codes" and ...this blog appeared! :-)

It seems that i have the problem solved with just by hooking my camera up to the TV with the included A/V cable. :-))

Than you very much!!!


Good info on this page. I just had my E18 code happen today on my A60. It was because the batteries i had were dead as i turned it on. I put in new batts and nothing but E18 happened.

I just took a gander thru this site, then decided to put the mode to "M" then turned on the camera. everything went back to normal. WILD!!!!

I have a Power Shot S500 and encountered the e18 code. I was able to get the lens to work again, but now my auto focus doesn't work. Does anyone know what could be wrong!!!!!

i have an s400 and the same thing happened. E18, which just went away a few weeks later when i tried to look at it. but now it won't focus at all.

anyone else? anyone have any solutions to that?

I have an Ixus 400 since Jan 2004.

On May 2006 It fell to the floor while I was taking a phograph and the terrible E18 appear, the lens where extended and wont retract at all.

I follow the instruction in these webpage and seem not to work.

Then I try another (similiar) think.
I realise that when I turn on the camera it tries to retract the lens, and that one side of the lens seems to be retracted more than on the other. (Seems that one of the sides was a block)

So I try to push GENTLY on the block side (helping the camara) while the camera itself tries to retract the lens and ... Click.

The lens retract and the E18 disappear.

I hope this message can help someone else.

Good Luck!

Was just about ready to go out and buy an a620 today. Boy, am I glad I did one last search on it. Reminds me of early experiences dabbling in wireless routers...

Camn! I had really taken a liking to the a620! Don't know what I'll get now. Probably not a Canon. Thanks for spreading the word.

I have the SD500...i liked the picture quality so much, that when the first one i bought showed E18 after falling on the floor, i resolved to buy another one---now i have the SAME problem. I don't know what to do guys, none of the methods suggested here have worked. I'm still under warranty but it truly pains me to read everyones messages. Consumerism is a b!tch.

I have a A70 Powershot. Jeff Kishiyama's suggestion worked great. Hats off, people!

I'm glad I discovered this site, and although I have the E18 problem with my Powershot A70, I feel better it happened now instead of later. I was going to recommend that we buy the Canon XL H1 high definition video camera at work. Now that I have encountered this personal problem with my A70 combined with Canon's planned failure and arrogant "let the buyer beware" attitude to the customer, our office can now avoid buying $9000 worth of Canon video camera junk because of my $300 worth of Canon digital camera junk. We will buy our high definition video camera from either JVC, Sony, or Panasonic.

What puzzles me, is since the E18 problem involves the lens, why didn't Canon design the camera so the image playback system would work? You don't need the lens to look at images on the flash card. They programmed the camera software so the camera is totally dead, which makes me believe this is a deliberate decision to get consumers coming back for repairs or buying a refurbished or replacement camera after the warranty had expired.

I was about to mail my camera in to Canon for a repair estimate when I thought why not see what info I can find on the web about the E18 error message. So glad I did. Connecting the camera to the TV didn't get the camera functioning again, but the "tap method" worked like a charm. I hope it's a long-term fix because the A70 has been a good camera.

I also had the E18 error message/stuck lens problem a few years ago, shortly after purchasing the camera. I had dropped the camera on tile right before it occurred, so I figured it was my fault. I called Canon since it was still under warranty, mailed it to them, and they fixed it for free without question. So, having experienced several years of good camera function and one positive round of customer service, I have nothing negative to say about Canon.

awesome website thanks for your help!!!

alas another sad sack E18 story .....

I purchased a canon s80 about two months ago. I have been a careful user of it and just went to turn it on and the lens would extend and the infamous E18 came up on the screen. ive tried everything suggested with no luck. although the lens is moving in and out but then gets stuck again. it makes quite a lot of grinding graunching noises -

here in new zealand canon wont look at any canon camera that has been purchased outside NZ so im not a happy canon customer.

anyone has any success with s80 let me know, hey

The E18 seems to occur when the batteries get low. I turn the camera on, the lens extends, then I get the error message, and the camera shut offs while the lens stays out.

Normally, a battery recharge fixes the problem just fine. Until now.

This time I tried something else....

As I turn the camera on, the lens gears try to move, then the camera beeps with the E18. Just before the camera shuts off, I firmly press on the ring that surrounds the lens, and it retracts with a tiny click sound. Now it works fine again (knock on wood).

I bought a SD450 1.5 months ago. The camera has been great. The only issue I had was the battery and how it warns you it is getting low. A small barrty lavel indicator would be much better than the "idiot light" metheod they use now. You know, right before you car overheats a light comes on but by then it's too late.

I hd the E18 issue today, the same day as my 8 and 6 year old girls put on their end of school performance. Major bummer..... I heard some funny noises coming from it today and now that it is stuck I also noticed the uneven gaps around the lens. I tried the twisting and pushing thing as explained in this website, no luck. So off to IL it goes for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully it will be back in time for my sister's visit.

The fetures on the camera are great and I haven't found another memory media besides the SD card that goes up to 8 gigs. I picked up a 4 gig card and was in Japan for a week. 850 pic (M1, fine) and about 10 mins of video (640 standard fram rate).

I just bought the sd5oo last month new and I have this code.

I placed the camera face up so that I could see the lens as it came out. Once it extended, I saw where the lens was not lined up and properly (it didn't come out in a straight line.) Then I gently pushed it over to get it back on track. That was it! Now it works!

Just adding to my last post...I placed it face up and then TURNED IT ON. Then the lens came out, and I could see where it was not lined up properly. Then I pushed it back into place.

OMG! Great site. Canon A410 - about 8 months old- today without any dropping or any damage to the camera the E18 error code hit.
I need this camera for a big family event in 2 weeks. I am DEVISTATED BECAUSE I CANNOT FIND MY RECEIPT!!

2 yr old IXUS500 developed dreaded E18 error quoted £102 to repair so after all the easy fixes failed now trying to rip apart but dissection info is not relative where motherboard is attached to top buttons circuit any more clues please
Thanks Paul

i have a PowerShot A80 since losing my A70 to a thief. i had no errors on the A70 but the A80 came across E18 twice, twice i sent it to canon and twice i waited 30days to get it back. the report always says "no problem found" but i got it back OK. could it be that the E18 error comes on for all kinds of malfunction?
I love my canon pictures. but now i have the dreaded E18 back....

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I had to the e18 on my last Canon a510, but for some reason when i took out the batteries it reset itself fine. Eventually the lens wouldnt move and I had to switched out under the Best Buy service plan.

Well its now camera two, same model, and after almost 8mos, its back to the e18. Ive tried everything and now I have to go back to BB and change it out again with the same error.

Hey Hey....thanks for all the comments, i'm so excited now. I have a canon A75 with the same problem...or shall i say i did have the problem. I gave the camera a good wack, and it powered right up and the lense retracted on its own...wooohoooooo, maybe i'll get the summer out of it. Its a shame though, my first Kodax 1.3 megapixel still works like a charm. I let the kids use the kodak and its taken a beating and still keeps on ticking. Anyway, thanks so much for all the suggestions. Too bad Canon doesn't offer a better solution to us dedicated canon users.

I have an SD400 and sure enough encountered the E18 error as described above. Very frustrating indeed. I have taken EXTRA special care of this camera since day 1 and am very disapointed with Canon's response.

My SD300 came up E18 last night accompanied by some dreadful grinding noises as the lense partially moves. I paid a lot of money for this camera and know that repairing it will probably not be viable. I knew I should have boight Sony!

I dropped my Powershot A70 on padded carpet from about 3 feet off the ground. The barrel got twisted and it will not retract completely. I tried all these suggestions, and I think I might not be doing it right.

Any help? Please? My email is Ferrari321@gmail.com. I'm just asking for a few minutes of your time.

Thanks in advance.

My 10 month old A610 got an e18 error code after installing recharged batteries and powering it up. The camera had never been mishandled or dropped. Mine would turn on, extend the lens, beep, display the code and power off after about 5 seconds leaving the lens extended. With a push of the power button, the lens retracted and extended and displayed the error and shut off again.(many many times) I did a google search on "canon a610 error code e18" and came across this site (blog). I tried the a/v wire and TV connection and it fixed it! All seems normal again. Thanks for the info.

A85. in shooting mode lens alternates between (a) stuck in mid position; (b) cycling on; recycling off; (c) remains on but monitor displays verticla lines of varying intensity which alternate as camera body is moved...seems to register some input but only in gobbled verticle lines.
No error messages displayed. is there a fix for this?

thanks for the tips on this site... my E18 error does not lead to an RMA, instead I pressed the lens of my A80 gently while trying to zoom, after a while it clicks and from that moment on the camera works without malfunction.
tnx4 !!

I was SO impressed with this camera and Canon but no more. I fixed an A510 E18 error by literally pulling and pushing the lens barrel into and out of the body - jiggling it from side to side. Eventually it came on and now seems OK but the lens does not seem to operate as smoothly as it did? I think we'll start looking for a replacement (NOT CANON!!!). I'll also get an extended warranty next time - maybe dig cameras are like the CD "Walkmans" where they just aren't going to last too long?

Last week, whilst on holiday natch, my A70 decided to go boobs up and display the dreaded E18 code. Nothing obvious had happened to it, although it is possible it had received an impact in a bag. Got home and had a look on t'internet and found out how widespread the problem is. It would extend the lens then make an odd noise like it was focusing furiously, then display E18 and either retract the lens or not. Having had a look on this site I tried the AV cable fix and guess what, much to my disbelief it totally cured the problem!!!!! I guess this would suggest that there is a software cause to the E18 problem that can be solved with this fix and a hardware fault that needs physical manipulation to sort out. Anyhoo, many many thanks for the fix, you've just saved me a couple of hundred quid on a new camera!

I tried all of the above on my a70, and as a last resort took it apart. bad idea. it's fried now. oh well, 2.5 years is pretty good in my opinion.

I have a A60, wonderfoul camera.
I experiment a E18 error after 3 years of use.
Actually seems than using soft compress air on the lens turret resolve the problem.

Sand, I got damn sand in the thing and it is completely stuck. But, the fact that people are experiencing this problem with no recollection of doing it any damage concerns me. Think I'm going to move on to a new brand. Oh and my camera is not even a year old yet.

buzzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz,
buzzzzzzzzzz, buzzzzzzzzz, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! This is the sound of the infamous "E18 Error" that I'm dreading dealing with on my A70 purchased in 2003. So far no luck with the AV connect, twisting of lens, or banging on the AV corner. My last resort was to use force to push the lens in. I'll try the air next. May be a lost cause...but I hope not. It's been such a user friendly camera. Thanks for this blog site. I'm so glad I found it...signed, Got the E18 blues in Arizona.

Just been told the cost of fixing an E18 problem, £107!
Just found this site and I am putting into practice the DIY help.
The man at the garage thought I was very strange when I started blowing air into my camera!
He thought I was attempting to blow up my prints.

I have always regarded Canon highly for it's sleek, quality cameras. I owned the ELPH panoramic 35mm camera & I currently own one of their digi-camcorders. So, it was obvious which camera I wanted to get when it came time for a new digi-cam. I purchased this camera on a Friday & by Monday, I had to bring it back. The lens would not retract & the LCD screen turned black with only an E18 showing at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. I was concerned, but optimistic. I returned the camera & it exchanged it for a new one.

I loved my camera! I took nearly 1,000 photos with it! I love the manual options, the ease of use, the quality of the photos, & so much more! Then, just 2 weeks later, the dreaded E18 screen reappeared during the middle of a video recording. Frustrated, I went home & searched the internet, only to discover that this was a common malfunction with the new Canon cameras. I contacted Canon to find out if there was an instant fix to this problem, but they said I had to send it in for repairs (free with warranty) & it may take up to 2-4 weeks for it to be returned.

After many hours of research on the E18 error, I've been swayed away from Canon's point & shoot cameras. Their more expensive/clunky/high tech digi-cams are more durable. Not all of the Powershot cameras are so fragile, but you never know if you've purchased that "one-in-a-million" camera.

My suggestion to anyone who purchases any Canon camera is: follow the instruction booklet, use the wrist strap, keep the camera lens away from any foreign objects, & buy a lifetime warranty (or at least a 5yr one).

I purchased a Canon PowerShot A620 in June 2006 and began getting the E18 error in July 2006 (just over 1 month). After reading this site, I will be returning the camera to the dealer and see if I can exchange it for another manufacturer of digital cameras. If this is how Canon does business then I will not purchase their products ever again. I also will recommend the same to others as often as possible.

My camera was struck with the infamous E18 this morning. A friend of mine with my exact camera (SD300) also had this error a while back, and we had taken apart the whole thing and tried to get it back together to no avail. When it struck mine I was crushed. I thought it was a goner. Then I read the tap method... and it's back! (at least for now.) THANKS!

Just back from holiday with a 3yr old A70 which gave the E18 about 4 days ago. Well out of warranty so decided to give the DIY solutions a go. 2nd time of asking with the lens twist method of Mike Schwer and Bingo - back to full fitness. I held the camera body lens pointing down on the hope that any foreign body that did get dislodged would "fall out" -Hey don't laugh - it worked for me!

I have a Canon Digital IXUS 700. Im very angry right now, today when I came home from work I decided to take a picture of my dear cat! I have not used my camera for abote a week and then it worked, I saw that the lens was "out", like if the camera was turned on, whith i wasnt! When I turned it on, the lens whent back in with a strange sound. And I had to turn the camera on and off many times because the camera started "beeping" and the screen whent black (E18 in the corner). After a while I could take a picture, but not a good picture like the camera always take, no it was completely blurry, and I couldnt even see what it represented!!! I bought the camera more then a year ago, but this i the first problem I have had! I apologize for my poor english! /Carro

Had occasional E18 before, today it was persistent. Tried tapping several times, than did Step3 style (tapping with USB cover) and Step1 (connected to the TV). Worked! Thank you!


Canon SD200 E18
AV cable did nothing
tried twisting, pulling, banging, etc... didn't work.
i used compressed air and it worked.

so maybe it was a combo of all of the above.

I bought an A620 in December of 2005 and used it only a few times before the lens shield would not close. It works, but what a pain, so I sent it back to Canon for repair. I got a bill for $113 indicating "impact" on the camera. What a bunch of bull. The camera was pristine when I sent it to Canon. It obviously is in the warranty period. I can not believe that Canon is stooping to this. Where is the class action law suit?

9 month old SD200 Powershot; E18 error after 9 months of usage. All attempts to revive have failed so far.

My son dropped the camera in our study about three feet above the ground and when I try to turn on the camera I got the dreaded A18 error....I gone on the internet and checked...Oh, My Lord, I got the error. After looking through these posting and followed the advice in "Take the camera in one hand and with the other gently, in turn, take the two part of the lens and gently move it round in a circular movement. Do so with both sections of the lens. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Power the camera on. (Thanks Mike Scher) " I was able to fixed the problem. Thanks again Mike Scher.

Bought my black s50, in '04... wasn't long before the s18 hit me and lens wouldn't extend. Accindentally discovered the push-in-and-retry and lens extended. Sigh. Cheaper to buy than fix. Amazed at this website, will not buy another Canon anything. Yesterday lens will not extend at all, tricks won't work.

My SD500 experienced a fatal e18 error within the first week of ownership, resulting from a 3-foot fall onto a carpeted surface. I was able to exchange it for a new one at the retail store where I'd purchased it, but about a year later my new one was fatally e18'ed when I gave it to a friend to take a picture of me and he accidentally dropped it about 4-feet onto grass. It's a good camera, but too fragile for me to justify ever purchasing another Canon.

Message to Canon support:
The problem is that the lens does not extend when powered on and I receive the E18 error code. I have researched this particular error on the Internet, and, as you will know, it appears to be a very common one within this range of cameras. Many people obviously consider it to be a design fault, although Canon apparently refuses to recognise it as such. It is certainly surprising that a search on your Web Self-Service site returns zero matches for such a common error. The camera is out of warranty, but although this is an older model within the range it has only been lightly used and very well looked after since purchase. The error was not caused by any damage to the camera itself. I am, to say the least, very aggrieved to discover that a camera which cost a substantial amount when purchased should suddenly fail in this way. I assume repair costs will be prohibitive, but would be most grateful if you could tell me your policy on cameras which develop this particular fault, through no form of misuse by the owner. Do you have any means of reparation for customers whose cameras are out of warranty yet affected by this extremely common malfunction?

Reply from Canon:
Dear Customer, The E18 error indicates a zoom lens error. The camera should be checked and repaired by an authorized repair centre. Unfortunately, if the unit is out of warranty, any service required will be chargeable, as per the terms of your warranty agreement.

Says it all really. No more Canon cameras for me.

When I blew air onto the lenses, the picture is now extremely blurry.

Nevermind, I shook the camera a couple of times. However, I still have problems with my Canon Powershot SD450. I *accidently* dropped it on the floor, but it still functions fine. The lenses work fine, they can move up, down. But, when I take a picture on auto the shutter mode(when I'm taking the picture) seems longer than usual. It has more delay than before I dropped it... and when I take a picture it sometimes has lines going horizontally. everytime i take a picture, the contrast turns very yellow... and very bright.

I haven't used my camera for about 2 months because of this e18 problem. Today i read your post.
...3rd step i tapped a bit the usb cover... nothing. So i did it with all my power shoutin' 'f*ck'! And it worked for me ;) thx a lot

My Camera had the E18 code and I tried the tv cable and it worked. Reset everything. Thanks for your help!!!

ugh my moronic friends dropped my camera and the flash is somewhat popped up out of place so i take it that is why the E18 error started huh. i barely got it for xmas 2005. barely 8 months.
i need to fix it. none of these methods helped. but knowing me i might not be doing it right.

i had the E18 message on my powershot S30. after reading some of the trouble shooting tips, i tap the rubber ubs cover with my finger and the zoom popped right out. i was ready to buy another camera yesterday, but now the camera works just fine. who knew!

I got the dreaded E18 error on my Canon A80 during while taking pictures of my Niece's HS Gratuation.

Needless to say I was not happy. I looked around on the internet, found this site & others discussing the problem. I tried using the canned air route, using a can of Dustoff, blowing around the lens barrel extension areas for about 30 seconds. I also removed the adapter ring, blowing the air into the available slots.

To my surprise, it WORKED!

Now I know that I'll have to bring a can of dustoff with me when taking pictures with my Canon A80.

Try this, it may work.

my camera had an E18 error that accomanied a lens problem... i tried the method on this website and it worked. Thanks!

Also had the E18 issue, it appeared immediately following taking the camera into a camera shop for a 2year cleaning. When I picked up the camera after cleaning, the lens had been damaged/pushed in, but the store just turned the camera on and off and said it was ok. To my knowledge this is the only damage that has occurred to the lens. But I'm also just generally dissatisfied with the camera. We are in the market for a different camera. So, in light of all the comments on this sight, I'm definately not buying a Canon.

canon powershot sd200 sucks. I'm clearly disappointed in the canon industry. I've been trying to fix it with all the tips the websites i've been going on. None of them ever worked. I'm a teen, so probably the customer service won't even bother to help me fix it. My parents would kill me if they found out that there's something wrong with the camera. The only thing that we did was drop the camera & placed it on a dusty book to take a picture. Net thing you know it.. it say "E18". I've been trying to go to websites to help me fix it. No luck at all. >:[

Oh yeah. I forgot. My lens are broken. PLEASE help me fix it today!

I bought a Canon Powershot S30 in December of 2002. In the past 4 years I have used my camera many many times, so I am suprised to be coming across this E18 error for the first time. Obviously I am way out of warranty, and I tried pushing on the lens and using the air. I am going to try hooking it up to the tv this afternoon.

I am very disappointed, but after 4 years I suppose it is time for a new camera anyway.

I bought a Canon SD200 elph about 10 months ago. Up till now I have never misused it but for some reason I am getting the e18 error. My daughters wedding is tommorow...:(

I recently bought an Ixus 700 (SD500) from ebay and straight away the lens made a click when zooming in. I now get E18 everytime I shut down. However helping the lens move in by applying the smallest amount of pressure results in no errors. I'm guessing something is slightly jammed. I've turned it on and off hundreds of times and it won't die, so given that this seems common have decided to keep it as it works really well apart from that. Has anyone had experience of this before. Will it eventually jam altogether?

Ugh. Got the canon powershot feb 2002 and just in the last 10 days now we have the fateful E18 code. None of the tricks are working but we've used this a ton. Maybe it's time for a new one.

I'm very glad I found this forum since my Canon S230 went belly-up while 200 miles from civilization in Alaska. Fortunately the friends I was with were able to take pictures from me. When I got back, I stumbled across this page and was able to get my camera working again after the unholy E18 error. Special and heartfelt thanks to Simon Rees for suggesting the good blunt shock to the camera method. After a solid whack from three different sides from my palm the camera lens barrel started opening up again and the E18 error went away. Thanks!

the E18 error occured on my camera aswell. Canon IXUS 40. Bought it 2 years and 3 months ago. I am about to write a letter to canon to ask about the economical lifetime of the camera.
I expect to get the answer, that i didn't handle the camera with care.

Via this website i would like to ask all the DUTCH people to which this error occured to send me an email. Am trying to get some pressure on Canon via a dutch television program. Am already in contact and try to get as much examples as possible of DUTCH people or people living in HOLLAND.

ooops my email adress doesn't show.... please mail me at anotherenemy@hotmail.com

Thanks to Simon Rees inspiration:

"Whilst sitting at my iMac, deciding what to do later that day, I thought I'd try a technique that I use on most mechanical or electrucal items that seem beyond redemption - administering physical shock to unit.

In this instance it took the form of slamminig the camera onto the desk.
To my happy surprise, it cured the problem!"

Thanks you Mr Rees, may sd100 is working fine although my desk has a few scars.

Thanks again for your insight.

I received the AS410 as a gift last April. My camera stopped working last month, the "E18" appeared on my screen. I inspected the camera; I found the small, watch-type battery on the side compartment was corroded and wondered if this could be the reason why I'm getting the error message & how much would it cost to replace. Thanks :)

Hi guys, just wondering if you can help me. I own a Canon Ixus 400 which doesnt have the E18 problem !! However it has another problem, doesnt display the viewfinder on the LCD, altho menus display fine and all pictures and videos taken are all black. Anyone know whats wrong with my Ixus 400? I have another Ixus 400 which did have E18 i can use for spares if i need to.

This giant immense horror filled me when I found myself facing the dreaded e18 error. I read point 3, the tap method, tapped it, and it FIXED. I know PSa70 is getting a bit dated, but thank you so much! :D

Wow.. I won an A75 in a contest and took it on a recent trip to NY.. needless to say it was out of the box for less than 6 hours before the E18 error. Ruined all the images on the card and hasn't worked since (even with all the tricks above... oh well..) Good thing it was free, the first thing I did was go out any buy an Olympus, which I love!

A80, bought December 2003, E18 today, September 2006, may be related to old rechargeable batteries no longer holing a chagre- going to get some new natteries to see if that helps.

I have a Powershot S410 ELPH which I've owned for about three years with no issues at all. I got the E18 error after turning the camera off in view picture mode. When I tried to power it back on, nothing happened.

After an hour of fiddling with it, I was able to power it on by holding the zoom lever in the zoom position and pressing the on/off button. The camera powered on as normal and everything seems to be ok.

After reading about all of the issues folks are having, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my troubles are over.

Thank you thank you. I got the dreaded e18 after two years of use on my A95... it may have been the lens trying to retract as my battery charge wore down. Regardless, I used your suggestions above...first I jiggled with the lens as I turned the camera off and on. That got the strange noise and auto retracting to stop. But, the screen was still blank until I plugged the usb into my computer and it reset everything..no more e18! I'm still under an extended warranty, so I'm going to take it in anyway, but working OK for now. thanks!

Thanks for the info. A friend of mine was stuck with this E18 error code and I managed to solve it just by using the tapping method. quite effective. I'm still wondering what went wrong in the first place. in any case... thanks.

I've had the E18 error on my Ixus 40 twice now - the first time was my fault, due to sand getting inside the lens. Canon Australia sent me photos of the inside of the camera and there was a fair amount of sand evident. However, the closest the camera came to being near sand was inside a bag that had some sand in it - and during that time the camera was inside its case. So I'd argue that the camera is very susceptible to "partical penetration", as Canon put it before charging me AU$260 to replace the lens.

The second time however, the E18 error occurred through absolutely no known contact with "particles".. Fortunately I was able to fix it with a combination of tapping & gently pushing the lens.

Well after two years and 6500 pictures we had the dreded E-18 problem on our A70. The camer locked up. We replaced the batteries and the error went away. However, it screwed up our CF card and reduced it's capacity to only 50% of normal. I reformatted the card and for the moment everything seems to be ok.

Last week we had to send our S2IS in to Canon for "evaluation" as it began making a VERY loud popping /snapping sound coupled with a burned smell. I believe its the flash capacitor grounding and arching.

Canon will probably screw me over on this repair as the Camera is 2 months out of warranty.

Our net Digital Camera (SLR?) will definately not be a Canon. Their customer service and quality seem to have gone into the toilet--- they are not the company which I have been doing business with for the past 30 years!

Wow I didn't even get all the way down the page and I fixed my own camera (Powershot A510), Saved me $80 from sending it to Canon. Thats what they told me it would cost to fix the "lens Alighnment" Boy what a rip off. Any ways Thanks so much. Damage was from dropping it. Thanks

Hey we got to borrow a Powershot A520 because the new boyfriend has upgraded.
Um, while we were takin photos, the lens stuck and mentioned E18, beeped and switched off. i've tried many solutions, but no such liuck, PLEASE HELP!! ITS ON LOAN!!!!

My ELF got E18, so we replaced it with a 5 megapixel camera. Worked fine for two years until the kid threw it on the floor.

Sent in the broken one, paid $154 for the repairs, waited 9 weeks or something, and finally got a refurbished S80 in the mail. E18'ed within three weeks.

Screw Canon. I hope they will give me my repair money back. I'm getting something different this time.

Our A70 had been dropped, and in the process of trying to remove a broken/rattling piece, the lens stopped extending. I tried taking it to the dealer, who said "Huh". Left it for 6 months, found this site while in the process of preparing for disassembly. Mild pressure with fingers around the lens area (wasn't noticeably off-centre) and *damn*. It works again. Here's hoping, and *thank* you for this page and topic postings!!!

My A70 was bought 2003. I have taken a bit over 12000 pics with it and have been happy for it's easy and reliable operation.

For a year there has been purple color distortions and lines in LCD and images. Those can be "fixed" by squeezing and twisting the camera body firmly.

Today the zoom stuck completely, in a position where it was almost entirely closed. None of the suggested methods worked.

I tried a more extreme method, and started to bang (quite hard!) the camera against table leg while turning the camera on. Slowly after 10-20 bangs the zoom started slowly to extend after each hit. I had to turn on the camera several times and bang it against the table for about 50 times before the zoom started to work again. ;)

Thank you all!

I had my Canon SD200 for just a little over a year and a half and it was amazing I loved it. Then I got the E 18 issue and was so mad since I spent so much money on it, and my friends which was cheaper than mine she bought b4 me and it was still functioning. I got the camera to work thanks to this website by a few blows , hits and pulls. I just got it again maybe 2 months later and I dont think that I can fix it again. It just makes that horrible sound and I am trying but I think it is time to say good bye. I think Canon can suck a big one!

oh my gosh. this worked for me. my camera has been out of commission for like 3 weeks!! thank you so much Mike Scher!!!!!!!

Fourth, try forcing the lens.

Version #1:
This error occurs when the lens is "stuck" or not extending "straight". The error can happen in 3 ways: either when the lens wont "come out", or "comes out" and then retracts, or does not retract at all. 1) If the lens doesn't extend at all or it extends, but then retracts again, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Place the camera on it's back with the lens facing up and have a look at the "spacing" between the lens and the lens housing. You'll probably notice that the gap is NOT EVEN all the way around. To fix this, simply -VERY GENTLY- press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Try powering it back on. 2) If the lens is extended all the time and won't retract at all, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Take the camera in one hand and with the other gently, in turn, take the two part of the lens and gently move it round in a circular movement. Do so with both sections of the lens. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Power the camera on. (Thanks Mike Scher)

I got the E18 on my s70. I guess it was caused by operation with low batteries.
The camera stayed with the lense half out after powering on.
Non of the normal fixes worked, so I gently "helped" the lense to go down while I was powering on.
This worked somehow, at least the next time I powered on the lense came out without error.
I can take photos but the last segment of the lense is not the same like before, it is somehow loose.
And when I switch off the small part of the lense will not retract completely.
Not very nice, but at least I can shoot again...
The Canon's are great while they work. Before I had a S40 which was clearly the best camera at the time, but on this one first the buttons stopped working more and more, then the slide got loose and finally the camera died completly.
I gave Canon a second chance with the S70 but I believe the next one will be a Sony.



2 weeks after purchasing my A620, I got the awful E18 message. The lens retracted (would not open again) and the cover did not close. I will keep the 'repair' information in mind. I sent the camera in for repair and am angry that I had to pay postage to repair a problem that appears to be affecting a lot of Canon cameras. Fortunately I also had my old Olympus camera with so the memories of my trip to Australia were captured on it. I thought I had read enough Canon reviews before I purchased the camera, but didn't find anything on the dreaded E18 error message then. Last time I buy a Canon camera!

Hi. I have the Canon PowerShot A60 and began encountering A18 a couple of months ago - just thought it was a bit of an anomaly until it did it routinely. I took it into Best Buy's Geek Squad and imagine my surprise when he just typed e18 into the search bar and up several entries popped! The techy tonked it on the corner of the counter & it popped open. Then, however, he tried it again & nothing!

Has anyone taken theirs to Canon themselves and what will they do and how long will they take?

I use my camera all the time so 4-6 weeks isn't going to be an acceptable answer for what appears to be a routine error for Canon.

I have an S100, and I think the reason for my e18 is that the thin plastic ring around the barrel of the lens started to stick out... thinkin nothing of it, I eased it back in while the lens was retracting. Now it wont extend. URGH. I have a project do tomorrow and I can't take pics or view them. Boooo-urns!

I should have mentioned in my post that I purchased the A620 Canon camera on 9/4/06 and by 9/18/06 had the dreaded E18 message.... So, 2 weeks after purchase it happened. I was taking a picture and had not abused the new camera in any way. In fact, I was inside (not out in the dust or dirt.) No more Canon products for me!

My PowerShot A80 gave all indications of simply being confused as to where the lens was. Your description of the type 1 E18 error made me even more sure of this.

As I had tried powering up and down to no avail, I tried something else: I waited until the lens retracted (right before the gears started grinding, that's the "buzz" sound some people describe), and simply removed the batteries to FORCE the camera to power off with a retracted lens.

On the second try, I managed to pop the batteries out when the lens was at the "sweet spot". After I replaced the batteries, my camera powered up normally!

It's really inexcusably poor design that a camera goes into a failure mode just because the lens is halfway-extended when a battery dies. The on-board software should be designed with a power-on sanity check that determines the lens position, rather than blindly assuming it must be retracted.

Hey Thanks!!! The 'Tap' Method worked for now.... we'll see when the error comes back!

Canon PowerShot S80 purchased in May 2006. Looked after well and never dropped. Today I had gone out specially to take photographs but on getting camera out of pouch the lens was stuck. View shows E18 error.

The lens cover must have rubbed against something while camera was in pouch and the lens tried to open. Unlikely to be a dust or sand problem as camera had been working perfectly until now and was enclosed when problem happened.

Canon's attitude as indicated on all the posts is amazing, sign of a company going down hill. No doubt I'll get this fixed under warranty but what happens next time. Canon's response is out of order. If this is a major problem (difficult to tell, without knowing how many E18 errors / how many cameras sold), these models should have been withdrawn once the fault had been identified and some compensation offered to those who had already bought one. If E18 is affecting a relatively few then the customer should be treated with generosity. The customer would have suffered the spoilt photo opportunity, the time spent researching the problem, and the lack of a camera during repairs. The fact that people are also being charged large sums to get E18 fixed is dismal.

I have a Canon PowerShot A95. I loved this camera until It started getting the E18 problem.

My case is kind of strange!

In camera mode I turn it on. The lens appears to fully extend as though it was ready for taking pictures. It then completely retracts and gives off 6 quick beeps. It then makes a racheting sound 6 times, and 6 more quick beeps. It then displays the E18 for about 5 seconds then it powers off completely.

If I power it up in review mode, the lens again appears to completly extend. After about 5 seconds again there is 6 quick beeps, the E18 dispalys on the screen, and then it powers off. But in this mode the lens stays fully extended when it powers itself off.

The lens appears to move easily and free of any grit causing any type of binding. To me it seems like an electronic problem, not a mechanical problem.

To bad...., it seems that everything electronic is disposable these days. It usually cost as much to repair these things as it does to go out and buy a newer, better one. I hate having to throw things like this away, when you know it is probably a relatively simple fix.

I won't be buying anymore Canon Products. That is my new personal policy. If something breaks, well before it should, I will no longer buy that company's products.

My personal strike against the man!

Northdomer: Your case isn't that strange, it's exactly the same as mine.

But I'm going on holiday in a week! Damn!

I purchased Canan Digital IXY320 Camera from Okinawa, Japan. After making 3500 snaps now i have a problem with this camera. Its showing a blank/black screen in Picture/Video Mode. This problem occurs when i keep battery out of camera near about 30 days. When i again inserted the battery, problem occurs. If any body have any solution to this problem please inform me.

My Canon SD200 showed up E18 error when I bought it a little bit more than 1 year. I used it normally.
Never drop it.
I can not use my Canon SD200 any more because of this E 18 error.
I think canon should fix this problem for FREE!

I have sent in my s80 for repair and haven't heard back for 6 weeks. When i called i was offered a replacement Powershot S2 IS camera. Has anyone taken up on their offer? how do they compare...price wise seems like the S2 IS is atleast a couple of hundred buck cheaper.

Now I Have two reasons to be upset.

1: My camera wont work and i wanna take pictures.

2:I bought a camera from a s*** company that doesnt
have enough integrety to do a recall on an obviously
defective product.

Just to add my two bits. I also had a problem with the lens not closing on a Canon Power Shot 600. I could'nt find anything in the manual, and when I called a local store they said I would have to have it looked at. So I used this website that showed the E18 error and I tried gently applying pressure to the side with the larger gap. After a few tries the camera finally extended and retracted successfully. Thanx for the tips.

We bought our Canon IXY L3 in Dec 05 and got the E18 error in Oct 06. I cleared it my "gently" rotating the lens. I am glad that I found this homepage.

I have it too...dreaded E18 on my A85. Bought the camera in Sept. 2004, and got the error in Aug. 2006. I tried turning the lense,and it worked for a little while, then tried it again...we'll see what happens now...not reliable anymore.

My camera, a Canon S330, was showing error E18. After I read your experiences I put the portable tube part of a vacuum over the lens barrel of my camera and turned on the suction. After that I cleaned it and now it works fine.

I have an A610, purchased fall 2005. First E18 error was Oct 2006. After reading your blog, I noticed that lens benzel had a slight ding and the flange of the first outer ring of the lens housing was out of round. I reshaped the flange ring and the lens now extends and operates ok. I keep the camera in a nylon camera case, so it seems the lens barrel is particularly suseptible to slight shocks and bumps.

I have an s30 and it jammed while my husband's client was using it at an event yesterday. it won't work and I've tried a number of these things. might try the vacuum hose suction one next. plugging it into the tv and blowing forced air into it have not worked.

I was actually looking for the Canon repair contact details when I found your site. Connecting it up to the TV using the AV cable fixed the problem! Who would have thought it. Thanks for your help - saved me a repair bill!

I cannot believe the scope of the E18 problem. Dropped my SD500 two feet on to the kitchen floor, and *blam*: E18. Half disassembled now...

I was about to pull my hair out in frustration when I found your site. My Powershot A70 has been very good to me for years, but I recently loaned it to a freind for a day, and the E18 began appearing almost every time I powered it on. I tried the fixes listed, and pulling on the lens while powering on, I heard and felt a little click,. and now it's working great! THANKS for saving me having to purchase another camera!

I tried the (plug into AV) method and wiggled the lens on my S50 and it worked. cheers

I tried the (plug into AV) method and wiggled the lens on my S50 and it worked. cheers

My Canon s80 is still under warranty.
Today when i took out the canon from my jeans pocket, I found that the lens slider was open and the lens was stuck and the e18 error. Tried switching it on / off couple of times, tried plugging it to tv, tried gently tapping at the usb end, with no luck. Have taken off the batteries and sd card and going off to sleep. If it doesnt work in the morning then will probably taek it for repairs to canon.

On my daughter's first birthday my canon powershot A85 suddenly didn't work. Nothing had happened with the camera (i bought it in march 2005), it didn't work in september 2006: E18 error. I tried all the tricks but it worked just for a little while and very blurry. So i am very disappointed and no more canon's for me!

On my daughter's first birthday my canon powershot A85 suddenly didn't work. Nothing had happened with the camera (i bought it in march 2005), it didn't work in september 2006: E18 error. I tried all the tricks but it worked just for a little while and very blurry. So i am very disappointed and no more canon's for me!

My niece's A400 turned on one day and immediately gave an E18 error, leaving the lens in the extended position. I took it apart and wound the gear around until the lens was closed but it still wouldn't turn on. I fiddled with it awhile and *thought* I heard a light click when I pressed down on the little motor but I'm not sure. I also pulled out the backup battery for 10 minutes and gave it a little whack on the table before I tried it again and it finally worked. I'm not sure if it was the motor snap, whack on the table or the battery reset so feel free to try all three. :-)

My niece's A400 turned on one day and immediately gave an E18 error, leaving the lens in the extended position. I took it apart and wound the gear around until the lens was closed but it still wouldn't turn on. I fiddled with it awhile and *thought* I heard a light click when I pressed down on the little motor but I'm not sure. I also pulled out the backup battery for 10 minutes and gave it a little whack on the table before I tried it again and it finally worked. I'm not sure if it was the motor snap, whack on the table or the battery reset so feel free to try all three. :-)

I couldnt believe how many people are having the same E18 error as me...5 people have reported the problem today on this site alone!

I was so disappointed that I had this problem because I simply LOVE my A70...it takes the most amazing photos. I am a professional seller on eBay and it is my photos that sell my products and Ive got my A70 to thank for that. I regularly tell people that my A70 is the BEST consumer item I have EVER bought.

So you can see why I was so disappointed when my A70 let me down on my niece's Baptism!

Anyway, there is hope! I spent the past day checking the infamous E18 error and ended up on this website. It is brilliant and gave me different ideas for fixing the problem. The lens wasnt coming out properly and wasnt fully retracting. So I tried the 'ketchup bottle' method (no effect) and the 'drop on the carpet' method (again, no effect).

Then I decided to have one last go and get tough with the camera. I switched it on and just as the lens was coming out I grabbed it and get it a quick tug. I then heard that magical 'click' and I knew straight away that I had fixed the problem. And I have! Its right as rain now. Working perfectly.

It seems that the gearing mechanism was 'out of sync'...the tug just put it back in place.

So all I can say is if you get an E18, try the different methods on this site...there is a great chance that one of them will work...and Ive saved myself ?300.

I have a Cannon A410. The tap on the rubber usb pad fixed my camera! Thanks for this website!

The E18 was sporadic for awhile, then it got to the point - nothing. Lens stuck in extended position. Got E18's in both camera and review positions. None of the remedies would work so I opted for a dissection. Although not written in English, the pictures are pretty self-explanitory. Seemed to be a few steps missing, however I was able to "ad-lib" around them. What I found was a "stray" screw wedged in the track where the lens ribbon travels as the lens extends and retracts. The screw was pinching the ribbon an preventing the lens from moving. I removed the screw (I never did determine its origin), re-assembled the camera in reverse order, and it seems to work fine.

I have a PS410, and a horrible grinding noise occurred when I powered the camera on. Now the lens is stuck in the OUT position, and nothing else happens. Camera is rendered useless.

i have an ixus400 and it is showing E50.i am going on holiday soon and would like to avoid buying a new camera. i know it wont be worth taking it where i bought it from.help please

I have encountered this error E18 so many times since I have purchased my A80. It started about 6 mos after I bought it (in 2004). Initially it would do it once then I turn it off and the mlens would gently roll back in and work after that. But the episodes got more frequent and sometimes associated with a lack of display, sometimes with lens locked, sometimes not. Changing batteries and hooking up the DC would do nothing. Eventually I had to bring it into a shop (Official Canon service center in Portland OR. They charged me 80 bucks and supposedly changed the power supply. I suspect they mostly or also did some cleaning. it worked for another year but started giving me the E18 again although I am extremely careful and always keep the camera in it's pocket away from dust between uses! Canon has to answer us!!!!!
Thanks for the great site!

I got the E18 error on my A80 after losing it on the floor. Gave it a couple of tries with the various things on this page. It didn't work. Then I gave it to my 15 month old son, and after 15 minutes of playing with it, it works. It got some hard knocks while he was playing, and I think that fixed it. I probably wasn't knocking it hard enough. The camera is three years old, and have taken over 12000 shots. Hope it will work for some more years still. I like my A80, and would probably buy another canon if I ever need to.


One year ago my boyfriend received the PowerShot A70 as a gift from a friend who bought it in France. About 1 week after we started using it we got the A18 error message. I tried changing batteries and powering on & off to no avail. I then called Canon support and was disappointed to learn (1) that since the camera was bought in France, the warranty was not valid here in the US and, (2) if I wanted to fix the camera I would have to mail it to Portland... the ONLY Canon service center in the entire United States!!!! As this was a gift and we both already have 3 other digital cameras between us, the A70 ended up in a drawer somewhere until this weekend when I was doing some Autumn-cleaning.

Being I am a man who lives in fantasy-land a lot, I thought I would give the camera another chance, hoping that the almost one-year rest would have corrected the problem. Well it didn't. Mainly out of mere curiosity I decided to do a Google search for the error message and was fortunate to run across your site. As I am also an inpatient man, I decided to go for the quickest (and most brute) solution... I pushed the lens back into the body manually. Low and behold, when I powered up the camera after man-handling it in this manner, it worked! I turned it on and off several times and it still works! I'm going to play with it the next couple of days to see what happens. I'm not overly optimistic that the same problem won't happen again because as I tilt the camera from side to side I can hear sometime loose moving around on the inside.

I have to say that 2 of the 3 other digital cameras we have in our household are Canons (PowerShot Digital Elph and Rebel XT) - and we've not had any problems with them (knocking on a forest of wood). Having said that, and after personally experiencing & reading about the horrible customer service and blatant refusal to address this - so apparent - manufacturing flaw with the A70 (and others), I am never going to buy another Canon camera again. I will also gladly join any class action suit against Canon in an attempt to force them to more appropriately address this issue.

Thank you again for this site which allows unsuspecting Canon-consumers to get the assistance that Canon refuses to offer.

Had a S310 for 2 1/ years. No problem until an E18 error occured. Upgraded to a S410, fist day got an E18. Cannon replaced with a "new" refurbished camera. worked for 6 1/6 months this time before, you guessed it, E18.


I had an IXUS 55 camera and it worked perfectlly until one sudden day two months ago. I hadn't use it for about 4-5 days and after then I'd taken some pictures and when I tried to switch it off camera refused to retract the lenses.
It was horrible/ I surfed the Internet and realised that only choice for me is to try to dismantle the camera and to fix it (It was outside the warranty period already), but it wouldn't help. when I'd dismantle it I found out that the motor which operates the lenses is not working.
Currently I brought it to Canon Service Center and Just awaiting the spares arrival. Estimated cost of repair will be around $180.

My name is Aaron. Ibought a A410 powershot from China in Sept 2005 and now Oct 2006 I got E18 on my screen and the zoom is stuck.I do not know what to do only to try DIY cause I am out of warranty...I am very dissapointed I should have got a Samsung.

We own an A70 (which was purchased 10/02), and on 10/31/06 we got the E18 error.

We called Canon support, and they offered repair for $89 or trade to A520 for $99.

I went right down the list of things to try e.g. changing batteries/card, AV Cable, (no compressed air), turning the lens... but it was

"Version #2:
Pull and twist on the largest ring of the lens while turning the camera on. Listen for a "click". If at first the focus seems to be off, turn the camera on and off and take lots of pictures, close ups and distance. You may find that the focus seems to improve. (Thanks Jeff Kishiyama)"

that worked... and voila, the camera is working again!

Really appreciate the suggestions (saved us $89)!

I have a Canon Digital Elph SD550 and got the E18 error due to the lens not being able to retract. Have sent it to the factory service and lets see what happens

I just fixed my s230 with the twist the lens method. Thanks! I was getting the e18 error. After deleting my memory card last night, it just shut down and the lens wouldn't retract. I have taken MANY photos since I got it in Dec 02 (but no dropping that can remember)...it's now back to kickin' Thanks!

Delighted to find your page but also disappointed as I thought Canon were the best and most reliable as they are definitely the most expensive cameras, to now find numerous complaints of E18which is a problem i have. My camera was bought Jan 2005 for my birthday in Feb by my son in England. The dreaded E18 appeared Aug 2006 as i was going on holidays and was downloading my card. My daughter also has a ixus 400 same as mine and hers is showing E51 and loosing all the pictures she has taken. You cant rely on it as you dont know when it is going to give up . As many of your comments say that they wont buy canon again I am inclined to agree with them

Can't believe what I have just found out, after buying my SD550 in May06 and having the E18 message last week at a familt birthday. Thought the battery was low when it kept shitting off, so after recahrging, it started with the E18.I sent it back like they said and am waiting for the results. I was also shopping for a new camera online and found my NEW camera has been discontinued already!I wonder WHY?

Just got the dreaded E18 error on my A60. About 3 years old. Lens failed to fully retraact after using the zoom in view mode.
Went to various shops getting various estimates to look at, never mind repair, between 25 & 95.
After reading these blogs, put the camera back in view mode & twisted lens when switching on. Took 3 tries, but now OK. Canon, you need to do more.

I have the powershot A520 and got the E18 error. It took me a while playing with it but I fixed it by twisting the lens while turning it on. I suggest this method as well as simply playing with it.

Bought an A70 in May 2003. It was fine for about 2 years when the 'E18' message appeared. Hasn't worked since. Started surfing the net and was absolutely astounded at how prevalent the problem was.
One son bought a Fuji S5000 in late 2003 which is still going strong. I owned a number of Canon cameras over the years and bought the A70 based on features and brand reliability. I bought a Fuji S5600 a year ago - great photos for far less than the equivalent Canon. Sorry Canon but I will never buy another one of your products.

Purchased my Canon Powershot S410 in May 2005. Now getting E18, googled it and am shocked by the number of people with this problem yet Canon does nothing. Can't seem to clear the error, time to go shopping for a new camera it won't be a canon!

I had the e18 today on my A410 camera...

it happened twice, then it hasn't happened since then. It makes a loud ticking noise when the lens retracts...what the heck is going on with the noises? And the E18...can I send this camera for a free replacement? It's still honored by the 1-year warranty.

I bought a powershot A75 two years ago and i got the E18 error in august (2006). I am very disapointed, i thought Canon made the best cameras. I will not buy Canon products anymore because they are not reliable.

My camera worked fine until it randomly stopped working the other night on Thanksgiving....E18 was the problem. I was so surprised to see that many people also had the same problem. It's a pain though. Now I have to go get it fixed.

Just Googled "Powershot A620 E18" and stumbled upon this site. My camera just decided to stop working a year after I purchased it. I see I am not alone. To answer the people above, the A620 surely is succeptible to this issue. Has anyone gotten any resolution? This sucks.

Readers may find this as hard to credit as I do, but my A70 has just been fixed by method 3, i.e. banging it on a table.
The camera suddenly seized mid-retraction, due to cheap batteries expiring (problem 1), and inadvertently I pushed the lense assembly home to the casing: an E18 and motor/gear/slipping noise, and only 2mm telescoping in lense assembly resulted. Eventually, with the camera switched on and E18 on the LCD, I tried banging the corners of the A70 on a table: both the rubber-padded corner AND a bare casing corner. While applying about 5 knocks to the latter, with a force of about twice that required to hold the camera, or twice that needed to break an egg properly (say, then, about 5 Newtons?), the hitherto whirling motor noise seemed to engage, the lense assembly moved to its proper x1.0 extent, and the LCD screen showed the image, in place of the accursed E18! I was astounded, but it has really worked in this case and I recommend trying the above remedy (many thanks to all concerned).

I have had my Canon A70 since June 2003. Just last month I started getting the E18 error. I just took it to a repair store today and they told me that repair would be as much as buying a new one. I really liked the Canon camera, but am hesitant about buying another one if this is a design problem. It like the american automobile industry: even when they know about a problem, they do not fix it (and as a result people have died). I guess I have to look for another camera. I have a hard time with companies who proclaim that their customers are number one, but their actions show otherwise.

Bought my A60 about 3 yrs ago, it started to have E18 troubles about 6 months ago. I paid over $400 for the camera and didn't think it would have to be replaced so soon (about 1000 pics taken so far). It is totally unreliable now!!! Sometimes taking the batteries out for a few minutes, or 'manhandling' the lens helps for a while. I will not buy another Canon camera, I can't believe how poor their customer service is regarding this matter!! I am thinking of getting an inexpensive Kodak or something, if these point and shoot cameras are made to be disposable, then I'll pay as little as possible.

Thanks for all of the advice. I tried a few suggestions, but they didn't work. So, I just dropped the camera a few times intentionally and now it seems to work ok. Figures...

Maybe that's by Canon's design?

Needless to say, I will not be buying another Canon...

Bought my Canon Powershot A95 20 months ago, and now I have the E18 error. Sometimes it will work again for no apparent reason, but the E18 always comes back - ALWAYS. Now that I know about this problem I'm pretty sure I was having focusing problems leading up to it - I kept having slightly fuzzy pictures. Now I'm in the market for a lower priced SLR, and I'm thinking of going with the Olympus Evolt over the Rebel b/c of this E18 problem. I realize the E18 doen't effect the SLR cameras, but I'm pissed Canon won't do anything. On the other hand, I had a malfunction with my Canon video camera, and it was fixed at no charge very efficiently by Canon. Still, I did have a problem.

Canon Powershot A75 E18 error...resolved by plugging in the AV cable into the tv!!!! Thanks a million...

I've had my Powershot A75 for a little over a year.
It was working fine, till one day i got the E18 message.. the camera still comes on and shuts off..but the lens will not go all the way back in.
When it is on , the focus is very blurry. I've tried the compressed air thing..the twisting it and pushing it back in thing...to no avail.
I'll try to take it apart one day and try to fix it myself...but my wife got frustraded and went and bought a Kodak Easyshare Z612. It's a very similar camera to this canon one.
the new camera is great...no problems..but i's only a few months old.

I have a canon ixus 500. I just got the e13 error.. about an hour ago. I tried the TV trick.. and the gentle twisting of the lense. No joy. Im charging the batteries fully and will try again tomorrow. If that doesnt work im going to dismantle (it well out of warrenty). If i get no fix from that - or i break it further then it goes in the bin and i go to the shop.. I think ill get a Pentax if need be. Sorry Canon - not impressed.

I just want to thank you for the info, I tried it all, and running it off the tv worked. It did still show the E18 when we shut it down, but when I turned it on it was able to take photos! It for the moment works! Santa may need to bring me a new digi! :)
anyway~ THANK YOU!

info was great for e18 popped lense back in with a little muscle

We let our Granddaughter use our S70 while on a trip to SeaWorld and near the end of our stay she got the dreaded E18 error, I know who would let an 9 year old use a camera like that! We also have an A710 IS and a 5D with a few thousand dollars worth of lenses so we think of it as the old point and shoot. Any way it seemed like the lens alignment looked OK so we tried the AV cable trick and Viola! you saved us 125.00 USD ( Canons flat rate repair for this model )thanks for the info

I got the E18 error on my SD 200 after a day at the beach with my new puppy. I called Canon because the manuel says to call and find out what the code means. Tech support wouldnt tell me what E18 meant muchless how to fix it myself. Of course they told me they could fix it for their flat rate of 89 or upgrade to a referb SD500 for 150. I tried the AV cable to luck, charged the battery, nothing, so I ended up have a use a little elbow grease and BAM like new!!!!!!!! Thanks man. So now my question to you is...do you accept donations cuz you saved me at least 90 bucks! Thanks again

It was so good to know i was`nt the only E.18 Canon owner.18 MONTHS trying to fix it,after canon telling me the repair of my luverly looking IXUS 400 would cost me 96 pounds,i did mend it just 2 minutes after reading the various messages. I PLUGGED it into the t.v. after fully charging the battery and when the lens began to open i held it and gently forced it too one side,it clicked and fully opened.and to think i nearly threw it away,i am so grateful to have found this site,it`s a luverly jubberly IXUS world again,Rocker=Bye AL.

I bought a canon A510 in Feb '06 and it broke on 14th Dec '06, (typically right before christmas). I tried banging (aka smashing), av output and twisting and turning lens and nothing would work. Eventually i was just sticking my nails in to the cracks around the lens, and then i tried running my nail through the middle of the two lens sections, and then it worked! but now it makes a hell of a click when you turn it of, so basicy, canin sucks.

I bought a s410 a little over two years ago. It's out of warranty so I tried to fix it from some of the instructions from this site, including dismantling it. No luck, the thing is f.u.b.a.r. Never buying a canon again.

The smack it on the USB port method worked for me on my abused 3 year old A70, thanks!

Awesome! I was about to disassemble my Canon SD100 but tried the A/V cable and a wiggle on the lens and all is good in the world.... at least the world involving the camera in my hands.
I guess the SD700IS can wait until Boxing Day now. ;-)
Many many many thanks!

Possiedo una Powershot S70 e anche io sono incappato 2 giorni fa nel famigerato errore e18. Praticamente mi capitato un disallineamento delle lenti dell'obiettivo che quindi rimasto bloccato e non rientrava pi. In preda al panico le ho provate tutte, comprese quelle suggerite da questo vostro forum, finch, delicatamente sono riuscito a far ruotare l'ultimo anello di lente (il pi esterno) fino a fargli assumere la posizione originale e cos tutto tornato a posto.
Grazie comunque all'utlili del vostro forum che mi ha permesso di evitare il costoso e quanto mai inutile invio al centro di assistenza Canon.
Good luck!

I own a canon IS2 just out of guarantee! I was shooting o a foggy day when e18 came up and I was unable to retract the lens or shoot any more shots, at home I left the camera to 'warm up' changed the batteries and all was OK I recharged the batteries and tried again, all was ok for a while but then E18 again, now I am not sure if it is bateries, foh or camera. WATCH THIS SPACE!

OK it still doesn' work even after warming up the camera and batteries, plus it isn't foggy! I will take it back to the retailer and get their opinion (with this site!) Keep watching

My A75 is two years old; it will not power on, and the lens is stuck in the open position. Tried new batteries, and recharging; it just won't power up.

I have a Canon Ixus 55, it has been 'repaired' twice during the warranty period when displaying the E18 error, I now have another E18 error.
Canon should support their products better than this, I will never buy another Canon product again.

SUCCESS - e18 fixed. I had the e18. Came here and read the forums.. I will say that my lens would pop half way out then retract with e18. I used the tip at the top of the page, which said to push down on the lens where there appeared to be a tiny tiny gap. AFter sitting in the closet for a year , that trick actually worked. THANK YOU

My A70 is over 3 years old and the E18 error has recently started to appear. The "tapping the covered av/out section of the camera on a hard surface" suggestion seems to clear it up but it does reappear intermittently. Thanks for the info.

im so angry! i had this error about 10-11 months after purchasing, sent it back under warranty to get it fixed. now its appearing again (out of warranty) and im about to go on an overseas trip! ill try the av trick when i get home tonight, otherwise i'll have to fork out some more dosh for another camera >:(

I got the E18 error ONE DAY after getting an underwater camera case!! Talk about Murphy's law .. Words can't describe how irritated I am.. Ive had it for 22 months and it worked beautifully until now

I forgot to mention, its a powershot A70
--and my underwater case only works with the a70 or a60 :(

I am having the E18 error with my Cannon PowerShot A70, purchased Dec 2003.

I can now get the lense to retract most of the time by either tapping or twisting. However, the focus is COMPLETELY gone - even when turning it on and off multiple times. Any suggestions?

My wife knocked the a Canon S50 out of my hand while on and it landed on and jammed the lens. I kept getting the E18 error and the camera refused to function. I did some Google work and came across your site. I thought the advice to force the lens was a bit caveman-ish. But after finding out that Canon wanted $150 just to look at the camera, I decided to give it a try. I had to turn the camera on and off about 25 times and really force it, but it finally "snapped" into place and the camera works great. Thanks for the advice, you made a believer out of me.

got the draded E18 after about a year. Don't know what hahpened. I tried blowing air and also "tapping" and neither worked. Now it's off to Illinois....

Just got the E18 after one year of great photos with my A95.

Tried several on/off cycles and new batteries. Finally removed the memory card, powered up, down, then replaced card. AOK, so far... Keeping my fingers crossed. Have loved this Canon so far and have recommended Canons to several friends and bought my daughter one for her birthday.

I bought the SD400 in late Aug 2005. I bought an extra warranty from the authorized reseller when I purchased the camera. In April 2006 I had dropped the camera and the lens would not retract so it was sent to Canon for repairs. My camera came back mid June and it worked fine. I have barely used my camera since then. I took it out to take picture over New Years Eve weekend and the dreaded E18 error popped up and the lens would not retract. I tried recharging the battery - now the lens will retract and the E18 error is not there, but everything is blurry, and when I zoom in or out the lens makes a horrible clicking noise. I called Canon and they told me I could send it in to be repaired for a minimum cost of $99 or buy a refurbished one for $150. When I told them my camera had just had this specific problem fixed by Canon 6 months ago I was informed that there is only a 3mnth warranty on repairs. I mentioned that there are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to this error, and considering the fact that Canon had just fixed this problem that there must be some kind of flaw with the model to which he replied "Mam there is nothing wrong with the camera you probably got dirt in it or something." The thing has been in its case forever and worked perfectly the last time it was used.

OK the camera that went wrong on a foggy day has gone back to Canon, The retailer was very good, now let us see what Canon can do! If all fails, I think the next camera will be a Panasonic

the e18 error code keeps comming up on my canon poweshot A400 camera after trying to turn if off after use. to fix this, press and hold down the circular set button and arrow buttons at the same time, then press and hold down the on/off button untill the lens retracts. it works every time for me.

Thanks for the help, 24 mo old A95 had the e18 error code,tried the the AV plug-in trick, pulled on the lens, then the AV cover tap...works fine now.

Thanks for this information!! I was going to buy a Canon A520 on an auction site but this is enough to put anyone off purchasing a Canon. Has this defect been repaired on new Canon cameras??

I didn't have the error message but just a black screen when opening the lens (just started last week in a 3yr old camera). Before taking it in to repair, came across this blog. Did the manipulations suggested. Bingo! Many many thanks. the lens just seems a little fragile in alignment generally (though sand might have been the issue)

I bought an S2IS 4 months ago and it was about 2 weeks before I got the first E18. I didn't see it again for weeks and weeks. lately, however, I run a 25% chance that it'll pop up while I'm shooting. Thanks for posting the tips and fixes- instead of dreading the next E18, I'm actually looking forward to it so I can fix all this silliness.

after having the same e18 on my display i opend my power-shot a400.
i found a broken cog wheel made of the poorest plastic i have ever seen whit some tooths missing.

i guess those cog wheels are the reason for canon cameras to break.
i made my own wheel from steel and installt it inside the camera.
but be careful if you want do it, it was not easy.

I fixed the E18 problem with my Canon PowerShot A70 using the following information from Mike Scher;
"This error occurs when the lens is "stuck" or not extending "straight". The error can happen in 3 ways: either when the lens wont "come out", or "comes out" and then retracts, or does not retract at all. 1) If the lens doesn't extend at all or it extends, but then retracts again, do as follow: Turn the camera off. Place the camera on it's back with the lens facing up and have a look at the "spacing" between the lens and the lens housing. You'll probably notice that the gap is NOT EVEN all the way around. To fix this, simply -VERY GENTLY- press down on the side where the gap is the biggest. You will hear a "click" as it pops back in place. Try powering it back on."

I did not hear a click but the Camera powered up normally with out the E18 code right after I did what Mike suggested.

Thanks Mike

Tony P.

i have the dreaded E18.... on a powershot A70 no joy as yet with any of the suggested methods, it doesnt sound like Canon are to helpful, reading your foram!! You think you are buying a good reputable product, i was advised to by canon told you cant go wrong....or can you?

whay!!!!! having posted my problem my husband just undid the very tiny screws that holds the front of the camera in had another blew out then used a little brute force ppushed on the lens and in it went now operational!! i may add the prat has now lost one on the tiny scres so here i go on the floor

Hey guys, I have a canon powershot A95 and the battery door tabs broke after a minor drop. I bought a replacement door on ebay, any instructions on how to take the old door off and the new one on?


I have a canon A70 purchased years ago, not without some issues since then (although i have dropped it multiple times). But just got the E18 error for the first time. The lens refused to open. After repeated banging and trying to push the lens into place I was just about to give up when I tried turning it on, removing the ring around the lens, and pushing one last time and it finally worked. Thanks! Too bad this error is so prevalent, I was thinking of getting a new camera anyway but it may not be a canon now when i do.

Thanks so much. My SD400 has been out of commission for about 1.5 years, and I was about to shit-can it (read eBay it), but I figured I might as well try and disassemble it instead. Lo and behold, using your guides, I fixed it without opening it up. THANKS!!!

Hey i'm 15, and i was given the canon PS50 from my parents because I always went out with friends and they trusted that I take good care of the camera. I knew it was an expensive camera and that if I were to harm it, we probably wouldn't have enough money to get another one right away.

Well I always take good care of this camera, never dropping it or slamming it around. It was about a week ago i was sitting in front of my computer, and I pulled out my camera. I connected it to the USB port on my computer to upload pictures from a couple nights ago and it wouldn't turn on. I disconnected the camera from the port and tried to slide the flap open. When i did so, the lense would not extend all the way and the flap wouldn't go back in.

I tried to open and close this again (with the showing of the E18 on the bottom left corner) about 4 times, at which i came across a site (not this one) that listed ONLY the problems and no solutions. I thought the camera was a GONER! :[ I prayed a little, and it miraculously opened for some reason :P

Well tonight I took a picture of my dog sleeping on my couch and as i closed the camera, it wouldn't close all the way. Yup, E18 error again. I came to this awesome site, and tried 3 tips that did not work for me on here. However, i came across the tapping the USB padded side while opening, and IT WORKED.

I warned my mom about this, in any case that it will happen again and to be cautious when purchasing a canon product again..


I need to preface the following by stating that I do not think this post will help drive David's "E18 error" case. Rather, I wanted to communicate a positive experience with Canon (yes, its true). I am neither employed by them nor connected with them in any way other than the purchase of a digital camera and a desktop printer. In addition, I've often been labeled a skeptic.

My issue involves Canon model A710 IS. My son dropped it (my bad for letting him use it). The impact did not seem particularly intense; more like a slight "bump", however, lens errors were the result, as well as the auto-lens-cover being broken (the ultra-miniature springs popped out) and the zoom ceased functioning. I tried some of the methods of repair listed here to no avail.

I had originally purchased this as "gray market goods" (manufactured only for sale in Japan). It came with no U.S. manufacturer's warranty, with a specific statement within the packaging saying that it was "not warranted in the U.S." . I did spring for a service plan through the online merchant that sold me the camera.

Still wrestling with the thought that I may be out the expense of buying a new one, I figured "Well, what's another $18 shipping?" and sent it to the nearest Canon Factory Repair Center (Chicago Illinois) per the instructions from their online repair request form.

I received it back within 10 business days, repaired at no charge. They did not charge for return shipping and packaged it in its original box at my request. The ticket read: "Warranty repair. $0.00 fee". The repair carries a 90 day warranty.

This was a COMPLETE and TOTAL shock considering all the horror stories I've heard/read re: gray market electronics with no U.S. manufacturer's warranty, in addition to the stories posted here re: lens errors and how easily this can happen. Even more shocking is the fact that both the Canon manufacturer's warranty and my extended service plan specifically exclude damage due to impact...yet they still fixed it at no charge.

Perhaps it was a mistake on Canon's part, but I believe David's case has gotten noticed. I plan to cautiously stand by my Canon products...at least for now. However, I won't hesitate to change my mind if the situation warrants it. That's what websites like this one are for. EXCELLENT WORK, DAVID !!

Needless to say, when the repaired camera arrived, even before inserting new batteries, I attached the wrist strap...what a thoughtful accessory :)

Have had my Canon since 2003 and just got my first E18 error, with the lens 1/2 way open. While I'm glad I found this site and was able to repair it using Mike's twist method, I have to admit I was excited to start shopping for a new Canon! RATS! Thanks all!

E18 error experienced two days ago after having SD400 in my pocket. Camera is 10 months old. Problem is not resolved.

I've had a number of Canon camera's over the past 5 years and its only now with an S70 that I've gotten the dreaded E18 error and lock up.

Never had a problem with a G2 (still going strong with a friend), an S400 (again in perfect working order with users new to digital) a G6 and an SLR 350D both still being used by me. All cameras have been well looked after but used extensively, so body damage is minimal but they've taken a lot of shots.

The S70 is a new addition and was purchased specifically for recreational use in a waterproof case.

Given my previous good run with Canon I'm not a happy user running into this issue now. So far the fixes mentioned above and leaving the camera untouched overnight have worked, but I no longer feel that I can rely on this camera.

Having been a firm supporter of Canon technology I'm disappointed with their lack of response in addressing what is obviously a common problem in some models.

As reliability is the most important feature to me, I will just have to become familiar with another manufacturers product.

My A95 was dropped by my wife on a carpeted conncrete floor-the outermost lens was kittywampus when I received it from her and batteries dead. Replaced batteries and powered it up-motor tried to run but couldn't retract the obviously cocked lens! I didnt even look for an E-18 error-just shut it down and went to work on it! Removed all screws and components to try and get access to the retractable lens assy. Ran into somewhat of a wall because the gear train is locked up and unable to figure out how to remove lens assy from flex tapes, etc. Does the front half of the lens assy pull away from the back half while it is still in the camera honeycomb-or must all the flex tapes be unsoldered and the whole lens assy is then removed? I then stumbled on to this Blog and decided to try the push hard on the lens to hear a click/or rotate a lens section- but I must reassemble quite a bit because pushing on the lens right now will tear the flex tapes! Ive torn mine down using an eyeloupe, small crosspoint screwdriver and a nice pair of instrument grade straight tweezers. Does anyone know how the lens are mechanically driven in and out? Are there possibly 3 worm gear drive assys?

A95 Battery door remove and replace? Send me an email with phone # and I'll tell you- I have taken mine apart way beyond the battery door level-Its not that hard with a good small screwdriver- I used a Jensen 36B122 a pair of small straight tweezers and an eyeloupe- my vision has faded over the years! scottyd9@nventure.com

Tapping method works for PowerShot S50. Thank you soooooo much! ^_^

Fixed E18 error two times within the last two months.

Now it's completely dead.
no idea why, worked fine after i fixed the last E18 error. changed bats and everything, ugh.

Thanks for all the information, I fixed my SD200. What worked was banging the camera in each corner several times. Thanks again!!!

I was getting an error E18. The lens would extend, then retract, then I could hear two sets of clicking noises coming from inside the camera body before the error was displayed. I was able to get it to function again by laying the camera on it's back and gently pressing the lens all the way around. It did not appear to be out of alignment and I did not hear any clicks, but after doing this I powered the camera on and it worked fine again!

Thanks for your site!

the tap mode worked with me;

tap hardly

Thank you all

hi. i too faced the dreadful e18 error with my a 95. this was the first site to pop up on google. thank god!
i went through the possible solutions and tried the tap method. (i firmly believe that this method always works best, used to work like magic on my tv). tried it and it had the camera working in 5 seconds flat. thanks again guys.

I just opened my A70 to fix the zoom lever springs (lost their elasticity), and ended up with E18 upon the reassembly.

Solution - the screw to the left of the battery - the long one - was screwed in too tight. I did some fine-tuning and now everything works.

Thanks so much for setting up this site. Since misery loves company, I've found the comments of other Canon buyers therapeutic (and very informative). Three years ago, I bought my first digital camera, a Canon ELPH Powershot. I loved the form factor, the battery life, and the quality of the photos. Unfortunately, it started to have problems, it would intermittently fail to read the memory card (usually when there was an extraordinary photo waiting to be taken). So, while on a trip to Sicily, I bought a Canon IXUS 55 last March. I liked the form factor and the performance and size even better. UNTIL this morning, when the camera lens extended but refused to retract--and the dreaded E18 error message was displayed. Since it's still under warranty, I called the Canon Service Center, only to be informed that because I bought the camera overseas, it is not covered by a warranty. This is outrageous!!

I have lost all respect for Canon, which I used to think made high-quality products and stood behind them. If you own their stock, sell it now!! These kinds of design errors, planned obsolescence, and penny-wise warranty policies are signs that Canon's management has lost its way and has forgotten that pleasing their customers is essential if their company is to be profitable in the long-term.

Anyone have recommendations on what I should buy next?

I've had my camera since May 2004 (about two and a half years) and it's an S410. Now I'm getting this E18 error.

E18 Error has struck.
Got a Powershot S2IS which started to have a jerking movement when retracting/extending the lens the last time I took photos a couple of days ago. Now getting a constant E18 error, tried several tips seen here and on other sites, light pressure, tapping the side of the camera etc, but to no avail. This camera is only 1.5 years old, therefore out of warranty, it would be a shame to throw it in the bin, it cost a lot of money! Can anybody help?

I really am sorry but I have to join your group: I have a S2IS camera, 1.8 years old, and since today the only thing it displays it's E 18 error code. I always protected the camera, I kept it in a good bag, never dropped it. What's more curious is that I didn't use it for 2 months (bought a smaller camera) and today, when I tried to use it, I saw this problem. I can not explain the reason, but in see neither can you. Or Canon... I hope this site will help others when deciding to buy a camera like this. I payed a lot for my S2IS...

Got an E18 error (with the lens retracted) after a minor drop of my Canon SD200 (16 months old). After reading about the futility/cost of warranty/repair, I decided to try to fix it myself.

The camera opened easily with just six screws and the case pops off independent of all the electronics. I powered the camera on and operated the lens with the covers off. I put it back together and everything works normally.

The operation was delicate, but not difficult. I put the case back together with the lens extended so that the gasket around the lens stayed in place. So far, so good.

I have treated PS S45 like a baby. Never been dropped or battered. E18 came up after 2 years. We had another problem with the camera during waranty period. Great image quality terrbible product quality. Will never buy Canon again.

Thank you very much for your help solving the E18 problem! I hooked up my camera to my computer using the A/V cable (I know this makes no sense, but I have no TV), and the camera worked after I unplugged it.

OK my camera S2is) broke down (E18) on a foggy day in December, I returned it to Bristol Cameras, the guarantee had JUST run out. Bristol Cameras got in touch with Canon and although it has taken a month and a half. I have just picked up a Canon S3is FREE OF CHARGE! With a new guarantee. Thanks Bristol Cameras and Canon for the upgrade. I did though, take out an extended guarantee this time! I do agree with a previous post. DON'T DROP IT!

Hi I've had my canon powershot for well over a year, within the last two weeks I have been experiencing the e18, being a non techy person, my first attempts at jiggling the camera could clear it but after a week of this intermittant problem - solution process, it became totally "e18" and buzzing noise emitted from the unit. After searching my handy canon manual to no avail, I resorted to searching the web, and luckily for me found your sight (great sight by the way- thankyou)I read through the proposed solutions to the problem and to be honest couldn't be bothered with the fancy stuff so just tried giving it a moderate thwack on the base of the camera with the sole of my hand (in a gentle feminine way of course) whilst I am hesitant to reccommend this solution, it worked for me my camera is now back to it's old self....although I still expect I'll have a E18 in the future...hope I'm wrong...

Today the E18 error occurred in my wife's 6 year old A80. It also happened some weeks ago but without doing anything special it disappeared again. This time it didn't, so I googled the problem and tried some of the solutions. I blew behind the lense, I turned the lense unit, also I changed the batteries and connected the USB cable to my computer. Suddenly again it worked, but I don't know how stabil this is. I think weak batteries may be co-responsible for this error, if the camera is old and the servos are not so strong any more. Anyway I think this camera did a good job so long, but in the future we may consider to change the brand.

We've got the Canon Power Shot S400 with the E18 error. I've tried all of the fixes, short of having it done, or taking it apart. I've had no luck, camera is still inoperable.

Just had the E18 error with my S400 Canon. Tried the easy fixes to no avail yet. Good to find info that others are having same problem. Bad that Canon hasn't offered to help.

E18 error after a drop. AV cable did nothing but tapping worked. I was surprised. You can still hear some noise caused by a tiny part when shaking... Thanks for tips.

SD550 E18 after nothing... worked fine all day, then E18 3 hours later when went to view. Even hitting hard has not worked (yet)!


HAHA ROFL. A whole website dedicated to an error message. If you guys had any sense you would realize that E18 is an error message. It occurs when there is a problem with the lens. It is not a design flaw. People think they can drop their cameras on their lenses or whatever abuse it takes and nothing will happen. Theres no mystery to it its very straight forward and it happens to any digital camera with a retractable lens. Granted like anything sometimes and i do mean sometimes, as in less of the time the product fails on its own for whatever reason. But most of the time, and i do mean most of the time, it happens because of some fumble or jumble with the lens. All the conspiracy theorist and BS its really sad to see that people would sue LOL i still laugh when i think of it, sue for something that they cause on a product, and if they didnt cause it understanding that mechanics do fail sometimes under normal wear and tear. Doesnt happen to every camera you just happen to be a part of the malfunction lottery probably somewhere between 2-5% of the Canon Digi-cam consumers. So yes i had an A85 camera with an E18 error. And like some others out there with sense i understood that no canon wasnt trying to swindle me or conspire to make me buy another camera. Just an error message when the lens times out and doesnt move properly. Reason why it seems so abundant is because this is the same error Canon has been using pretty much since the beginning of their digital cameras. Not all manufacturers make it that simeple throughout all their cameras. Sony and olympus switch there error codes up pretty often from camera to camera. Hope this site feels enlightened, thats my E18 story HAHA

P.S. remind all those who say "Im never gonna buy another Canon again" because they dropped their camera or whatever happened. Here's a reality check, Canon was ranked #1 in reliability by PC Magazine '04 and '05 and gets high scores from many other consumer mags. So just remember its a game of percentages when dealing with the masses and Canon consistenly has the lowest percentage of issues with their cameras. Anyone wondering why im even taking the time to do this. I'm tired of the horrible self-righteous egotistical BS some of these posters are saying. GET REAL! UNDERSTAND YOUR PLACE IT DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND "YOU". Good luck with the other manufacturers. You'll soon be crying recall for their products.

Thank you very much, I think I just saved dozens of euros by tapping my A95 quite hard towards my desk. It solved the E18!


I had the same problem with a lens that wouldn't retract on a A75 Powershot. I tried everything but twisting the lens (hard), and nothing worked. Finally, probably out despair, I tried twisting the lens ring HARD while turning it on. The smallest ring, pull hard and twist counter clockwise. It fixed the problem. It was out of focus, and the autofocus wasn't working very well. But as suggested, I'm taking lots of pictures, and the focus has improved considerably. Be careful about how hard you pull the lens though. I wouldn't suggest it, due to the possibility of burning out the motor or breaking the gears, but I had given up and was ready to trash the camera. So for me it was a last resort that worked.

Canon Ixus IIs. Took 7200 photos, error E18. Disassembled camera. There were two problems causing E18 error in my camera: 1. slightly teared wire on the lens unit. Repaired it, problem persisted. 2. Autofocus mechanism inside lens unit also has gears! One of the gear had jammed threading preventing it from rotation. Fix it. E18 gone. Now have problems with autofocus.

Canon Ixus IIs. Took 7200 photos, error E18. Disassembled camera. There were two problems causing E18 error in my camera: 1. slightly teared wire on the lens unit. Repaired it, problem persisted. 2. Autofocus mechanism inside lens unit also has gears! One of the gear had jammed threading preventing it from rotation. Fix it. E18 gone. Now have problems with autofocus.

I have had my S400 for several years and taken thousands of photos. Last week, out of the clear blue sky, I got the E18 error (had never heard of it before). It disappeared after several (3 - 5) power on/off sequences. Camera has been well taken care of, always in its leather case, never dropped, kept clean, I don't let people borrow it or children hold it. Seems obvious that it is a design flaw but I'm no engineer.

S2IS, just 14 months old. It does get a lot of use but nothing out of the ordinary is ever expected of it (just to work would be nice!)Started with the odd E18 error just this week and restarting and fiddling would get it going again, but now the lens is extended and does not want to retract and it just keeps displaying the E18 error. I am very disappointed in Canon (no more for me and I was just about to buy a new 3ccd Video Cammera!!) Just wish I had known about this before as I have sold 1/2 dozen though our store - I had a call the other day from one lady saying that her camera seems to have something wrong with the lens - not liking the sound of it at all!!

Three year old SD300 with no problems until today --- E18 error. Nothing seems to work to fix it. Very disappointed.

Hi, I recently bought a new Canon A80 from ebay:
It came without a CF.
I tried using a Sandisj 256MB CF and it showed Memory Card error. But other functions of Camera is working fine. I thought the problem is with CF and now bought a Transcend 1 GB CF card paying almost 30$. Getting the same error. is this E18 error or this is different. What shud i do to get this fixed. I contacted the seller but in vain. Awaiting for a quick response.

Hello I have had a canon a 70 for about a year now.
I have NEVER dropped it or even got a scratch on it.
I was taking pictures and the battery died, upon replacing the batteries it came with a e18 at the lower left of the screen.
I changed the batteries and still the same thing.
I have had this for 2 months. I suggest not buying canon digital cameras, the customer service is horrible and the camera broke for no reason, out of the blue.
Canon sucks.

Hello ALL,
My camera is maybe 2 years old and one day it just stopped opening. The E18 error showed up and it is no longer under warranty? Is there a class action suit I can join, please eamil me; I want to take part in doing something right agains the big bad corporation.

My Canon A80 started displaying the E18 error a month or so ago - the lens would extend, then it would beep angrily, display E18 and turn off - with the lens still extended. It even gave the error message when turning on in the review mode, where the lens isn't even supposed to extend.

I had to remove the batteries to enable me to get the lens shut again.

Anyway, today I was about to try pulling it apart, and before I did that I took out the CF card and discovered that it was a bit loose. I removed it, checked the connections and put it back in again - and it seems to now work. No more E18 error. FIXED!

So - the E18 error appears not only to be a lens issue, but also a reading from the CF card issue.

I've owned an A80 for a few years. Got the E18 error a while back and it seemed to fix itself. Just got it again and, when it wouldn't correct itself, I plugged it up to the TV via the A/V cable. Now it's working again. Thanks!

hello all!
I dropped my canon powershot a510 on the concrete basement floor while lens was open(ouch!). I picked it up, immediately turned it on / off and the lens was stuck extended 1/2 way - - would not close - - e18 error flashed on the bottom left corner of my view screen and the camera shut off by itself. I tried to remove the batteries, re-insert, also tried hooking up with a/v cable - - neither worked. Then I took another person's advice and gently slammed my camera lens on my desk to push the lens back in - - then I turned the camera back on and - like magic - it worked!!!!!!
I am so relieved - - I thought my camera was done for!!! My memory card/pictures were all still there, just needed to reset the date/time. Took a few pictures and all seems to be ok!!! Thanks for your website - - which I found by searching my camera type/error code on google.

I have a powershot A520 and have the E18 error. I have tried all of your very welcome suggestions but none are workimg with my camera. I purchased it 2 years ago and all of a sudden it stopped working. Canon will repair for $89.00 + $8.00 shipping or replace it with the A610 for $125.00. Like I really want another Canon. I have no idea what kind of camera I am going to get but I am 39 years old & have only had Canon's and am VERY disappointed in their service if this is an ongoing problem. I would love to fix it myself but cannot find instructions on this particular model. Any suggestions?

I don't have the E18 error or a lens stuck, but have a black screen. I can view other photos, but the screen is now black and any new pictures I try to take are all black. The lens does not appear to be stuck or misaligned. Any ideas on this problem? Thank you!

Have the same problem with my A700 powershot.... Just used it for a single day! Not yet dropped anywhere - kept it safe in the pouch.


thanks for your site. Yet another e18 error here on my ixus 500. i wasn't doing anything out of the ordinairy, just taking pictures of my daughter.

I tried all sorts of things, I even took it apart to see if i couldn't get at the motor that drives the lense to see if there was a problem there. i got lost after a while and decided to put it back together.

lucky i did. one of you readers said to use the twist method. I gave the lense a good twist whilst powering up and it worked!

how long it'll stay like that for I don't know.


I'm not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere on this site, but wanted to post in case others have the same problem. My screen went black--no error message and I could view previously taken photos. I found the solution to my problem on Cannon's website. Look under Support, Service Advisories (http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=PgComSmModDisplayAct&keycode=2112&fcategoryid=224&modelid=9827). There is a malfunction with the CCD image sensor. I called the 1-800 number and Cannon emailed me a UPS shipping label to send in my camera to have the CCD replaced for free. Even though my camera is no longer under warranty (it's 3+ years old), they'll still fix it!
I'll let you know if it works when I get it back.

Thank you for this !!

I dropped my A510 on ground outside and the lens got stuck...

I tried everything to fix it, and that worked:

Pull and twist on the largest ring of the lens while turning the camera on. Listen for a "click". If at first the focus seems to be off, turn the camera on and off and take lots of pictures, close ups and distance. You may find that the focus seems to improve. (Thanks Jeff Kishiyama)

I hope it won't do the same error soon..

I got the e 18 error after dropping my camera. After trying all the above methods, I pushed in on the lens rings while turning the power on. The lens clicked into place, and now seems to work fine.

My lens stuck open on Friday night, assumed it was the battery but it is the E18 error. Tried a few things here but no luck so far.

My Ixus 500 gave up yesterday, a few months out of the warranty time...

The lens is stuck in the out posistion, and when turning on the camera there are som mechanical sounds as if it tries to do something and then a black screen and the E18 code....

Have tried with the removal of battery with no success.
Thanks for a nice site, I will try some of your tips...

my next camera will NOT be a Canon

I've gotten several Canon cameras over the last 5 years - A40, A70, A95 plus a high quality scanner. Even with little use, they all developed problems within 2 years. Sent them in for repair $100 a shot. They developed other problems within a year. None were abused. Each was well taken care. Sorry but quality has gone way down as far as I'm concerened.

CANON IS RIDICULOUS. I can't believe this problem has been going on for 3 years now! I have a canon SD550 and the e18 problem came up and none of these solutions worked for me.
I just got this camera a month ago, but it was a refurbished camera that i got after my last canon dying. Looks like all their cameras are horrible. CANON SUCKS, never buy from them if you havent already!!!

I love my SD400 and never had a problem with it in the past 2+ years, until I dropped it on a stone staircase last week, knocking the lens barrel out of place. After this, the camera worked fine in playback mode, but the small lens barrel was grossly misaligned and unable to retract, resulting in the E18 error message whenever I put it into camera mode. I thought it was a lost cause until I read this blog and succesfully used the instructions on how to force the lens barrel back into place. It clicked back in and now the camera works perfectly again! Goes to show that at least some of the Canons are durable! Thanks for the help!

Just lost my 2nd camera to the E18 error- an S410 after 2 years (it was a replacement for my S230 which broke after 2 years with an E18 as well...) - I went to Canon's website and was presented with the option to try to send it in for repairs for $107+tax... It's going for the same new on eBay!!! Did anything come of the class action suit?

Well I, like the majority of you decided to google E18 and found this website. I started at the top and started reading through the postings. The majority of us who look at this site and post are somewhat technically proficient and feel there must be something we can do about it rather then getting the shaft from Canon. I didn't know where my TV cable was but due to the fact that my lens did retract I didn't think this would help. I read through the posts and tried air no go. I tried tapping no go. I read a post about applying force to the lens, seemed like a bad idea, but so does not having a working camera that I paid several hundred dollars for, A95. The way I got my camera fixed within 15 minutes of finding this website is:

1) Turned camera to play mode. This made the camera stop with the lens out.

2) Palm out with the back of the camera on my palm, I somewhat gently rotated the lens using friction, no real luck so it seemed.

3) Then I pressed with some increasing force, a decent pressure but not killing it, not enough to bend a spoon, pressed until I heard a click. Lo and behold the camera is working!!!!

I would also like to add something that I didn't see described in the posts. The camera when not working made a sort of grinding noise. I believe this to be the lens not fully connecting to the "telelens" "wideangle" function. Further I believe that that part of the camera exactly is the faulty part. Pretty lame of Canon as it is one of the main moving parts so you would think it would be designed better. I probably will get another Canon unlike a lot of the other posters. The reason, the pictures I have taken are incredible. I just hope Canon doesn't go the greedy route and start sacrificing quality to "make a buck". Good luck to anyone who uses this data. I would like to thank the author of this site, without it many more of us would have unworking cameras.

My girlfriend recently bought PowerShot A640 digital camera and on the very same day she got this "lense error" message (otherwise known as "error 18"). It was only then that we came accross this (and similar) web pages. Now I know for certain that my nnext camera is not going to be from Canon.

One would think they got aware of the problem since the year 2000. But not Canon, as it appears.

Bought a Canon Powershot S80 in late March 2006. Use it mainly with an underwater housing. Have taken 8800 pictures. Received E18 error on 24 May 2007. Lens wouldn't retract. Couldn't slide cover over lens. Removed battery and replaced with fresh one. Still E18. Clicking noise in lens mechanism as if plastic cogs not engaging. Forced lens in after removing battery five times. Able to continue taking photos but E18 error has resurfaced four of five times since yesterday. Very disappointed as I am Canon shareholder. Is this planned obsolescence? Why do so many products fail just after expiration of warranty?

Bought a Canon Powershot S80 in late March 2006. Use it mainly with an underwater housing. Have taken 8800 pictures. Received E18 error on 23 May 2007. Lens wouldn't retract. Couldn't slide cover over lens. Removed battery and replaced with fresh one. Still E18. Clicking noise in lens mechanism as if plastic cogs not engaging. Forced lens in after removing battery five times. Able to continue taking photos but E18 error has resurfaced four of five times since yesterday. Very disappointed as I am Canon shareholder. Is this planned obsolescence? Why do so many products fail just after expiration of warranty?

Purchased camera in summer 2003... and just got the E18 error message. Given that I cannot fix it and in light of all bove experirieences and Canon's non-responses to all, I just wont replace it with another Canon... That is our best-- minimal --leverage... Good luck to all.

I have a Canon SD300. It worked perfect for 2 years and all of a sudden it now shows error code E18. I am not a handy man so I guess my option is to buy another camera, not a Canon ofcourse.

I bought my Canon A620 in January 2006. On 5th April 2007, 3 months after the warranty expired, when we were on holiday in Singapore the camera displayed the dreaded E18 error with the lense refusing to extend. I have tried the AV cable technique which worked once but after a few pictures the error appeared back again.

Today I called Canon Service here in Hong Kong. But they were not helpful at all. They denied all knowledge of any problem existing with their cameras. Canon are selling dud cameras and getting away with it. I am very disappointed and shocked at the behaviour of Canon; when it is very obvious that the problem with the camera is certainly a design flaw in its lense mechanism. This behaviour warrants a class action to be brought against Canon. After this episode I will never touch any Canon products at all. There does not seem to be any quality control in their products, and their behaviour in the market place is very disappointing.

Thank you!!! My camera hasn't worked in months, I had no idea this was such a huge problem.

The a/v cable trick (and hitting the camera) got my SD200 to extend, though it was still making terrible grinding noises. Its warranty expired, so I opened up the case, turns out one of the screws holding the case on broke and fell into the lens mechanism. Once I removed that, it was working perfectly!!

Add my name to the list of people who will never again buy a Canon, and I will tell everyone else not to buy one either. Even though it's a fixable problem, I can't believe the company is being so unhelpful.

okay im looking at this site trying to do everything possiable to fix my canon a400 camera.. which had that e18 error on the screen.. i tried banging it, pushing it in, nothing seemd to work.. then i noticed that it was slanted so i just took a baby screw driver and stuck it in the side and pushed it out.. and now it works fine... Thank GOD

"Fourth, try forcing the lens."

I Tried Version #1

AND IT Worked!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so easy to fix!..I can't believe Canon is keeping it a secret and charging $120-$170 to just apply gentle pressure on a lens to fix this problem......

Thanks guys!

I have a Canon S2 IS. It is 18 months old and about 2 weeks ago it started making noises when retracting the lens. I took it into my local camera store immediately and they told me they could send my camera away to Canon to get it checked. It would be gone 3-4 weeks, cost $50 for a diagnosis and the likely end result would be that Canon would replace the lens barrel for a cost of approximately $200. (The $50 diagnosis fee would be applied to that).

I decided that $200 is a big chunk of a brand new camera, and to try and baby this one along, hoping it was just something caught in the mechanism that I could gentle dislodge.

2 weeks later, the dreaded E18 error occured when I was low on battery and the lens is now stuck extended.

Why is it my Canon SLR (non-digital) which I bought 15 years ago for about the same price as the Canon S2 IS still works great but the S2IS I bought 18 months ago is now junk. Is Canon selling disposibles?

Hello all,
i got the famous E18 error. I removed my CF card and switch on the camera.. no more E18 displayed... I put again my CF card in its slot and the A95 worked. My opinion is that the error wasn't tied to the CF card extension but to the lens and a bad adjustement, finally resolved at home -inside -. I advise you to check and check again your camera in a clean place...
thank you for your posts!!

I bought my Canon Powershot A520 in December of 2005. Tonight I received the E18 error. I had never had this problem before. I had however, had a couple other minor problems [that did not impare the camera's ability to take pictures/videos] which Canon fixed, as at the time I still had a waranty. Tonight, I took three videos in a row. It worked fine, and I've done this (and much more) many times before. I turned the camera off. It didn't close fully. I turned it back on. The screen showed up green and scratchy. I started messing with it, turning it on and off. Nothing would work. Finally, "E18" appeared on the screen. I have tried all the methods on this site [excluding taking the camera apart] to fix it. I have no idea what specifically is wrong. I've tried to plug it into my computer to get the videos, and it will not respond. I simply do not have enough money to pay Canon [who don't seem to care too much] to fix my camera. I love this camera and I hate to see it messed up, as I use it almost every day. If anyone knows of anything I may be able to do, please let me know. I'm trying everything I know.


After 2 years of daily usage my beloved IXUS40 displayed the message and the lens would not retract!! As I'm about to travel SE Asia for 3 months, I was not happy to say the least! So glad I came across this website, I tried the above methods and no prevail. Was about to try vacumn when I thought I'd give it a much harder wack, and low and behold, IT WORKED!! I must have been tapping it too gently before. Anyways I love this cam, its taken me lots of great pics, especially in macro mode. Thanks for bringing it back!!!

I had the E18 error on my Power Shot A70 (about 6 years old) showing in my screen and lens did not retract all the way down. So, i fixed it just by pulling and twisting (kind of gently) the smallest ring on the lens while turning it on. It cracked ugly, but it worked, now lens retract all the way down and closes, it focus perfectly. Thanks for the advise and to the smart guy that started this page.

I have an a60 that died 13 months after purchase. The strange thing is it died a week into a trip to Europe. I have seen alot of other people whose cameras have died while on trips- most of the time while in Europe. Could this be connected somehow to maybe going through airport security or air pressure at high altitudes- something of that nature? It just seems kind of fishy to me. I mean, dropping it or getting dust in it from windy conditions, I understand- but it seems like a lot of us have problems that came out of nowhere. Anyway- just my thoughts on it.

I just finished disassembling my s2is to try and fix the e18 error thinking it was only debris in the gear works. I disengaged the gear that drives the barrel and the motor drive still did the "back and forth" thing, so I think the e18 error is not "misalignment" but rather a defective ultrasonic distance sensor. If I'm right then you're basically hosed if you get this error and it doesn't self correct. This totally sucks for me because this camera is only 2 years old. Don't think I'll buy cannon ever again.


I've had a Canon PowerShot A510 for about 27 months now. Had an E18 error when I was turning on the camera (the barrel wouldn't extend). I tried applying pressure to the side that had the largest gap.. while I didn't hear any noticeable sound, this seems to have fixed the problem. The camera works fine now but I think there may be some sand in the barrel mechanism because it doesn't sound perfectly smooth.

Regardless, thanks a lot for the website, lots of help. Very disappointed to see so many people experiencing this problem though. I guess my next camera won't be a canon afterall.

I have the error on my Ixus 750. Happened after only 6 months of use, but then seemed to sort itself out. But then whilst travelling in Asia it happened repeatedly. I have to manually pull the lens out to use the camera, and then push it back in to close it. Really disappointing as my old Canon seemed indestructable.

Desperately trying to find my av cable, but will be amazed if it works.

Canon should be ashamed of themselves. Needs to be reported to one of those consumer programmes on tv!

I've bought a used Canon S2 IS from eBay; it has worled perfectly for abou 700 shots; after that the infamous E18 was appeared.
The camera in no longer under warranty, so the only thing I can do is try to repair it; surfing on the web I've found this site. I followed the varius links, included the 3 guides on how to dismantle an Ixus/A70.
is there a similar guide specifically done for the S2 IS? The pictures of these 3 guides are helpful, but the S series is quite different from Ixus or A series.

Many thanks in advance for your help.


Hi guys,

The E18 error started popping up in my Canon S2 IS once in a while a few months ago, but I was always able to fix it through persistence. However, thanks to Mr. Murphy's law, it's finally won (in a lens-won't-retract) kind of way--while I'm in JAMAICA. I'm trying to dissect it right now, but it's ridiculously difficult to take apart the camera. I didn't drop it or handle it roughly at all, so I'm pretty pissed at Canon...

Copped the dreaded e18 yesterday on my 3y/o a80. Reading this should I be glad it even lasted this long. Gave the lens a push and a bit of a belt and hey presto now works fine. FOR NOW!!! by the sound of it. I had heard that Canon were a mob of p.....s to deal with. Seems to be true. Keep up the good work. Pity about the Karate grading day pics of my grand daughter.

I had an E18 error with the lens retracted. I moved both parts of the lens in a circular motion till both clicked in. I turned the camera back on and it worked fine again.

Canon MV400i. Works perfectly, apart from on fast rewind, when it always loses take-up reel speed at 15 mins from the start of the tape, and jams. Must be a software fault, as the mechanism has no detectable fault.

Canon MV400i. Works perfectly, apart from on fast rewind, when it always loses take-up reel speed at 15 mins from the start of the tape, and jams. Must be a software fault, as the mechanism has no detectable fault.

I have an A80, which is about 4 years old. Got the E18 message yesterday. Followed the directions posted by Jacob and it seemed to do the trick. We'll have to see how long it lasts though. I was going to get another Canon, but after reading all the problems with the E18 error, I'm now a little wary.

I have a Powershot S50 (2 years old) - the battery died mid-turn-on, and the lens was stuck out with the E18 error code. Replacing battery did nothing, AV cable did nothing, but to my immense surprise, and as a last resort, the "banging on a desk" worked just fine. I thought that method of repair went out with the old black-and-white TV's...

Thanks for the tip!

I had an SD100 since 2003. It was dropped on a relatively padded surface (a really big fish) and I got the E18 error. After reading about others' experience with the error, I opted to purchase a replacement. I have yet to bang it on a desk, but have tried everything else short of taking it apart.


I got a IXUS 50 where the lenz wont go back in to the closing mekanisme.

i tried all the trick above, but nothing help it.
But one mentioned that easy bang it up with a pencel i did that about 6 times all arround the largest cylender and wolla the thing moving back into the position.

But well i can hear at the mekanic have been seen better days, so i should soon buy a new IXUS,


My Canon A75 wouldn't focus properly and lens extension didn't sound smooth at all (probably wasn't extended all the way).

I didn't get any E18 error, but the symptom was that the view from the LCD screen appears very very dark and over-magnified (zoomed in)

Anyway, I tried your steps above, what worked for me was I aimed the camera at a bright light source and just kept shooting

I pointed it directly at a light source so it has a better chance of focusing as the rest of the view looked pitch dark.

After 10 shots, the images started to clear up and camera was able to focus properly again!

Powershot SD110, the battery died with the lens stuck extended. Then got the error. Read this post and tried the "tap the AV padded end on the desk" and ... VIOLA!! It worked! Thanks to all on the thread for the help

i bought my canon and about 1 month later i got the dreaded "e18" error. Now my lense doesn't work its extended and won't go back in. i sent it in for repair and they said it would cost about $150 to repair it. this is half of what i paid for the camera, i will definetly not be purchasing any canon product again!

bought an sd500 may 2005, after 13 months had e18 error. Called Canon, were willing to fix it eventhough it was pass the 1 yr warranty (June 2006). Working great for another 14 month... had e18 again August 1, 07...out of luck. Still piss off b/c I paid $600 for camera plus $80 for extra NB3L. Just bought an Xti... Canon still make the best camera

Yep, E18, Canon A410 . . . Trying to fix it right now. You really think canon would address this problem before it loses a large consumer base . . .

E18, S410, Canon sucks,
looking for Sony

I purchased my SD550 early 2006 from Dell. I loved the camera was very happy with the quality of the photos and its easy use. Unfortunately after enjoying the camera for a little over a yr .. after taking some pics and wanting to download them I suddenly I got the E18 message when I turned on the camera, a quick few beeps and the lens remains out without retracting..I got on my computer and checked for what this E18 meant and see that there are a lot of people who have had the very same thing happen as well. I tried a few methods to try and get it working but to no avail....:-( I am disappointed to say the least

I bought an A520 on April 2006, then I got an E18 on August 2007.

Went to Hawaii this past week and returned home with a A95 Powershot full of pics and the infamous E18 message. Thank God for your web site! The first trick I tried, the A/V connection, worked! I never would've believed it. Thanks to you and all those who posted.

Hi guys, two saturdays ago it was raining close to my home, my s300 get wet, a friend of mine dissarmed the camera, he removed the water and applied antioxidant sprays, then, the camera turned on but the lens didn't extended completely, I saw the E18 error code and I wanna know how do I fix this, please I need help cos' I'll need the camera operative for this saturday..

Thank u to all of u

I have the E18 error and tried all the suggestions, but no fix. The only thing I can say about my Canon is that it is a piece of sh_t." I have 3 older Nikon digital cameras and they all still work. My first Nikon is more than 10 year old, but it takes better picture than the Canon.

my SD450 just conked out yesterday for no reason. the lens opened, made a nasty plasticky grinding sound, and then wouldnt close. the E18 message then showed up on a black screen. i can look at pics just fine in playback mode, but the camera refuses to open and take pictures.

i tried some of the above methods of repair, twisting and pushing the barrel, and none of them worked. i dont have a TV to plug it into but ill try that next.

what a major frustration--w all these complaints registered, its obviously a manufacturing problem, and if canon still isnt doing anything about it, thats just wrong.

I am shopping around for a new compact digital camera and came across your website and other similar ones. I will definitely not buy a Cannon.
Thanks for your info.

Played backyard tackle football (American-full contact football) for about an hour with the camera (SD300) in my cargo pants pocket - right above my left knee. I got tackled really hard countless times - got kicked riiight in the mouth, got testicle stomped, took a few vicious elbows to the ribs and knees to the genitals, etc. Took a long pass over the middle and got smashed - absolutely flattened, bloody nose and everything. I realized after we took a break to get more gatorade (beer) that the camera was in my pants - I was horrified.

I was sure it would be broken when I saw that there was a camera-shaped dirt and grass stain outline on my pants. I was about to punch myself in the face I was so disgruntled at my carelessness. Then I turned the camera on and it worked fine. Couldn't believe it.

I use the camera all the time. Takes good, high quality pictures. I bought it after the SD200 I used to own had its lcd broken after it was dropped by my GF at a wedding reception when I was trying to get her to take more and more pictures of me and her hot friend (I still don't think it was THAT bad of an idea).

I bought the SD300 I use now in October 2005 - almost 2 years ago and I havent had any problems with it. I just took a bunch of very good pictures partying with a bunch of old friends from grad school. Also videos w/ a friend of mine the other night, even in moderately low light levels the videos looked good. I would recommend everyone buy a case for any camera you plan on not smashing and would highly recommend a screen protector. The lcd protector was made by Da Products. Oh and it also has great video – I bought a 4 gb SD card from Patriot and for the last year and half it has worked perfectly.

So basically take care of these things – and check your pockets before you play backyard football because you never know when you might get nutracked.

I have a Sd200 and also got the E18 error. After banging the camera as suggested I ran my fingernail along the outside circle while powering on and it worked!

I have had a Canon SD100 for about 5 years.

I experienced a E18 error about 2 years ago but after playing around with it I managed to get the camera working again. Last week I had another E18 error. So far I have had no luck getting the lense to retract.

A year into my Peace Corps service in Mongolia (and a year after purchasing my S80), I got THE e18 error. Thank God for this website. I was able to push the lens back into place, and I now have a functioning camera again. I'm going to play baseball with Kazakhs this weekend. I need this thing. THANK YOU.

We purchased this camera (S230) in June 2003 and it has been a fantastic camera. We got the E18 error message today and, thanks to your web site, were able to push the lens back into place. You saved a short video of my 10 month old daughter eating her first cheerio - thanks!

Powershot A510 E18 error.
My daughther bumped the camera whilst in use. Canon wanted more then the camera was worth to fix it. I therefore pulled it a part, only to find the two small gears, that drive the lens, had broken teeth. Does anyone know if I can get these gears or a second hand lens unit.
How frustarting she is just about to leave on holidays. I the mean time I have sixty pieces of camera stuck to A4 sheets of paper. Kind Regards
Eric Walker

Powershot A520 E18 error

By accident i dropped my my cannon A520 on the floor whil the lens was in use and i tried moving the lens in a circular motion while turning the camera on and off but nothing seems to work.Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had the classic E18 error. (the zoom would be blocked on open position no matter what i did, and the screen would indicate "E18" before shutting down. I went on different forum where complicated solutions were described. Luckily there was a simple one I could try straight away although I never though it could work. "hitting it, giving it a shock with your hand" (not on the zoom !). And a miracle took place...it worked. I don't see how ...but it did. Hope it will help you. And thanks to the guy who posted this solution on the web.

I pulled my Canon s80 camera out of its case and noticed the sliding lid had come open. Tried closing the lid and it would not, but it did trigger the camera to off mode. When I slid the lid back the few millimeters it would move, the camera came back on, made a motor noise, but the lense did not extend. What worked in the end was hitting the camera face down on my leg repeatedly. I hit it with the lid open since I had no other choice, but I also imagine that is the best method since the lense could extend when it became unstuck. I had actually started disecting the body before realizing I had not tried to simply dislodge the lense by applying a force in the direction it needed to be helped in.

I have a Canon Powershot A400. Recently I had the E18 problem. Also, when I have camera set to picture taking mode, when it turned on the screen would be a green scrambling lines for 2-3 seconds then shut off. On other modes I could hear the tiny motor trying to retract the lense (my lense was stuck outward). For me, just removing the face of the camera fixed it. My lense finally retracted, and everything worked perfectly. I'm not sure what was making it stuck, but I didn't (intentionally) move any internal parts to fix it. The front is back on the camera, and it's back to how it used to work ^^.

The camera was in my pocket, lens extended, and I heard a grind when I bent over to pick my kid up. E18 E18 E18. Don't know if this was my fault or not, but this was not the first time I've had an E18 error with the Powershot series.

Canon doesn't seem able to address this issue and it's probably too expensive for them to fix all the broken cameras. How about some collective action against Canon?

Yay...e18 on my 3rd powershot SDXXX. I really like canon cameras, but I'm not sure I can deal with this much longer.

Just got the e18 error code today for the first time. I have a Cannon S80 and it has never been dropped or manhandled. After an hour of playing with it, I just finally got the lens to open fully but it won't turn on or work at all. Gonna try some of these DIY methods listed above. So much for spending $600 on a camera less than 2 yrs ago!

We have a Canon Powershot S400 since 2003. In February 2007 we had the infamous Memory Card Error! fixed free of charge and we were happy again - until yesterday, when the E18 problem struck. We'll try your suggestions. If it does not work we'll get a new (gifferent camera...

Yesterday my A75 displayed the E18 error.
After some pressure at the lens the error disappaered, but the lens could not focus anymore and the display was blurry with purple stripes.
I decided to dismantle the camera with the help of the pics at http://www.djsmiley.com/got/e18/e18.htm
But after checking the hint at this site to hook up the camera with a TV set a mirracle happened:
It's working perfect again !!!

Thank you very much for collecting and sharing this info.

I got the E18 error today. We bought this camera (powershot A95) in December of 2004 and it worked really well until now.

Our Canon A410 had this error today, this seems to be a really common problem as one Google search came up with a horde of results. A friend of mine had the same error message on his (a 710 I think) and was told the repair would be several hundred NZ$ and that the fault was due to impact, funny 'cos it was in a Canon waterproof and shock proof case and sitting on a shelf for a month and the error appeared when he turned it back on. I gave mine a gentle "help" along as it seemed to be sticking at a certain point that triggered the error E18. After a small click it's working fine again. I then took it apart and gave it a clean etc (am trained in cleaning electronics and photography gear) but there was no debris etc in the case. Good one Canon, good camera and works well but what a cop-out on what seems to be a design flaw. Brian.

I have a SD300 and I received the E18 error while trying to turn the camera off due to low battery. I put in a charged battery, turn on the camera (I think I turned the camera off again), and push in the lense (around the edge)in a few times. The first time, I heard a click but nothing happened. Then, I pushed a little harder and the lense retracted with the lense cover slightly opened. I turned the camera on and off and the camera is fine. I took a few pictures and they look clear. Thanks for this site! It saved me the money to have it repaired.

Researched online for weeks and determined that the Canon S2 power shot was the best all around. Took care of it like it was my baby, took it everywhere- honeymoon in Costa Rica, beach going in Maryland..always being extremely careful not to drop it or expose it to the elements.
Well, on my 1 year anniversary vacation I get the dreaded E18 error while driving thru the outer banks. Now 1 week to go until my sister's wedding and I am looking at a bill over half the price of the camera and will probably not get it back in time!
Time go to back to 35MM I suppose!

I have a Canon IXUS 500 that is showing horizontal pink lines/bars across the screen, which ruin every photo I try to take. I got that camera in mid-2004, and the lines started a few months ago. They used to be thin, but have now joined together and taken over the whole LCD.

I have a Canon IXUS 500 that is showing horizontal pink lines/bars across the screen, which ruin every photo I try to take. I got that camera in mid-2004, and the lines started a few months ago. They used to be thin, but have now joined together and taken over the whole LCD.

Canon Powershot A520 E18 (purchased in Feb of 06)
Holy Cow!!! Amazing to see so many others with this nasty little bugger!
In my case, the camera shut down with the lens extended. Upon turning it on and off multple times, we were always confronted with beeping and E18 and it would shut down.. Then, my son tried tapping on the lens and it went in. Now, however, it won't do anything at all except for the the dark grey screen and some real faint digital buzz, stays on for a bit then shuts down. I have tried EVERYTHING!!!! My son is now in the process of trying to unscrew so I can take off the casing and try it from there. I love this camera and am willing to try anything to save it except spend money on it. Otherwise, it may just be time to upgrade! Wish me luck!!

Just fixed my Canon S50 which was returning a E18 error - had to take the case apart and get at the lens door.

One of the gears that ride in the track that keeps the door on its course had split in two. This would not allow the door to fully open, so the lens would try to extend and hit the door.

I would not recommend this repair to anyone who: drinks coffee, has bad eyesight, or doesn't have tiny fingers.

It took about an hour, but the camera works correctly again - only two screws left over. ;)

If you're going to do it, have some tweezers, jewelry screwdrivers, canned air, lots of light and a non skid padded surface to work on.

Oh, and a buttload of patience.

I have a powershot S500 & liked until E18. Last month it just appeared on the screen. Called to Canon Service they told me that it will be cost around 170$.
I have been a Canon supporter many years and lot of my friends bought Canon cameras. Now & future, I won't suggest anyone to buy Canon.
I'm still working on my own to fix "popular" E18.

My A60 Camera is about 2.5 years old and has survived my kids droping it, sticking their fingers in the lens etc. I did have a E18 message but took the camera apart, not to hard for a aircraft/car mechanic, and was able to blow air on the surounding lens while tapping the camera case and it finaly came free. The surounding lens area did have some dust/dirt on it, which I cleand off, it is working great! Thanks for the tips!10/21/2007

I was given an Ixus 400 to look at. E18 error. I stripped the camera right down (unsoldering ribbon cables) and removed/dissected the lens system. The lens guides are of a poor design and let all sorts of grit through. Grit has severely worn this one away, so its destined for the dustbin.

Hello Everyone.. I thought I'd add a little to this.. I have a S2-IS and have kept a lens adapter on the camera since I've owned it (2yrs). In other words, I've kept the slidable lens very protected, and here I am with the E18 error!

Wow, i just fixed my e18 problem, took camera to pieces, jammed screw driver in it, thought i'd bust it all together. put it back together, in a fashion, now it works again, and i have a spare screw now which came from somewhere, can't have been all that important. If its out of the warranty what have you got to lose!

PowerShot A70. I've had this camera for many years, and it went everywhere - beach, camping, skiing, auto races, etc. It has not lead a sheltered life. I never had any problems with it, until I started getting the E18 error. First it was intermittent, then it came on full time. I almost tossed it but thought that I would try Google first. This page was top of the list, and I had it fixed in less than 5 minutes.
In my case, I blew compressed air on the outside of the lens while it was extended, then I cleaned the exterior with alcohol.
Thanks for the help!

I have had a Canon s2 IS for a few (2?) years now and have experienced the e18 error at times. In my particular camera, it is brought on by zooming in sub-freezing weather, so I'm suspecting something like either the viscosity of some lubricating grease used in manufacture or perhaps a thermal contraction of parts causing binding. The problem is fixed by turning the power switch to the review mode and then turning the camera off. This has always worked. Perhaps I'm using the camera outside of its intended temperature range, but, frankly, fall and winter outdoor activities - hunting, skiing, etc. are the main reasons I got it!

On sd230 tryed lens twist and click method after all else failed. You need to be aggresive dont be timmed.
Many thanks worked great !!!!

I have s80 worked great for two years. Got E18 because the lens tried open while the camera was in my pant pocket. Came across this site and tried twisting and pressing the lens rings at random. I was not "gentle" at all. Heard the "click" and the camera is working again !!

Thank you for the hint.

I looked up canon e18 and your blog was the first I read. I am about to go and try to push my lens back into alignment. I hope it works because I have all sorts of lenses for this thing and I do not want to purchase another camera at the moment.

Hey, fantastic well done to whoever decided to give their camera a bang. I have a canon powershot A40 bought in UK, brought it to Oz when we moved, so there was no way it was going to get fixed under any warranty. Simon Rees on March 18 2005 wrote how he cured his. I connected mine to the TV with no luck I pressed the front it went click but still no luck so as Simon said I gave it two sharp, firm bangs. It works, thanks!!! I held the camera face down and hit the base of the camera on to a brick in the wall.

Hey, fantastic well done to whoever decided to give their camera a bang. I have a canon powershot A40 bought in UK, brought it to Oz when we moved, so there was no way it was going to get fixed under any warranty. Simon Rees on March 18 2005 wrote how he cured his. I connected mine to the TV with no luck I pressed the front it went click but still no luck so as Simon said I gave it two sharp, firm bangs. It works, thanks!!! I held the camera face down and hit the base of the camera on to a brick in the wall.

Canon S30 I bought new in 2003. E18 error with lense stuck in out position. Much banging, blowing, and fidgeting didn't fix it.
Turning on by "opening" door a tad and then banging USB end on cement worked! Thanks, Tim Jan 2008

The IXUS-World page with complete disassembly instructions said that it was similar enough to other models like the ELPH, but maybe it's out of date and they've changed the way they make their cameras now, because we weren't able to follow it at all for our elph sd450. But we persevered with the general idea of taking it all apart, cleaning each separate mechanism for the lens, and putting it all back together. Lo and behold it worked! For a while there we thought we'd never get it back together, but we did! Thanks for the encouragement; I would never have even tried it without this site.

I have an older canon powershot A80 with the E18 message and a stuck lens, and that tapping method on the USB port cover worked perfectly. Fixed!

A620 (16 mo old) E18 error occurred when trying to power on with almost no battery life; lense cover wouldn't close and with fresh batteries in the E18 error came up when powering on. The only thing that worked -- camera on table, power on, then pressed down on lense with a fair amount of force. After 4-5x of this, the lense cover closed and the camera then powered on fine. But upon turning it off, the lense cover would almost close and the lens was stuck again...so I repeated what worked before and the fix finally worked.....seems to be ok now.
All of this happened after Canon charged me $108 to fix a bad CCD sensor problem that they claim I caused from knocking the camera around. I've taken very good care of camera and love it. I don't know if I'd buy another Canon though given my experience.

Ok i freaked out because i borrowed my usbands Canon sd 200 for a party and i dropped it and after that the lens wouldnt go back in... SO here is what i did. I carefully disembled the camera then unplugged the lcd screen from it and then spun the lens around. and it didnt go in so i thought ill just have to buy a new one. then i assembled it back together, turned it on and VOILA!!!!!! the lens went it.

Canon IXUS430 Purchased April 2004. Out of the blue today taking a photo, beeps and E18 error message. I lightly pushed down on the larger gap side as suggested earlier and it seemed to power normal so long as it was not in view mode. i then tried the same remedy to try better it and now lense is part way out and doing nothing. I am so over this camera. I regret ever recommending Canon to anyone. $700 paper weight!

My Canon A460 was purchased in Europe 8 months ago. I am now getting the lens error message. My local Canon refuses to honour the warranty (as it is an international warranty) and have quoted me approximately 75% of it's original cost to have it repaired (they have NOT yet even looked at the camera). My alternative is to post it back to the UK, where I am sure they will tell me it has been bumped (which it WILL in transit) and again refuse to honour the warranty.
I won't be buying Canon again, and we are a supplier of IT products, so Canon, you have lost both us and all of our customers due to your apalling lack of customer service and integrity.

E18, yup it happened to my S100. it's been dropped into salt water and still works, dropped out of a moving car, still works then E18 came up. i was just about to dissect it when i tried a solution i read on here. "plug it into tv set"...no kidding, it worked, i'm amazed. thanks

Thanks! My A95 worked perfectly this afternoon and then tonite it spit out the E19. I tried shooting the lens mechanism with compressed air...nothing. The hitting USB connection on the table worked. Must have jolted something back in place. Works great now! Thanks!

My Canon A520 suddenly drains down acumulators and batteries in seconds. Until now no problems for 3 years. Help!

So yes, I have had my A520 for about 2.5 years now, It really works well till yesterday. I ran out of batteries when recording some video 4 wheelin. The lens did not retract, so I stuck it in my pocket and when I got home i got the E18 appeared only when in the view pictures mode, when in taking pictures mode the screen went from blue, yellow, green.. almost looked like screen was broke. I pluged it into tv as this site says and nothing... But I read what they said and pulled and twisted the lens out untill it was all the way out and there it was, Started working again. Thanks so much for this good site.


I had this problem but after reading this page and clicking the lens back into place every thing was OK

Thanks very much

I got the E18 error this morning after the camera had lived in my coat pocket for a few weeks. Manipulating the lens didn't do anything, but compress air and a couple of (gentle) knocks on the desk did the trick fine.

My Canon S2 suddenly experienced the dreaded E18 error. It is 21 months old, has been treated with all care including being kept in a camera bag while not in use.
All I did was place it on a table for 2 minutes. The lens was not knocked or touched in any way. I had just taken a photo and picked it up, only to find the LCD screen blank and the lens convulsing as it tried to retract. I could not even turn the camera off.
I have contacted Canon and so far have the worst case senario quote of $375 Aud to repair.
I will be writing a lengthy letter when I send it for repair

I tried your easiest solution - tapping the padded USB cover. It worked immediately! Thanks Tania and thanks David. The story: My A70 lens wouldn't close all the way, was generally spazzing out, and the camera kept beeping at me. Had just emptied all photos when this occurred, and I've had the camera for 4 years. I immediately googled "Canon PowerShot A70 E18 message error", got this site, and had the camera working in 3 minutes flat search to finish. Amazing!

I have the same E18 error with PowerShot S70. This has been mostly a great camera. But now the error. I had just uploaded some images, and then unplugged the USB cable. Then I just get the beep-beep-beep error E18. I didn't interfere with the lens at all. After repeatedly turning it on and off it will work once, and then go back to the error.

E18 error comes up now and again can't work it out and am sick of this camera!.

Canon A85, purchased summer 2005 ( It was a birthday present, so I don't know exactly when). I have recommended this camera to many people as I was so impressed with it. Then, January 2009, E18! I have tried all of the recommended "fixes" with absolutely no success. I was going to return it to Canon for repair, but will now return it with a note that I will be telling as many as I can about how unreliable they are. I'm going back to my Nikon F401 film camera - that's been through hell and still takes pictures!

I too have a Canon Powershot S21S with the E18 error message. This happened after normal usage and only affects operation when powering down. Device beeps, message is displayed, unit turns off.


My Powershot SD200 camera displays a E18 error message and Canon told me that the repair will be around $ 120 plus taxes and freight. I tried to fix the problem (advise 1 and 2) . No result. I am going to try to dismantel the lens barel but what about the part. Canon does'nt show any interest suppying me with the part. The part manager doesn't know, the repair technician doesn't know! Who knows the cost of the part??? I heard about a class action against Canon. Do you have any news??

My Powershot A70 had also had this issue some 3 years ago, was stil under warranty and was therefor fixed for free. However, the error recently came back, and as it does not have a warranty, I would have to pay to have it fixed. (not happening) Ofcourse I will try some of the solutions above. Have already tried the AV cable, but it didn't work.

O.K, today my camera was weird. It was perfectly fine, then the E18 attack came. It only recently worked when my brother dropped and caught it after it hit something. I wouldn't attempt it, cause you would be at risk of breaking the camera. I have the PS A95

I have the canon S3IS I bought new. It worked perfect for about 18 months and now the lens will not retract. I bought a panasonic instead. I have not tried any of the remedies
suggested here on this forum, but plan to after I charge up some batteries. I don't think I will ever buy another Canon. I have told people looking for cameras to avoid the Canon as they don't hold up.

Where can I purchase a main fuse for a canon PowerShot A410?